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‘Wake Up’ Face

You know in the movies when the girl or girl wakes up looking immaculate and beautiful, not a hair out of place after a nights sleep?
Yeah.. why doesnt that happen in real life??

Its not even just me that struggles with this feat of sleeping beauty. This is Casper’s ‘Wake Up’ face…


You can almost hear the little fella sayin ‘5 more minutes, pleaseeeeee’
I still think he’s a cutie but you can see very clearly, this is one groggy sleepy face 😀

Now, to make Casper less self conscious, show me your best wake up faces!! 😛


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Pictures & Postings

So you’ve had the first weeks updates, sad posts and the medical post on top of plenty of little pictures to wet your hamster-lovin’ appetite, so I think its only now I can get back to my usual ranting and ravings about the hamsters.

Firstly though, back in 2012 when I would religiously post every day, the blog had a very ‘defined’ layout. I personally felt as a blogger it was nice to have a sense of familiarity when you go back to read a blog. Blogs that change designs every few months or so tend to lose their identity I think. HamsterDiaries has a distinct little look and I intend to keep the blog that way. Having said all of this, I have “tidied” it up, got rid of a few pages and neatened up the side bar over there and I’d love to know how you think this new ‘tidy’ version looks.
(But for new readers you’ll never know the difference muahah!)

Anyways less of the boring bloggy bit, what do we want? HAMSTERS! When do we want it? NOW.. durrr!

Dexter the hamster

On the left you can see Dexter stuffing his ickle face with a slice of apple, definitely a favourite of his.

Now I have to point out blogging isn’t always the easiest thing when you are balancing a life alongside it and I have already – after just a mere week of blogging – found how terribly hard writing about hamsters can be. Its not even so much an issue of content but more I have struggled to get any pictures actually worth using and everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words!
I know they’ve always moved quickly and Im usually left with blurs of fur but I can’t seem to get a single clear photograph!

I end up ambushing them whilst they’re eating or making cooky noises to get their attention.
Basically I look like a nutter chasing round little furries with my phone to try and capture moments of sure cuteness.

How on earth did I manage before?!
I think I need to get a bit more practice in!

So bare with the pictures for a little bit, they shall get better 😉

Oh and make sure you follow via email if you haven’t already! Makes me writing feel all the more worth while! 🙂


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My Gorgeous Dexter

You know when you are cuddling your pets and you suddenly get that overwhelming rush of love for them?
They only have to do something sensationally cute or sweet and you really do get this pang of  ‘awwww you are all mine and I love you dearly! How did I ever forget this!’
I only say this because I feel I have slipped into a sort of contempt with the hamsters. Yes, they are wonderful to hold but sometimes the feeling of a chore overtakes the feeling of ‘omg-I-need-to-snuggle-you-right-now’

Well the other day I really did smile from ear to ear at a photo I managed to snap of Dexter. Its like he knew I was taking pics and knew how much I wanted just one decent snap for the blog!

Here he is, my gorrrrrrrrrgeous little Dexter! :))


And check out them famous long whiskers! Isn’t he a handsome devil 😛

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Who Knows Who’s Nose Is Who’s?

Phew that is a mouthful!
Who can say that quickly after a drink or two?? 😀

I have a little party game for you all here.

You may remember something like this when I was away on my holiday in September. The post was Which Hamster Do You Belong To?

Here is the nose version of the game because I couldn’t resist the title pun. I am so easily pleased I tell yah.
Comment all your answers below!




Good luck folks! Answers will be published on Monday so follow to make sure you dont miss out on the results!! ~
Have any ideas??


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Another Blog Post About 12/12/12

If you haven’t read about, heard about, facebooked about, tweeted about or talked about today’s once in a century date then I am here to inform you.
Today is the last day of the century we will see the date 12/12/12
Pretty special right?

Yeah well I only noticed this once in a life time moment pass by at 12:30… so I didnt quite make the whole make a wish at 12:12pm on the 12/12/12.
Darn it! There’s always next year. Never mind… ;/

IMG_2917marked1Anyway back to the three wise hammy’s.

