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Hamster Pregnancy For Dummies

As promised, here is my fact-filled hamster pregnancy guide for Syrian hamsters!
(Sorry for some of the repeated info, wanted it all in one place!)

The Pregnancy:

  • Syrian hamsters are pregnant for between 15-18 days
  • Litters vary from 2 – 20
  • Its best to breed females for the first time at 4 months earliest
  • The average litter size is 8
  • Starts to show after 10 days
  • Females should only have 2 or 3 litters in their lives – any more and its considered “battery breeding” and unhealthy offspring can be the result
  • Females are sterile after 12-14 months (this means they cant breed again)
  • Small chunks of cheese are brilliant snacks for pregnant hammy’s
The Birth:
  • Baby hamsters are called ‘pups’.
  • Pups are born with teeth
  • The cage needs to be in a quiet place, loud noises may stress out a hamster giving birth
  • Pups are born in 20-30 minute intervals (this is not exact)
  • Babies will be just bigger than a £1 coin!
  • Pups are born blind, hairless and deaf
  • The nest will most likely be concealed from view, dont worry! The mum is just trying to protect her babies!
  • Mummy hamsters will become very aggressive if the nest is disturbed before the pups have opened their eyes
  • First time mums may not feel ready to have a litter so cannibalism is unfortunately common
  • Weak babies may also be eaten as not to cause suffering (hamsters are very protective and cautious creatures)
  • If the nest doesnt smell of the mum (due to human contact and curious fingers) whole litters can be abandoned
  • If babies are born in different places in the cage DO NOT TOUCH THEM, not even to put them back in the nest. Mummy will eat them! Just leave her to sort herself and she will take good care of them, collect them up and put them in the nest. This can be expected from first time mum’s as they are learning!
When the pups are 7 days old:
  • At around 7 days of age the mummy hamster will take solid food back to the nest
  • Pups should be drinking water from 12 days of age (don’t panic if it takes a few days longer – each litter is different)
  • By 7 days, pups should have fur
  • Baby food (blended mush basically) is perfect nourishment for baby hamsters – leave a small pot full close to the nest
  • After 10 days, babies have very good survival rate. Any less than 10 days old, it can be very difficult to successfully raise a litter
  • Chunks of apple are perfect treats to leave in the cage after 7 days. These are soft to munch on and hydrating
  • After 10 days or so, give mum a break – a quick run in an exercise ball or even holding her for 10 minutes will be plenty. Dont separate them for too long as both sides may panic!
When the pups are 14 days old:
  • Pups eyes open around the 2 week mark
  • You should refrain from holding the baby hamsters until 2 weeks of age (their eyes should be open)
  • Its time to clean out that smelly cage at this time! Try to do it quickly as possible as the mummy hamster may get stressed. This is normal
  • Pups should be eating on their own by this stage

When the pups are 3 weeks old and over:

  • Male and female babies should be separated after 3 weeks into their genders
  • Females can share with mum no longer than 6 weeks
  • Male babies need individual cages
  • Hamsters are sexually active from 6 weeks of age so the sexing of the babies will be really important at this point to make sure no more litters are produced!
  • By 4 weeks old, hamsters are ready to be fully separated from mum, brothers and sisters. Sell them on, rehome them, give them away! Need more ideas on where to put all your bundles of joy? Check out a previous post!
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Spot The Difference

Are you ready to see how PODGE PODGE my beautiful little monkey Eve has gotten?!
Can you tell if we have a pregnant hamster yet?

I managed to find a picture of Eve from last month.
Its the best one where you can see her body size in comparison to her new shapely figure!

And boy has Eve gotten BIG since Friday.
Also yesterday (when I took the photograph) will be the last time I hold her for a while. I don’t want to disrupt her cage and her business so no more holding for my lil monkey!

I hope I have managed to convey the size of Eve now compared to last month effectively.
Perhaps the photo doesn’t even need something to compare it to as she cant hide that BIG OLE BUMP anymore!


That due date is creeping steadily upon us! I honestly am SO excited!
I am a bit nervous that I wont be able to see the babies straight away because mummy’s nest is very covered over and safe!  She seems to be taking her role very responsibly! But knowing my patience-levels I will want to know straight away. We shall see eh!

This whole experience is actually so exciting! I am so glad I am blogging this whole thing. CANT WAIT FOR THE BUBBA’S!


