Where to start!
Okay so I grew up with hamsters basically – not jungle book style, just had them as pets throughout my childhood. I took one squeeze of their furry cuteness back then and have never looked back all these years later.

I understand some people will look at me as if I am banana’s. Hamsters are after all members of the rodent family so get a lot of bad press! Added to the fact they are perceived as a ‘kiddies’ pet makes it all the more unusual I still have hamsters as pets now at my age. I should have grown out of this obsession no? 
Well apparently not.
They might just be little rodents to some people but to me any pet, no matter how big or small, is a part of the family and hamsters are no exception.

Look at it this way – they take up hardly any space, they dont need daily walks through the wind and rain, I dont have to pick up their poo in front of the frowning public, I dont have to replace sofa’s or carpets after being unrecognizable chewed, they dont malt and leave their DNA all over my stuff and they certainly dont need 24/7 supervision.
Hamsters are so simple and that is what I have fallen in love with!
I dont have the space for a dog, the hairball-tolerance for cats, the nerves for a reptile or the patience for a squawking parrot. Hamsters are furry and cute and are no fuss! For me, they are perfect!

So onto the stars of the show past and present:
Dexter was my male Syrian hamster. He was THE cuddliest, cutest and most playful little guy ever! He was a very athletic hamster, he could probably run on his flying saucer in his sleep for all I know, and has a soft spot for sunflower seeds. He very sadly passed away summer 2014 at the ripe age of 2 and a half.
Eve was my beautiful female Syrian. She was a chunky hamster, after all she gave birth to 13 babies once upon a time, and has a very unique speckled ear. She had more of a thing for climbing on the bars over the top of her cage. I seriously believe she may be a reincarnated monkey. Eve very sadly passed away early 2014 after suffering an infection in her womb.
Then there is Casper, the sweetest cutest dopiest little syrian this world has ever seen! He was a pure snow white Syrian boy and was absolutely gorgeous! He genuinely didnt have another fleck of colour on his body – pure white! He was being hidden away at the back of the pet shop, waiting for me I guess 😉 Casper could sleep anywhere and everywhere. They are literally the cutest pictures on the planet!! Sadly Casper passed away September 2014. My little heart was broken 😦
Banjo the hamster is the current face of HamsterDiaries (with the help of a few friends). This cute but annoyingly unsocialable banded syrian is getting to grips with hamster-stardom. You will hear lots about this little character in the coming weeks!

So how did this blog come about?
I thought why not share the experiences and problems that occur with these pets on a blog and share it all with other pet-lovers and owners! I know so many little tricks and ideas for troubled owners to try on problem hamsters and wanted a place to share all the information as well as videos and photos! This blog, from day one, has not stopped gathering momentum!

What can you expect from this blog if you follow?

If you follow this blog you will get no end of reading material! It started back in May 2012 and is still going strong almost 3 years on! Need something to mull over whilst chowing down your morning cornflakes? Hamster Diaries surely?!
On this blog I will:

  • share pictures of the hamsters
  • share videos of new toys, new crafts or just the hamsters doing what they do best (being cute that is)
  • share tips on training, health care, common problems and general ownership
  • answer questions or worries from new hamster owners*!
  • post opinions and polls on hamster-y news stories
  • review products, treats, food and all kinds of hammy accessories

*(Im not a vet or anything like that, but I have a huge passion for these pets and have years of experience that may be useful to new owners!)

 I genuinely appreciate all followers and check out the blogs of those who care enough to follow. Knowing people want to read what I write is inspiration enough to take better photos and motivation for myself – so for all who read I am grateful 🙂

I would appreciate any comments, questions, feedback, pictures and/or videos from other hamster owners on the blog!

Check out my contact page if you wish to get in touch 🙂
Thanks for stopping by!  

