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HMRR: A Day In The Life Of A Cookie Monster

Hello to all the peeps of the hamster world!!

My name is Hayley, I’m 22, I have just finished college and am now looking to find what I should do next.
CookieI have a tiny little creature, a hamster, might I add, whom is the sole reason that I am writing this blog post.

Her name is Cookie, she is my little Munchkin and my Cookie Monster!!
Mad names, maybe, but I’m sure anyone who has a pet knows that you don’t always call them by their given name!

Cookie; she is the only hamster or small pet I have ever had, yet
she is the most friendly little thing there is!
She is so careful when taking food from you…unless the food is your nails, then she loves to eat them.

She is named Cookie after her lovely colouring.

Cookie came from an abandoned house. Her family had left her for dead in her cage and when found, she was still so friendly, so when I found out, I decided to take her in and she has been the most lovely little Cookie!
Oh, how I wish I could have more……

Posting again soon!

Hayley & Cookie

Thank you to Hayley and the beautiful little Cookie for this awesome first blog post! We are looking forward to reading more from Cookie too – let us know in the comments below what you make of our newest furry face to HamsterDiaries 😀 

Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and checked out the YouTube channel too! 😀 
Has this inspired you to guest-write for HamsterDiaries?! Drop us an email to
Lets share all the hamster love!! 😀 

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Blogs; When Do You Read?

Now I think its fair to say I am very much BACK in the blogging swing of things! 😀 
And as a very keen blogger, I have started thinking of a bunch of questions to try and improve the blog. BUT most of these questions, I cannot answer by myself. What time do people read blogs?
Don’t worry, I am not about to spring a survey of a 100 questions on you, I just have one particular question I am really curious about.

What time do you get yourself onto WordPress to read up on the blogs you like?

Is it a first thing in the morning routine to accompany your Weetabix and coffee? Or is it a lunch break thing where you have nothing much to do at your desk and need a bit of light entertainment? Or is it even a bit of bedtime reading for you??
Maybe I am reading into all this timing malarkey a little too much and you just read and catchup when you can, but I am dying to know for sure.

I have been scheduling my posts to go public at 8am GMT every day, not for any particular reason other than it was about the time I would get to work and figured people would maybe like to have something new to read from the morning onward really.

I even wanted to keep this post hamsterific so got Casper to pose with a clock.Casper and the Clock, he can tell the time HONEST! :p

‘HOW VERY RELEVANT’ I hear you scream 😉

HAHAH, I even tried to get Dexter to pose nicely with a clock but he really does have none of it. An unnatural celebrity.
But Casper posed away very nicely for me.

And I know it looks like he is even nibbling the cushion m iPad is sat on in the picture to the right, but he isn’t I swear.
Even Diva-Casper needs a little bit of encouragment to sit still sometimes. So a bit of broccoli may have appears in his paws…

Anyway back to the point..
I know it may seem trivial and it could be completely RANDOM but at least then I will know.
As for some reason this thought has been bothering me since I began blogging again…

So, I would be mighty grateful if you could answer the poll below, just to give me a rough idea of what time people are reading.
I understand there is a time difference and as this blog reaches every corner of the globe, my 8am is different to your 8am kinda thing, but going on your time of day wherever in the world you are, when do you check out the blogs you follow?

Thank you in advance for your participation. It makes setting up the hamsters with props that little bit more worth it 😉

Hamster-y cuddles! 

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Eve’s 2nd Birthday

On this day, back in June of 2012, I introduced the blogosphere to a very beautiful little girl hamster called Eve.
(Click here to read that very first post!)

She was a brave little hamster, and when I say little I mean she was diddy!! She could easily fit into the palm of my hand and needed no taming at all! She was docile and friendly right from the get-go, which in hamster terms is a pretty rare thing.

The first picture of Eve on this blog back in 2012! The picture to the left is of Eve’s first exploration of her new home.
I hadn’t planned on getting another hamster at the time. Me and the boyfriend went to the pet shop to pick up supplies for Dexter and there in the cabinet was a gorgeous little hamster, paws against the glass and adorable speckled ears all alert!

She really was absolutely adorable!! 😀

I immediately knew she had to come home with us and next thing we knew, we had bought a new cage and she was mine!

Eve. A suitable name for the first girly hamster I’ve ever owned I think. 🙂 Plus she was completely full of beans so having a name that meant ‘life’ was 100% appropriate.

So there she was, Dexter’s new girlfriend 😉

If you haven’t followed the blog before then you won’t know that Eve has had an action packed little life. She died sadly too soon in February of this year 😦

As this is the anniversary of her joining the hammy-fam, I thought a little look over her cutest pics would be a fitting tribute to this beautiful pet 🙂

After being with me for nearly two months, Eve had very much settled in and become a comfortable member of the family.

