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Throwback Fursday



I will keep this short and sweet today folks, I just wanted to show off Casper’s face in case you’d forgotten about him already.Sleeping Hamster

And it also describes my sleepy mood perfectly.. but shhhhhh don’t tell my boss! 😉


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Anyone For Coffee?

What do I do when my hands are full of a sleepy Casper and the doorbell goes?
Well I put him in the nearest container and go answer the door of course. I trust Casper to behave for 30 seconds yasee.

O this particular occasipn, I had just emptied out some coffee sachets (*cough* lazy madam *cough*) into the coffee tin and so Cas was going to have to sit in there.

A normal coffee box you may suspect...

I wouldnt recommend putting all pets in boxes while you multitask. I just can judge Caspers mood and i could tell straight away there wasn’t going to be any fuss from him sitting in there for a minute.

And I wasn’t wrong ladies and gents.
I came back to check on him and as predictable as ever, Casper had curled up in the tight confines of the box and had dozed peacefully off.
SUCHA CUTIE! I am going to have to see if there is anywhere this hamster WONT sleep 😛

Hello in there! :D

The excitingness of a new home and new smells and sounds must be making him sleepier than usual ;P
Anyway, I hope this adorable little guy has made you awwww 🙂

Till tomorrow folks, lots of loveee xx

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Wakey, Wakey Little Dreamer


Some posts need very few words. A picture is worth 1000 of them after all.
This picture sums up my mood this morning perfectly. Sleepy and tired.

But I’m not half as cute in the mornings as this little fella.
What mood are all you guys and girlies in today???

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“I Dreamt I Was Running If That Counts?”

hamster in a ballWe are all told to exercise.
Half hour a day or 2 hours a week, its forever changing how much exercise we are recommended to be doing!

Anyway for hamsters, it is pretty simple. Put them in their exercise ball whenever you get the chance for a half hour spell in your living room…

Now do not get me wrong the hamsters run for MILES in their saucers. Literally all night every night without fail they will sprint on their saucers until their little leggys can run no more!!

When they go into their balls, its usually much of the same enthusiasm. The crashing and banging of the both of them in the lounge is something spectacular to watch. It really is impressive how much noise two little things can make!!

When I clean them both out, I guess it does break the routine. They arent usually awake when I have to take them out of their warm beds and put them in their ball so I can partially understand Casper’s lack of energy during his exercise time!

Not that Casper needs an excuse to sleep but no more than 2 minutes after being put in his exercise ball, he had curled himself into a little ball and dozed off.

I couldnt help but photograph the occasion, because even in his exercise ball, he looks adorable! And even though its the billionth photograph of him asleep, HE STILL LOOKS CUTE!!! 😀

It also reflects my feelings toward exercise most days too hahah!
How is it this hamster gets everything spot on in reflection to myself?!
He is my little cutiepie! 🙂

Have a super day folks, till tomorrow, xx

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Eat, Sleep, Poop, REPEAT!

Sleeping beauty :)We all know the underneath of the laptop is the toastiest place in the world.

I am not the only one who thinks this either by the look of it.

It has become the napping place of choice for Casper (not that he needs anywhere fancy to take a nap of course).

This is now the countless occasion that he has been running around on my bed and decided to take a snooze on the warm toasty bit underneath where my laptop is sitting!

Even me sat here writing this post right now he is snuggled up on my lap as I type.

HE IS SO CUTE!!! (There is a little flinch every time I hit the enter button but he seems peaceful enough!!)

I know I post a LOT of pictures of Casper sleeping. He’s perfectly still so I can usually get a decent picture!! And I really hope seeing all these numerous pictures of his snoozing doesn’t bore you but I cant help but feel he is the cutest thing in the world!!
Seeing him sleeping so peacefully makes me feel like I am a good owner. He is comfortable enough to sleep in my lap and in my hands and that feels goooooood 🙂

So let me know, do you think I am over-doing the sleeping pictures??

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The Abandoned Smoothie Maker

I am ashamed to say my smoothie maker I once loved and cherished has been abandoned and neglected for many years now. It has become more of a kitchen beacon in the corner of the worktop.

sleeping hamster and smoothie maker
Well I think the phrase “one mans trash is another mans treasure” has never been more true!
As you may have seen in my previous post ‘The Kitchen Counter Speedway” this corner is now a prized hide out for both hamsters, but in particular Casper.

In fact its more of a sanctuary for Casper to curl up and fall asleep (I sound like a broken record going on about Casper sleeping but its just what he does!) Its not even that sheltered! Yet Cas loves it all the same!

Here you can get a little idea of just what Caspers little haven is like.

And this is with the smoothie maker pulled out from the edge! sually it is tucked right back in that corner and usually both boys squeeze themselves in and just ponder for a while.

If I ever let the hamsters out in the kitchen, I always know exactly where to look first when I want to put them back.

sleepy casper!Its actually kind of reassuring knowing they like the same spot and both hover there for minutes at a time so I can potter around the kitchen or eat my dinner relatively undisturbed!

Although I should probably just mention that leaving a hamster unattended is never a good idea. They are rascals, quick moving and devious little tinkers!