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33 thoughts on “About

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  2. My daughter owned one growing up that was totally white and looked like a white rat…due to her and her sister having shag carpeting it ended up staying in my bedroom in a rabbit cage and actually made a nest from my sewing scraps. Loved when I came home from work and would sit on my desk as I sewed and take any scraps that I trimmed right back to it’s cage for the nest then come right back to watch…was a lot of company for me…till daughter left for college… 😦

    • chaoticscribbles

      Aww, was it an albino or was it just white? That sounds so sweet!
      Been watching Dexter build his nest and its crazy how fussy he is being with every little strand of bedding! Hes a right little perfectionist!
      They become little members of the family! Simple to care for and equally as playful!

      • Think it was a she as so neat and articulate and actually never looked…my daughter always swore I was going to kill her “Bianca” because I would give her a bite of an andies candy…10 yrs with me before she went away to college then she went on to live with a family of guinea pigs and hamsters at a friend of my daughters to finish out her life…so it did not hurt her just made her a little pudgy…

        • chaoticscribbles

          Aww the odd treat is so important. The hamsters learn to trust the hand feeding then especially when super tasty nibbles come out of them! My first hamster had a weakness for dog treats! The whole treat would disappear into his pouch and very loud nibbling could be heard during the night!! Pudgy hamsters are cuter anyway – a skinny hamster just wouldnt appeal to me!

  3. Hi 🙂
    I just wanted to ‘personally’ thank you for your follow and the bucket loads of support you’ve given me in my first few days as a blogger! thanksss 🙂

    • Hey, no worries! I needed it to get me going through the slow starting days and even so your blog has a rocking concept – how could I not! Thanks for checking mine out to 😀

  4. I have never owned one of these but your photos are beautiful. I love this blog. I am a follower now.
    Thank you for liking my blog judysp.wordpress.com
    cheers Judy 🙂

  5. This is a really ineresting cute blog. Thanks for commenting on mine.I’ll have to find a hamster to draw!

  6. Hey guess what?! I have nominated you for a couple of blogging awards huzzah! Of course I would, I obviously follow your blog obsessively and comment like a creepy stalker…pop over to my homepage and see what they are and if you’d like to accept and pay the nominations forward.
    I just love your blog, the photos bring me such a lot of joy and giggles and I really enjoy reading the information and the antics!

  7. Hamsters can very sweet and full of personality

  8. I love your blog and I don’t even own a hamster!!

  9. This is such a cute blog! I love it. Maybe you can write your NaNoWriMo about a hamster and share it with us here? haha.

    • I considered it, but not quite sure my creative juices would make 1000 words a day about a hamster, let alone enough for a novel. 😛 I have a few ideas circulating, definitely can entwine a hamster in there somewhere 😛 not even sure where to begin on a project like this haha

  10. Omg, I think you’re bananas! I love you.

    Seriously, you seem to have a great relationship with your hamsters. Kudos to you. I’ve had a few hamsters, and they’ve all been nasty little critters, but maybe it was personal. 🙂 I did once have a dream that I pet a few black hamsters and they purred. That would be cool.

    • Hahaha why thank you!! 😀 Banana is a polite way of looking at my obsession ;P hehe, awwww sometimes bad natured hamsters are tricky to tame. Perhaps you got unlucky with yours. HAHAH purring hammys would be cute! And Ive always kept my eye out for a black hamster, theyre so pretty! But alas, no space and a stern bf telling me ‘no. no more hamsters!’ has stopped that from ever happening! ;D

  11. I always like reading your blog posts. I particularly enjoy the dancing hamster videos that you post, they are hilarious. I have nominated you for the Shine On award. Congratulations, very well deserved. http://quirkybooks.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/quirky-shine-on-award

  12. Congratulations, I have nominated you for Blog Of The Year 2012 Award. http://quirkybooks.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/quirkybooks-awarded-blog-of-the-year-2012

  13. Hi please can anyone HELP?? ….me and my boyfreind  have two Syrian hamsters and we love them so much we really want one of there babies, we bread them and the female  had 10 pups,they all were breathing weird we tried to save two but they ended up passing away please does anyone know why they were all breathing weird ???we would love to try again in 4 months but we dont want it to happen again anu reasons why they were breathing weird ? please help ???and everyday more were dying one by one and after a couple days they had all passed away please help !does anyone know what was wrong with them ???

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