We decided in the August of that year, to breed her and Dexter.13 pups is a BIG responsibility

Now it didn’t end up the most triumphant of tales with her litter of 13 pups sadly passing away over the following 2 weeks after their birth. Eve just wasnt quite the mothering material we had hoped for, shying away from the pups.
But due to the babies illnesses and birth defects which were really beyond everyones control, who could blame her for struggling. I don’t know how many people would cope fine with 13 hungry needy newborns!

Anyway she did her best.
There were 3 little survivors that battled on to their 2nd week of life, but sadly liver problems caught up and they too passed away.

Even though Eve wasnt caring for the pups at this stage you could still
sense the grief from her. She had become a very slow and meticulous hamster. She barely came out of her bed anymore and would continue to build the most impressive nests I have ever seen a hamster produce!
Eve, showing off her pre-mum bod!She really was mourning and I have never seen that side to a hamster before. Shocking how something so little can show such an emotion.

After many months and LOTS of love and attention, she slowly had come back to the brave little monster she became.

Don’t get me wrong she stayed slower, but it came across as more of a maturity thing now.

She had been through a lot of drama and hassle and now she was finally back to herself again.
And she really was the most beautiful little hamster.

She gave me a lot of reasons to boast about female Syrians, as I had always heard horror stories about them being angry and vicious. Eve showed me not only was I wrong but the vast majority of people who think that were also very wrong!
I tend to find hamsters reflect their owner in terms of friendliness.

I will never change my mind on the fact that I think she was taken to early from life.RIP Eve and happy blogging birthday! :D xx Today would have been her 2 year blogging birthday, and I would have expected a third birthday next year too but alas some things are just not meant to be.

I have never been more grateful for this blog in that respect.
I managed to document and capture her life in words which are now immortalized on the internet. She may have died but she lives on through this blog and through the pictures and memories. And that is nothing to sniff at!

So this is a happy post really.
A poignant day in my blogging diary.

I hope all the words and waffle in this post doesnt bore you to tears. I just felt today should be a post about Eve.
(And I hoped you all enjoyed a different furry face to ‘awww’ at today too!)

Have a great day now! 

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The Return Of HamsterDiaries; 1st Month

I would be lying if I had said to you in this post, that the last 30 posts have been easy.
It has been crazy to get back into writing and blogging in general really after such a long break. It has suddenly dawned on me the Welcome back to HamsterDiaries!!amount of work I put into this blog back in 2012 and was kind of understanding my reasons for stopping. I completely underestimated the time I take writing and taking pictures and sorting out all the things I like to have sorted for a post.

The nerdy bits take a lot of research in some cases and that doesn’t just pour out my brain, I have to find it and make sure what I’m writing it completely correct!
Its a lot of work, it can take up a lot of time due to my perfectionist habits and I need to be forward thinking which isn’t usually my thing..

But never the less, I have absolutely LOVED it 🙂

I have been welcomed and greeted like an old friend which has been just wonderful! I have caught up on old blogs and started reading new blogs; everything changed and I cant get enough of it!!

So this is my thank you
Thank you to everyone who has read the blog this last month, thank you to everyone who has participated in my posts and commented on them. I have put so much of my time into writing and seeing any kind of feedback or comment on it makes the world of difference! I'm a STAR darlings! :D Also thank you to every single person who gave a like, I really appreciated the support no matter how you chose to show it!
And most of all thank you SO so much to those who have chosen to follow the blog via email.
It may seem trivial to you how one little follower can make any difference to a blogger but every time I see someone has signed up to receive an email notification when there is a post, it motivates me that much more to continue posting and putting together something for you to all read.
Its like your little way of telling me you want to see more and for me there is no greater support 🙂
It makes me a very very happy blogger.

So this was a kinda off topic post for me to gush about how awesome you all are and how much I adore you all but I felt it needed to be said sooner rather than later and what better way to shout it from the roof blog-tops than on my 31st post celebrating my first months return.

I hope you all realise that despite my hectic schedule I shall be trying my hardest to post something every day!
If you ever just see a photo posted, please know this is not me being lazy! Its me trying to show you I haven’t forgotten and I am a little caught up with something else to be writing a full post.
You’re all busy people too, and I hope you will understand!

RIP Eve, immortalized in this blog.But I shall endeavor to give you the cutest photos and the funniest stories to keep you all hamster-ed out!

