All images on this blog are my own and are of my own pets.
Therefore, if you wish to use any of the images seen on this site elsewhere, you must keep the website marked on them and credit 🙂

Thank You.







30 thoughts on “Images

  1. I also love taking photos of hamsters! Great photos there 🙂 I dunno about you but I have a hard time taking their photos since they’re always moving around. haha

    • chaoticscribbles

      I have to agree, they squirm and wriggle and just wont sit still! Im very lucky that as soon as I get my phone out he stops and watches me 😛

    • lacey

      LOL. I agree they movie around to much.

  2. They are supersweet, lovely photos:) . Used to have hamsters when I was a kid, even saved one from drowning in a aquarium…, one really have to love those little fury friends:)

    • You saved one from an aquarium?? Wow! How on earth did that come around?!? They certainly are loveable!!! Would be missing something without them 😀

  3. crazypups

    your hamster is so cute (it has the same cage a mine) great blog!!!!!!!

    • It’s a very popular cage and works out best for hamsters I think because they have something to climb on with a little restriction from me 😛 perfect balance 😀

  4. They are hugely cute.

  5. What fun photos!! Thx so much for dropping by and checking out my blog, too!

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  7. Oh my goodness, what darling little guys they are. Great photos!!!

  8. They absolutely adorable and they remind me of the hamsters I used to care for when I was a teenager! Mine could crawl through the bars of their cage and even open the door so I had to modify it.

    • Oh wow that takes some talent!! They say that hamsters have an incredible sense of adventure ;P I am lucky to have these hamsters, they keep me sane on rainy days 😀

  9. awes!!!! they are so cute!

  10. i love hammys

  11. Caitlin

    Are they easy to take care of?

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