Christmas is fast approaching and what can I say we are all getting in the Crimbo spirit!
Me and the bf have put up our Christmas lights up on the tree and even have some in the window! Well they twinkle down on the hamsters cages and I get that warm festive feeling!

There is nothing like a toasty snuggle on the sofa under sparkly fairy lights!

I have resorted to using paint to edit together some Christmassy spirit pics. I cant seem to find a spare five minutes to actually take a bunch of photos let alone find the little xmas props! So I have spent my evening instead, painting a tiny present into this picture of an eager Dexter.

It turned out a little better than I expected.
It is just paint afterall. I can’t work photo-editing miracles! 😛

I hope you are all getting festive yourselves! I may not be posting so much fascinating articles.
What can I say, it is a very busy time of year!
(My alter-ego isn’t Santa I promise!) 😛

I will keep up my daily posts, do not fear! 😀 I can imagine you are all just as busy as myself!

Till tomorrow!

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The Problem With Hamster Photography

It is fast become a routine where I base my posts on a photograph I have taken in the week of one of the hamsters. I try to take photos as much as I can because I never know what I will post about. and so having lots of nice, focused photographs makes writing a post for later in the week a hell of a lot easier.

I will be the first to admit however that hamsters are not the most photogenic creatures.

And how do you feel about that?

I like to think I have a very high standard of photograph on this blog. It needs to be focused, bright, vivid and all about the hamster.

Its what people want to when they visit this blog to cut the chase short.

So the problem with hamster photography really is they move quickly so its hard to focus and they rarely face the direction you want.
Basically they are the master of avoidance.

I, personally, hate my photo being taken – I don’t have that flawless pout perfected yet so I end up looking like a complete goof. BUT, I love having memories from nights out and days away, so I put up with my goof smile for the greater good of the memories.. Or just pull a stupid face (if I’m gunna look bad, I may as well go all out!)

Hamsters however don’t seem to have this “Ill have my picture taken for the greater good” mentality. And its unbelievably frustrating – especially when I am trying to visualise a blog over here!!

 I find that even the perfectly normal hamster-whisker twitches end up blurring all attempts at decent photography. It has also gotten to the stage where I need to take about 50 pictures in quick succession to even have a remote chance of getting that blissful picture I decide to use on my blog.

I did try using my actual proper camera for some photography, but it ended up being a lot of kerfuffle. And it was never actually handy when I wanted to take the picture.

I am sure all pet-owners will agree, them funny pet moments are fleeting times and rummaging around looking for a camera, switching it on, adjusting the flash settings and then actually lining up the shot ends up being ridiculously time consuming.

So how do you cope with animal photography??
Do you follow any tips when snapping your furry???
Have you got any advice for a struggling animal photographer???

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Feel The Love Campaign

After yesterdays post about how difficult I am finding it to cuddle my pets regularly and plentifully over the day, I realized how I was not alone. Infact I was far from it!

So many of you commented telling me about how you too struggle to manage the balance like me and I got some wonderful advice on how to “deal” with it.

Like, holding/snuggling even for a short amount of time once a day. That daily interaction is enough to keep your pets occupied and remind them that you haven’t forgotten them. We all like to be reassured some days – pets are like this too.

And knowing that I am not a bad person for not always finding the time to let them all run about in their exercise balls makes me feel slightly less guilty about my scheduling.  We are all human after all and sometimes an hour long cuddle and playtime is not practical.

I talk to them and stroke them if I don’t actually hold them. So I’m doing my best and giving it my all if nothing else.

Anyway, I have strayed off topic a bit here.
I want to put together a picture gallery.
A picture gallery of ALL the loved and adored creatures from the blogosphere!!

Please email me your favourite picture of your furry at and in the message part include the following.
If you could tell your pet ONE THING, that’ll they’ll understand and remember forever, what would it be?