The blog may only have two hamsters now, not the three you old readers are used to, but I shall keep the updates coming regardless. Eve may have passed away but she is not forgotten. And this blog is a testament to her. The first months of her life with me were documented and photographed and shared with the world!!! Not many pets on this planet can say that. 🙂

If you want to see anything in particular, any specific topic to be addressed or have always wondered something about hamster, leave a comment below and I shall try and get round to it in the next months postings somewhere.
I love getting ideas and input from you guys, you’re all blogging genius’ 😀

I really do hope June will be as successful as May has been. I cannot wait for the days to roll and for you to see where this blogging malarkey goes!
Help me make it happen?? 🙂

Squeaks and Kisses!

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Reasons To Blog

Thinking about writing a blog? EXCELLENT!!
There can be nothing more rewarding than blogging and writing!
But if you still needed more convincing as to why blogging is a big ol’ thumbs up here are my thoughts!

  1. Casper in bed, LOOKING CUTE!! You are completely free to write whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want with no boundaries or limits!
  2. You can be anonymous or public, whatever you are comfortable with!
  3. There are experiences and knowledge only you could share with the blogosphere through your writing!
  4. You can discover things you never knew about the world by connecting with other blogs.
  5. You can make friends with people on the other side of the planet who share interests with you without ever leaving the comfort of your computer!
  6. You can share your thoughts, pictures and videos with a wider audience than just your Facebook or Twitter page 😉
  7. You can share your passions, no matter how obscure and chances are there is someone else somewhere out there who shares your passion!
  8. You can raise awareness for whatever cause you really support.
  9. You could end up inspiring others with your writing and experiences!
  10. It is a brilliant way to build your confidence at your own pace through your writing.
  11. Its completely free to blog! What is possibly stopping you now?

I started blogging in 2012 when I felt pretty low and  unconfident, and was struggling to define my own personality in the “real world”. I enjoyed writing and I knew I wanted to blog but had no idea where to start or how I would ever make a success of it! When I got my hamster, Dexter, I was at a point in my life where I suddenly had a topic, a focus I could really get stuck into. I blog anonymously, that is how it will always stay – my blog is about my hamsters not me! Plus its almost like a kind of therapy for me. I can escape from life with something that seems almost trivial to other people, but its how I like it and how I enjoy it.

I hope you guys all enjoy blogging as much as I do!
An old post of mine you may find helpful if you are just starting out might be – how to write a successful pet blog.
Sorry for the random post! I just wanted to share 🙂






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Follower Milestone REACHED!

I don’t want to bombard you with posts, one a day is my mantra!  But I really couldn’t resist passing on my thanks and gratitude…

So I’ve only been back blogging for 5 days and you lovely LOVELY readers have already made it more than worth it 🙂
On top of all the lovely comments and likes, I have reached a follower milestone in just these last few days!


It means the world that you want to read more, I shall keep it up!

Even Casper has been keeping a close eye on my iPad screen to watch the comments and feedback come in 😉
'Have we reached our milestone yet mom?'

Keep your eyes peeled for LOTS more hamster-y goodness to come your way! 🙂

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10,014 Views, 94 Countries, 186 Posts, 1,616 Comments, 18 Videos And Counting… :D

Looking at my WordPress stat’s page is usually a pretty routine affair.
I check how many views I get for the day, have a secret celebratory dance, and then have a closer look at what posts have been looked at most blah blah blah. As fellow blogger’s you know the drill.

Well yesterday I had a littler more reason to dance than usual.
I have crept over the 10,000 all time views border.

So I thought my post today would be dedicated to a few statistics from the Hamster Diaries blog which actually will act as a reminder that my blog is actually quite a hit 🙂 Blogging everyday is not the easiest thing in the world and takes a fair amount of discipline and patience to get into a routine. Having settled into a pattern (or there abouts after the new-job-time-management-shake-up thing)]

First post date:
Sunday 13th May 2012
 Number of posts:
Number of comments:
Total number of views:
Overall average views per day:
Most views on a single day:
Number of countries reached:
Most country views:
United States
Likes on Facebook:
Most popular post(excluding homepage): 
How to tell whether your hamster is a boy or girl
Number of videos on Youtube:
Most popular video on Youtube:
Newborn Baby Hamsters
Number of views for this video:
Lifetime video views on Youtube:

Writing this post has actually put a smile on my face. Who knew blogging could be so satisfying 🙂
Have a fantastic day everybody!

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BlogSHOUT: Rattus Norvegicus

I am yet again bringing you another top class pet blog here, not hamsters this time, but another member of the rodent family.
Rats! Now, I have never owned a rat, compared to the hamsters I have always kept, rats seem bigger and a little scarier if I am honest. Plus I may have a secret complex about the tails – I dont know why but they have always freaked me out.
Having said all this, I am slowly coming around to the idea thats rats may actually be kind of cute. I have met a few rattys along my blogging way but now I am once again in the front seat of a ratty-blog and I am loving it!

