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The Return Of HamsterDiaries; 1st Month

I would be lying if I had said to you in this post, that the last 30 posts have been easy.
It has been crazy to get back into writing and blogging in general really after such a long break. It has suddenly dawned on me the Welcome back to HamsterDiaries!!amount of work I put into this blog back in 2012 and was kind of understanding my reasons for stopping. I completely underestimated the time I take writing and taking pictures and sorting out all the things I like to have sorted for a post.

The nerdy bits take a lot of research in some cases and that doesn’t just pour out my brain, I have to find it and make sure what I’m writing it completely correct!
Its a lot of work, it can take up a lot of time due to my perfectionist habits and I need to be forward thinking which isn’t usually my thing..

But never the less, I have absolutely LOVED it 🙂

I have been welcomed and greeted like an old friend which has been just wonderful! I have caught up on old blogs and started reading new blogs; everything changed and I cant get enough of it!!

So this is my thank you
Thank you to everyone who has read the blog this last month, thank you to everyone who has participated in my posts and commented on them. I have put so much of my time into writing and seeing any kind of feedback or comment on it makes the world of difference! I'm a STAR darlings! :D Also thank you to every single person who gave a like, I really appreciated the support no matter how you chose to show it!
And most of all thank you SO so much to those who have chosen to follow the blog via email.
It may seem trivial to you how one little follower can make any difference to a blogger but every time I see someone has signed up to receive an email notification when there is a post, it motivates me that much more to continue posting and putting together something for you to all read.
Its like your little way of telling me you want to see more and for me there is no greater support 🙂
It makes me a very very happy blogger.

So this was a kinda off topic post for me to gush about how awesome you all are and how much I adore you all but I felt it needed to be said sooner rather than later and what better way to shout it from the roof blog-tops than on my 31st post celebrating my first months return.

I hope you all realise that despite my hectic schedule I shall be trying my hardest to post something every day!
If you ever just see a photo posted, please know this is not me being lazy! Its me trying to show you I haven’t forgotten and I am a little caught up with something else to be writing a full post.
You’re all busy people too, and I hope you will understand!

RIP Eve, immortalized in this blog.But I shall endeavor to give you the cutest photos and the funniest stories to keep you all hamster-ed out!

The blog may only have two hamsters now, not the three you old readers are used to, but I shall keep the updates coming regardless. Eve may have passed away but she is not forgotten. And this blog is a testament to her. The first months of her life with me were documented and photographed and shared with the world!!! Not many pets on this planet can say that. 🙂

If you want to see anything in particular, any specific topic to be addressed or have always wondered something about hamster, leave a comment below and I shall try and get round to it in the next months postings somewhere.
I love getting ideas and input from you guys, you’re all blogging genius’ 😀

I really do hope June will be as successful as May has been. I cannot wait for the days to roll and for you to see where this blogging malarkey goes!
Help me make it happen?? 🙂

Squeaks and Kisses!

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Criticisms; do you feel better for saying that?

Commence rant.

Yesterday, I thought I would reach out and try to connect with fellow hamster-lovers using a forum. Put it this way, my experience was far from a pleasant one (hence I am furiously tapping this out at 1:30am).

All was going well, these people LOVE hamsters, these people are on my wavelength – perfect!
So there is me, typing away. I introduce myself, introduce the hams, post a few pictures and explain the story of the babies, blah blah blah. Its going great! These people, like me, enjoy talking about their hamsters and all that jazz.

That enjoyment lasted about 45 minutes.

Then the criticisms started flowing. I mean this wasn’t just one person disagreeing with an aspect of my ownership; It was as if as soon as one person pointed something out, the floodgates opened and I find myself being bombarded with comments. “Their cage is too small, I’m irresponsible, I should never have done this and that” If anyone of them read half of this blog, or even just spoke to me a little more, they could see Im not some neglectful person who mistreats my hamsters.. I felt so enraged.

NOW, where do I begin.
I join this community of people all with the same interest and I barely have my foot in the door when I get made to feel unwelcome, unconfident and even a little bit guilty!
First off, ‘their cage is too small for syrian hamsters.’ I have nothing to be guilty about -their cage is definitely not too small; its the UKs best selling hamster cage, why the hell would that be if its SOOOOO unsuitable for hamsters hmm? The cage’s description off the Pets at Home website states ‘suitable for dwarf hamster or one syrian’.
I can assure you I will not be rushing out to buy an £80 mansion for each of my hamsters when they are perfectly happy where they are. They have their spacious cage, they have room to run and hide and play – where’s the problem?
I have had many hamsters before Dexter and Eve, all in similar (if not slightly smaller) cages, and they all lived to well over 3 years old. If they are in such cramped and horrible conditions why would they have lived so long and so healthily for that matter?

Another thing, ‘Im so irresponsible for breeding the hamsters. The babies died and its my fault – look what Ive put the mother hamster through!’
Stop. Right. There.
You say you love hamsters? I have lost 13 babies in the past month, you think I don’t feel guilty and upset about that enough without someone telling me I’m irresponsible and in the wrong in the first place for letting her have babies!??!
Sorry but where is the support in that! People breed hamsters all the time and are waaaay less prepared than myself! So to accuse me of all this when I simply shared my story, is hurtful.
My pet lost her babies. I lost 13 pets. A little bit of kindness would go a long way when someone is in that situation, whether you know the person or not!
Instead I get criticized and blamed.

So thank you random stranger for crushing my confidence and thank you again for making me feel guilty about how I treat my pets. Ever heard of the phrase ‘if you dont have anything nice to say…’ ??? I am all for sharing tips and advice on hamster-y stuff but there was absolutely no sense of constructiveness in these comments! Just blunt words.

Apologies for my rant. Needed it off my chest – its what a blog is for right? 😉

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Take it or leave it.

Before Hamster Diaries came along, I had started and failed at writing 5 other blogs.
I would get carried away in an idea and make a blog about it. It would flop after about 3 weeks and I would delete it and start over with the next idea.

When it came to this one, I finally had found something I felt passionate about. I had ideas for posts, layout, everything!
And unlike any of my failed blogs before, Hamster Diaries just clicked.
People from all around the globe were reading my posts. People were actually liking my writing. People were even following the blog 😀
It felt like I had hit the jackpot. Posts would flow, pictures would spark inspiration for further posts and everything snowballed from there!
And I am sure every other blogger would agree; theres no better satisfaction when you see someone has read your writing, liked and commented!

So when it came to telling my family that I had started a blog about my pets, I wasnt greeted with congratulations or very much support at all! I got a resounding ‘well who wants to read about a hamster?’  followed by laughter and snidey comments.
Everyone, except my mum who follows and reads this religiously, couldnt take me or my blog seriously and it was (and still is) incredibly discouraging.

Why cant a blog about a persons hobbies or interests validate an audience?
I know hamsters may not be the most serious subject to blog about but its what I love, its what I know about and its what makes me happy!
Im sorry that my posts dont tackle world peace or educated political debates.
I am just a pet lover who is sharing her passion for her pets and if you dont like it, dont read it!

I happen to have noticed some of the most successful, funny and relatable blogs all come from the pet-loving world.
Some of my favourites being: 

So basically, this post is a thank you.
Thank you to all of the bloggers who have read, commented, liked and generally supported me and my little blog.
Your continued reading and feedback inspires me to carry on writing.
I may not get all the support in the world from the people around me but here, that doesnt matter because I reach people who feel the same way as I do about pets!

Keep reading WordPress and Ill keep writing!


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