HMRR: Heat Wave Hammy

Now! Not too long ago in sunny ol’ England (bit of sarcasm there – wink) there was a heat wave!

The temperature where little Cookie lives, got up to 32 degrees celcius!.

Cookie keeping coolNow, my poor little Cookie was not very happy with this!
So I was searching up ways to help keep her cool..

Bit of a strange thing really, she comes from a Syrian desert, yet can’t take the heat!! You better stay out of the kitchen then little one.
(I know she would be living in tunnels underground where the temperature is that much cooler for her.)

 I found out that you can use a bottle of water, put this in the freezer and then when it is cold enough – not frozen – put it at the side of the cage (I put it next to her bedding) wrapped in a towel except for the side that is against the cage. This seemed to work pretty well until I thought I’d put a bottle in the freezer and hadn’t – whoops!

So, my plan ended up being, using her ceramic food bowl, putting that in the freezer for 10 mins and she loved it when it came out as it was lovely and cool for her.

 Super happy little hamster!
Remember to keep your hamster happy peeps!
Posting again soon!

Hayley & Cookie

Banjo too has been suffering a little in the heat. No-one likes melting in their beds and our little furry friends have permanent coats on too so keeping them cool is very important!
Check out How To Keep Your Furries Cool for even more tips and advice on keeping your hammys happy in the heat!

Lots of love!

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3 thoughts on “HMRR: Heat Wave Hammy

  1. Poor hammies! Mine loved blueberries and grapes straight from the fridge 🙂 nice and cool

  2. Here are the tips I’ve compiled and share with my wonderful hamster adopters here in the U.S.:

    First of all, no matter how hot it is, please never put your hamster directly in front of an air conditioner or fan (or any direct draft — hamsters do not do well in direct heat, cold, or drafts). But heat stroke in hamsters is a real risk and can easily cause death, so it’s important to prevent your hamster from getting overheated. One of the most common causes of heat strokes in hamsters and other animals is being left in a hot car, even for a very short period — never leave an animal in a car on a warm day, even if it’s cloudy or you leave windows open a crack, it can still get too hot inside a car very quickly (please see )!. And, of course, in any weather, in a car or in a home, never put your hamster’s cage in direct sunlight.

    Symptoms of heat stroke can include the hamster lying on his/her belly and being unresponsive, sometimes including heavy breathing and/or drooling as well. Note, however, that it’s not uncommon for a hamster to lie on his/her belly to cool off without necessarily having heatstroke so please don’t panic if you see your hamster doing that!

    Of course, regardless of the temperature, always check that your hamster has access to fresh water — dehydration in hot weather can also contribute to heat stroke.

    But you can help keep your hamster cool with some of these ideas

    o Put a well-washed granite or marble, small floor/wall tile inside one section of the cage (you can get a stone floor tile at Home Depot or a flooring store) — the stone will stay cooler than room temperature, allowing your hamster to sit or lie on it if they get too hot. Even better: put the tile in the fridge first to get even colder, and perhaps buy two so you can switch them back-and-forth when the one in the cage warms up. A big plus: there’s little-to-no condensation using stone to make the bedding wet! (They sell a product for chinchillas called a “Chin Chiller” but save your money and get a floor tile instead, it’s simply a granite tile; also, the Chin Chiller is also very large and you don’t want it to take up that much room in the cage, anyway.)

    o Put a well-washed terra cotta flower pot or ceramic mug in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, then put in the cage — if your hamster is too warm, he/she will enjoy going inside the mug or pot to cool down.

    o Fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it or use one of those blue freezer packs, wrap it in a towel, and put it up against one wall of the *outside* of the cage (NOT inside the cage).

    o Offer your hamster a little healthy, frozen treat such as a frozen pea, string bean, or other frozen veggie or, if your hamster isn’t one of the diabetes-prone dwarf species, a little frozen fruit such as a berry.

    Thanks for caring,
    Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven (Please Like us and help spread the word that little animals need help, too, thanks!)

  3. Furr-tunately, We have air-conditioning in our home. Of course, We need it more often then you do (mol). Mummy says she can’t remember it being that hot when She lived in England, as a young girl.

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