Meet Koko and Ruma 😀

Koko on the left & Ruma on the right 🙂

They are much bigger than the hamsters I imagine you are used to reading this blog but they are pretty sweet nonetheless 😀

I brightened up this picture from the blog so you can see them a little better too – that is Koko on the left of the picture and thats Ruma, the grey one, on the right.

The posts on this blog are just a treat! They follow the crazy adventures these two cheeky girls get up to!

For example, this is a quick post fromt he other day that just had me smiling.

“I know my owner calls me a thief, but honestly, it’s just a hobby. What hobby am I talking about? Well, I am a collector. A very sophisticated, subtle and sneaky collector. What do I collect you ask? I think it would be easier to ask what I don’t collect. My favorite thing to collect is food, mostly snackfood like potato crisps, nuts, pretzels and gingercake. But I’m not too picky. I mean, I am not like my sister Koko. She collects anything she finds really. Mostly receipts, bags, wrappers and any thing aluminumfoiled. Me, I am more sophisticated, I steall things like contact-lens-containers, bandaids, pencils and mostly rubber duckies. Ohyes, I will go out of my way to steal rubber duckies. Because let’s be honest; who doesn’t LOVE rubber duckies? I do!”

Hahaha these two sound like a lot of fun adn the blog too is getting to grips with WordPress. I urge you to check it out, have a little read and see what you think! Another small-furry blog is just what we all need me thinks ;D


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Best Blog Award September 2012

Now where has September gone? Seriously, where on earth did it go?! I think the fact I went on holiday has made it go so much quicker but now I am getting anxious… time is speeding up?!

Anyway, less about my time-management crisis and more about my favourite blog’s for this past month in my monthly best blog award! YAY! 😀

Now the award badge is a wee bit different this month. I used a black and white picture so I made the font red so that you can actually read it 😛 Looks preeeeetty awesome if you ask me! So this months winner is in for a treat!

First off, my two wonderful runners up are as follows:
This is a wonderfully modern blog, possibly even one of the coolest looking blogs, I’ve read! If you havent checked it out already, you MUST get over there ASAP! 😀 Its full of colourful and bright photos that are just a delight to look at and the blog itself is just wicked! Read it, love it!
Now this isnt the usual blog I would brag about but omg I love it! If you need a girly fix all you need to do is to visit this very blog. Its pink and cheery and the posts are super friendly and interesting. With so many blogs these days dying, this blog thinks of everyhing. Its dynamic and worth a read and a follow – do it nowwwww!! 😀

And for the winner, my BEST BLOG AWARD  for September 2012 is…
fter the stunning picture of Fred the Hamster I have been hooked to this blog. The artwork is amazing – seriously amazing! The blogger is certainly one talented person! I cannot get enough of the pictures and urge you all to check it out if you havent already!

Zent Creative Blog, this award badge is yours to do with what you may! Show it off or treasure it in secret! Its up to you!

And they are my choices for this month, the award for October 2012 will be announced on Wednesday 31st (no clashes there!)

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BlogSHOUT: Hammy Happenings

I have to do another blogSHOUT, I just HAD to.
(Thinking this will become a feature too, for the hamster blogs I discover that is. A shout out in a bid to join together all the hamster bloggers out there!).

There will never be enough Hamster blogs, especially when they are all so AWESOME!
Hammy Happenings is a recently addition to the blogosphere, but not from a new blogger I might add.

Describing hamsters as a ‘childhood memory’ and a ‘therapeutic pet’ to have, I really cant recommend this blog enough.
In this blog, you will meet 4 of the most sweetest and photogenic hamsters you may very well ever come across. Strawberry, Snow, Patch and Bob are the hamsters who fill this blog with their antics and even though it has only just started up, it has already provided me with inspiration and impressed me beyond words! The pictures are stunning! Really stunning! It puts my photos to shame, I mean look how clear and BEAUTIFUL little Snow looks in this picture (right)!!

I cant help but practically melt in my seat due to the cuteness here! And its also not just about syrian hamsters which is a refreshing change form hamsterdiaries if you like 😀
And this is just one picture of the many on this blog! Talk about new heights in ‘AWWWW’-ing. I needed to take a really deep breath before clicking on the posts because I just had to ‘AWWWWWW’ and coo over the super-duper-adorable snaps!!

It is so lovely to see other hamster owners post and brag about their furries! ITS AWESOME!

So as a favour to me, and the hamsterdiaries ever growing hammy family, check out hammyhappenings. Follow it, like the posts, comment on the cuteness and share the hamster loveeee!!!

Bringing together hamster blogs is becoming a beautiful thing. Know another hamster blog or even write one yourself? Contact me if you want a blogSHOUT. 😀

Go on check it out, you know you are dying to see the cuties!



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