About Dexter



Reason for Name:
He looks like a Dexter?
I looked up the meaning in a baby-name book afterwards and it means ‘right-handed’… so no help there.

Dex, Dextatron, Cheeky, Mister.


Approx. 4 months

Date Bought:
9th May 2012

Cage Colour:

Breed of Hamster:

Hes much porkier than Eve but the exact weight im not sure :P Damn my scale-less kitchen!

Black, brown, ginger and almost grey in places

Very good.

Excitable, impatient, keen and slightly mad

Extremely tame now. He took a full few weeks to get there but now he trusts us he’s very obedient and well-behaved :P

Not really. He wee’s on everything and anyone and has absolutely no shame in crapping in my hand …

Best Feature:
His wonky crumpled ears :P one stays upright and the other crumples down so he looks all lop-sided

Favourite Treat:
Sunflower seeds. Maybe even dried banana slices

Annoying Habit:
Weeing and pooing on me… It never amuses me. Ever.

Favourite Toy:
His super flashy light-up wheel (not my favourite because it’s sooooooo noisy)

Best Skill:
Does running around like a looney count?
No, then his awesome speed in the wheel. Usain Bolt has nothing on this guy ;)

Favourite Owner:
Im going to say me! But only because I want to feel loved ;)

Favourite Hiding Place:
In his corner. Oh how he loves that corner!

Most Active Time Of Day:
9pm – 2am and then again at 5am – 6am.

Best Photo (so far):


9 thoughts on “About Dexter

  1. Hey, you’re right he does have similar markings to my Cupcake 🙂 Really cute hamster, great blog too ^^

  2. Sooooooo cute. Fantastic blog too.

  3. I used to have three Russian dwarf hamsters when I was a kid and I loved them! Your blog brings back memories. Keep up the good work!

    • Aww that’s lovely, dwarf hamsters are so diddy and cute! I bet they were lots of entertainment 😛 thank you so much for the encouragement, I hope you enjoy posts to come :))

  4. hannafs12

    You should really update ’cause this blog is really good.

  5. Faith

    Your blogs are amazing I look at them everyday but can you put more posts on?

    thanks:) -Faith!

  6. Julie

    He looks like the twin of my hamster, Ollie! Ollie even has the same crumpled ears! How strange…

  7. He looks strangely just like my hamster, Ollie. Ollie even has the same crumpled ears, how weird…

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