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Coming Up This Week

Now I got advice from a fellow blogger on one of my previous posts telling me that signs of pregnancy and roundness would start to appear after the 10 day mark.

Well I have been bursting to tell you that Eve has gotten BIIIIIG.

This is how she was a few days ago and tomorrow I shall post a picture of the fatty Eve.
You will definitely notice the size difference.

So I thought I would let you all know what I intend to post abou tin the coming week as its a big ole week for the hammys!


Before and after shots or even a spot the difference shot of Eve before and Eve now in the lead up to her due date (Friday approximately.)
Its super exciting now the difference in her size is noticeable. Shes about double the  size of Dexter now – yep that big!


Im thinking a complete advice pump-post. Eve will be nearing her birth time and I have possibly read every internet page in existence on what to expect/whats going to happen/what I should do as an owner. So I will share some of my many scrolling hours in one convenient post for readers!


I will attempt to photograph – from a safe distance – Eves nest. Its impressive as it is now and were several days away from her expectant date. The days before she goes into labor I’m expecting awesome things from this girls nesting.
Plus if you’ve never seen a pregnant hamsters nest before – you’ll be impressed to see what these little creatures can come up with.


Today is the day [hopefully]!! Shes due today so I will be keeping everyone on tender hooks until she gives birth!
In the days following the birth I will announce the winner of the competition about how many babies Eve will have. If you havent commented on that post – DO IT NOW!
You could have a baby hamster named whatever you wish!!!

 Sunday will of course be the Sunday Riddle which I will keep to but if the babies are visible in the nest then I shall most certainly include some baby photos!

EEEEEP this week cannot go fast enough!
So proud of my little monkey!

Excited as well???


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Eve’s Pregnancy: Is she or isn’t she?

I’m worried.
Maybe ‘worried’ isn’t the correct word.

So here’s the thing. I’m not exactly sure how rounded Eve is supposed to be for 10 days pregnant.
Don’t get me wrong she feels heavier and her belly feels a little tense and swollen but I don’t know if its because I’ve been feeding her more than usual, in case she’s eating for 12, or if this is actually evidence of a pregnant belly.

See for yourself. This is Eve as of yesterday evening.
I only have myself to blame for not getting a before and after shot but to me she doesn’t look how I imagined a pregnant hamster to be.

Maybe I’m being impatient and assuming too soon? I mean I only have to wait another week to see for sure but it would be lovely to know now!! 😛

I cant help but feel Ive done everything wrong through this pregnancy and now Im nervous that shes been stressed and so has absorbed them or something like that.

She was being rather adorable yesterday it has to be said. Some how managed to capture her trying to hug my hand whilst feeding her treats.
Yes, she was trying to hug me not eat me.
…Even if shes practically drooling at the treat Im holding.
Hey now, let me believe she wanted a cuddle alright! 😉

I want to hope she’s pregnant.
I cant escape from the fact that she might not be. I just dont know what Im looking out for anymore. There’s only so much Googling I can do before realising the best advice anyone has is to “wait it out“…
I hate being impatient.

She’s acting differently.
She gets up earlier, while its still light outside kind of early, and is very hyper. She runs around her cage, jumps on her saucer for a bit, climbs in her bed and nestles then pops straight out and is back to running around like a looney.
She even manages to still do the monkey bars.
And yes she still manages to splat onto the floor when she lets go. Daft moo.

 Wonder what Im feeding her thats making her reach out to me?

These are organic yoghurt drop things.
I threw away the packaging because I keep the treats in an air-tight Tupperware box and I cant for the life of me remember what their proper name is.

I got them from Pets at Home and I cant seem to find them online to send a link to them!

Basically they are little 5pence sized blobs in cream, pink and green that are like yoghurty treats.
Dexter can take or leave them it seems, he never goes too crazy for them.
Eve on the other hand LOVEEEEEEEEEES them 😀

I dont think you need me to say that on here for you to know that she loves them. The photos are evidence enough!