I really need all your help for this one guys – it doesnt have to be much, just a sentence is perfect!
I just really want to do this post for all the loved animals, big and small 😀

Thanks 🙂

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Shadow and Silhouette Gallery

I think this turned out a lot trickier than I imagined. A fluke silhouette photo is all fine to se the challenge with, trying to do it again was a matter of its own! Super tricky! The shadow element of the challenge was slightly more achievable.
As promised here is the gallery of shadows and silhouettes 😀

Fine Art Photography by FORMISANO Francesco.

This is a stunning photograph of a cat emerging from the shadows. Its called ‘Into the light’ and is actually available to buy too from the artists Etsy Shop, just click on the photo to visit the shop. Its pretty impressive! 😀

These are apparently stray dogs (so the photo title claims) but the shadows in this piccy are just beautiful! I do love a bit of arty photography. This is exactly what I meant 😛

‘Max in the Sun’ by Mike Milton

This is from a pet photography tip site where one of the points of advice was to play around with light and shadows in photography. As you can see the result of such light-play can be dramatic as anything! I love this picture, really is one of my favourite shadowy photo’s here.

Boots – Sun and Shadow Photo Capture entered into a Best Pet Photo Contest

I LOVE the drama of this picture. It was entered in a photography contest and I hope it won becuase the colours and shadows add so much depth to the portrait. A real pretty kitty piccy! 😀

Hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful photos. Comment, follow and like 😀

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Silhouettes and Shadows

You remember that black and white gallery I did a while back now?? And how successful it was with lots of pictures of the blogosphere’s furries all looking dramatic and mysterious in black and white photos?!

Well I have a new photography challenge for you all. Camera’s at the ready folks!!

While holding Dexter the other night I held him up (all lion king style) and took a picture of him on my phone. The TV screen behind him was white at the time of the snap and so the picture came out a little different to how I was expecting.
Different but totally awesome…

It got me thinking… another gallery was in order!!!

So folks, in honour of the dark and shadowy November month coming – take your best silhouette or shadow of your pet and send it to my email – contact page here – with the subject line “Silhouettes and Shadows Gallery

Any creature, big or small, is welcome and I shall do the gallery on this SATURDAY (the 3rd) so make sure your pics are emailed to me before Friday midnight! 😀 Lets make this one a good’un!!

Good luck!!!

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BlogSHOUT: Hammy Happenings

I have to do another blogSHOUT, I just HAD to.
(Thinking this will become a feature too, for the hamster blogs I discover that is. A shout out in a bid to join together all the hamster bloggers out there!).

There will never be enough Hamster blogs, especially when they are all so AWESOME!
Hammy Happenings is a recently addition to the blogosphere, but not from a new blogger I might add.

Describing hamsters as a ‘childhood memory’ and a ‘therapeutic pet’ to have, I really cant recommend this blog enough.
In this blog, you will meet 4 of the most sweetest and photogenic hamsters you may very well ever come across. Strawberry, Snow, Patch and Bob are the hamsters who fill this blog with their antics and even though it has only just started up, it has already provided me with inspiration and impressed me beyond words! The pictures are stunning! Really stunning! It puts my photos to shame, I mean look how clear and BEAUTIFUL little Snow looks in this picture (right)!!

I cant help but practically melt in my seat due to the cuteness here! And its also not just about syrian hamsters which is a refreshing change form hamsterdiaries if you like 😀
And this is just one picture of the many on this blog! Talk about new heights in ‘AWWWW’-ing. I needed to take a really deep breath before clicking on the posts because I just had to ‘AWWWWWW’ and coo over the super-duper-adorable snaps!!

It is so lovely to see other hamster owners post and brag about their furries! ITS AWESOME!

So as a favour to me, and the hamsterdiaries ever growing hammy family, check out hammyhappenings. Follow it, like the posts, comment on the cuteness and share the hamster loveeee!!!

Bringing together hamster blogs is becoming a beautiful thing. Know another hamster blog or even write one yourself? Contact me if you want a blogSHOUT. 😀

Go on check it out, you know you are dying to see the cuties!



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