I just have a very built up trust with this special little hamster who seems to break most of the rules of being a pet at the best of times anyway..

Anyway this perfectly leads me onto my question for today. Where is your favourite hidey hole?
Is there anywhere your furry likes to hide from you??

Let me know in the comments below. Like to show your support of the Abandoned Smoothie Maker Hide-Out and dont forget to follow via email so you can get adorable hammy updates whenever I post! 😀

Have a great Sunday girls and boys (and furries)!

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A Picture Perfect Moment

Over the looooong blogging break I took, I still took lots and lots of photos of the hamsters. I always knew in the back of my head I was just waiting for the right time to get back on the blogging wagon and so I wanted to build up and strong file of photographs and stories to share.

One of these moments that I managed to capture was very heartwarming for me.
And now I am very excited to be able to share this special moment with all you wonderful people (and furries)!

Just before Christmas of 2013, I was sat in my zebra onesie – dont judge! – in front of the fire with Casper clambering all over me.
He then did what we does best and curled up and went to sleep.
And well a picture is worth a thousand words after all so I think this says it all…

sleepy hamster in front of the fire

I think its safe to say he is possibly the most adorable hamster on the planet!!!
It may have been cuter without my onesie in the picture but still I think he more than makes up for it in this shot:)

I also woulda waited to post this durng cold weather as it would seem more appropriate, but I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too impatient for that 😉

Hope you aww’d 🙂 If you didn’t, I really have my work cut out to impress ya!
Till tomorrow folks

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Comfy Cas?

As readers of this blog will well be aware, Casper has a tendency to sleep anywhere and everywhere – that includes in my hand when I pick him up…

I couldnt help but giggle when the other day when I plucked him from his cage, he was still very dopey and sleepy and he just sprawled across my palm in a sleepy kind of stretch. He has his eyes open – JUST – and stayed in this very position for a few moments before rolling over and burrowing into my cardigan 😛

I assure you I wasnt squeezing him tightly or holding him against his will. He just stayed in this position for longer than I expected 😛

He’s such a funny one! I love the quirks these animals have! 😀
So, what is the funniest position your furries have slept in? Or just chilled out in?? Is it as acrobatic as Casper’s sleepy stretch?! 


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Dexter Plays Dead.

And the Oscar for Best Hamster Actor goes to…

Okay lets back up a little bit here. What am I on about?
Basically Dexter was out playing on Sofa-Land happy as pie and suddenly he decides that its just not dramatic enough for his royal ham-ness. And he plays dead in my hand.

I mean seriously, all out, oscar winning acting!
Dont believe me look for yourself!
He didn’t flinch for long enough for me to get out my phone and snap the picture you see here. That’s true dedication and remarkable acting skills right there!
I have a set of such bizarre hamsters… good job Im blogging about their crazy antics… who else would I ramble on to about their cooky habits! 😛

Can I just point out he’s completely fine in the photo, he just loves the attention 😀

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Lullabies & Sawdust

Firstly before I start waffling on about Dexter, I would like to thank a few bloggers who have really supported me through the loss of the babies. It may seem like a while ago now for some readers but its still a very fresh memory form myself. The Giraffes Hat dedicated a wonderful post to Hamster Diaries as well as Hutch a Good Life also posting a beautiful few words about the lost bubs.
I cant thank you all enough. Seriously, my faith in the human race is restored! You are WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL people and you should know that you have made a very sad pet-lover comforted through the hardest time. 🙂

Onto my babblings now 😀

So here in the UK we are having a nice and toasty few days (YAY I can crack out my short-shorts for the second time this year!) which for me, is wicked! For Dexter and pets in general, the heat can have a funny affect on our furry friends. If you cast your minds back you may remember a post I did on how to keep your pets cool on hot summer days? Well thats just a reminder for curious bloggers as the heat has effected my Dex, not in a bad way – but in a cute way!

Like myself, he decided not to sleep with his duvet on, opting for the cooler sawdust setting. [Duvet/nest… same thing!]

This left his royal cuteness cool and open to some nosey girl with a camera!
Oh wait thats me!

I didnt really disturb him! He was in the land of lullabies by this stage. My camera didnt bother him at all!!! 😀

Okay so he may have shuffled a bit when I got too close.
But that only left me to capture an equally as cute picture of a very sleep hamham groggily curling up in the corner!

I think the plastic was refreshingly cool on his back so he pushed up against it a little.

Whatever he was doing… it was cute!
It almost makes up for the fact that yesterday he was an annoying little shit tinker, and wouldnt sit still for longer than a millisecond. Yes I have syrian hamsters, what do I expect? *sarcasm* But usually he’s affectionate and slow and likes to be snuggled whereas the past few days he has been a ham-on-a-mission for some reason..
Maybe its that heat thing again.

Hey hoe!
The hunt for a new addition continues. Fingers crossed time will tell and there will be another happy beginning to this blog! 😀 Wonderful times ahead people wonderful times! 😀

I may also have an idea brewing (from The Giraffes Hat) of a give-away competition when I hit my next follower milestone… hmmmm interesting!
I think I shall save that for tomorrow 😉
Tempt and tease… tempt and tease!


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