I have lots more photos to share with you all so get following for your daily fix of cute!
Also please comment below if you have any idea about pregnancy and if Im looking out for the wrong things here.
Im a novice at breeding and anyone with experience would be welcomed with open arms and friendly paws! 😀


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A rant, a rave and a countdown…

I apoligise for TWICE now clicking publish when I have just started writing a post. I dont know how I manage it. I get so swept away in the typing I manage to hit that bloomin’ publish button without the use of a mouse.
It seems that as soon as Im hitting 60 words-a-minute, bashing the keyboard like my life depends on it, WordPress decides “Im going to ruin your flow by PUBLISHING this post…. half way through a sentence, mwahahah!
Oh WordPress. How you annoy me at times.

So anyway. Where was I…

Eve is very crafty when it comes to having her picture taken.

She manages to either move so quick that she is just a blur on my screen OR she manages to pose in such an angle that she still looks super slim. Seeing as shes coming up to half way through her gestation period, I expected her to look a little fatter in the picture but somehow she has managed to look completely normal.

This one has a skill I can only ever dream of.

When I try to move quickly out of a photograph, it doesnt ever catch me as a flattering blur oh no.
It catches a super unattractive gurn whilst somehow stretching out my waist area so I look similar to a beached whale.

So how on earth has my hamster managed to master the art of beautiful photo taking???

Is it wrong to be jealous of a hamster? A pregnant hamster at that?

 I think Im getting way too caught up on the fact she still looks slim in this snap.

I can assure my readers that she is look as podge as ever. And seeing as her behaviour has become quite erratic and defensive at times (without being aggressive toward us owners) we are thinking she definitely has something in her belly worth protecting. Either that or shes raided my biscuit cupboard without me noticing and now thinks Im onto her. . . Wow – where that came from, Im not sure.

Laughably, in Dexters case – he looks much more feminine and delicate now that Eve is outweighing him at every angle.

He looks so cute bless him. I remember back to the day I bought Eve home and she fit into the palm of my hand and Dexter looked monstrous compared to her.

And now she could quite happily tread on him with one paw if she cared to.
Okay maybe I exaggerated there.
But the thing is I only exaggerated a little bit!

Its quite funny holding Dexter after we’ve held Eve now. He feels like hes made of helium.

RIGHT I think I best move on from how fat my female has got. If she ever caught wind of what Im saying she may hate me…. Id hate me.

Im thinking of adding a lil countdown on the end of each post from now on. Counting down till the birth – not that its an exact science.

We mated the pair on Tuesday 3rd. So if we say that she’ll be preggers for about 17 days, we can expect the bubbies around Friday 20th. Roughly.

That gives us a countdown of 10 days! EEEP EXCITING!
Now where is that clock from 24 when you need it…

Its weird to think that by the end of next week we may be inundated with baby hamsters! SUPERDUPER CUTE!

So until tomorrow fair bloggers, xx

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The happy couple havent really been up to much the last few days.

I’m all hyped up about the possible pregnancy and been trying to convince myself all of Eve behaviour is ‘typical’ of pregant hammys.

“Ohh shes arranging her bed! She HAS to be preggers!” Well she does this every time she climbs out of it anyway.

 “Oh shes licking her belly! She knows theres babies in there!!” Well, shes only cleaning herself… like normal……

“Oh shes looking porkier than usual!!!” And again, even if she was up the duff she wouldnt be showing it will ten days anyway!

 I think I’m going pregnant-hamster-loopy!

 To help her out a little bit with the whole nest building malarky, we have given her a couple of sheets of toilet paper.
Hamsters LOVE shredding and nibbling them and perfect for brooding mumma hamsters to build cozy nests out of!

Her babies can only have the BEST coziest nests.

Again, the whole loopy thing springs to mind…

NOW, if you feel Dexter has been out of the spotlight for

the last few days – dont you fret!
He is creating enough mischief to keep himself well pampered and played with!

Take this morning for example.
Creating havoc by nibbling his water dispenser. The whole thing leaks out into his cage and requires a mass effort clean out. Hes done this before and I got very annoyed. I dont understand what he gets out of making mess and problems. Hes the one who then gets soggy paws and has to walk on damp sawdust until  i notice that he has no water in his bottle as its soaked into the floor!

So he may not have posts dedicated to his activities recently; he most certainly isnt being neglected.

Think hes turned into a very cheeky hamster since getting with Eve. Hes got all confident and cocky…

But hes still very adorable abd loves to curl up in our sleeves and have a nap when we get him out. Talk about old fart 😉

Till tomorrow bloggers,


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