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Are Chew Sticks Good For Hamster Teeth?

Hamsters are part of the rodent family and that means they have a set of mean gnashers!

Now hamster teeth will grow constantly just like our hair or our nails. This means they NEED things to chew to wear them down and keep them healthy. Everything needs a little TLC now and then!

So just for all you hamster lovers out there, here is hammy-dentistry 101.

This is a picture of Caspers not-so-pearly whites teeth.Hamster Teeth
Please be aware I know how uncomfortable and unnatural he looks in this position but its just for a few seconds at a time and its how vets examine their teeth safely. Its a little uncomfortable for them to have their teeth shown but its not painful or bad for them in anyway. If you’ve ever seen a hamster yawn youll know how wide they can really get their mouths! (Ill have to try capture a yawn for you to see)

The colour is actually healthy for a hamster.If any humans teeth were this colour, you’d be sure to get some whitening on that right away! But for hamsters, the yellower the better! I am not exactly sure why this is but their vet assured me I didnt need to rush out and find hamster toothbrushes anytime soon as white teeth can be a sign of ill-health.

As you can see, they have two front shorter teeth along the top jaw and two elongated teeth along the bottom. What you cant see from this picture, is the rows of little ‘molars’ toward the back of their mouths. So they dont just have 4 teeth I promise.
If youve ever seen your hamster chew their cage bars, youll notice they are actually using these molars not their front teeth.

chew sticks for hamstersLike I said at the start, hamster teeth constantly grow and so need to be worn down. This means your hamsters need chewtoys and dried foods to ensure this process happens.

This brings me neatly onto chew sticks.
Chew sticks are perfect to keep your hamsters teeth in ship-shape as well as being yummy and keeping them happy and fed.

You can get chew sticks in packs of two for just a few quid. I get my chewsticks from Pets at Home for £2.50. It lasts a whole week or even two sometimes and subsequently never had any issues with their oral health.
I am in the UK and I am not so clued up with products further afield so if you are from another country, please feel free to recommend any chew products you use in the comment section below!

Dexter doesnt always keep his chew stick hung up to the top bars of his cage but he demolishes it all the same!!

Pets at Home Fruit Chew SticksTheir favourite chew sticks are the honey ones so I’m guessing they have a sweet tooth just like their owner! But the ones they actually have at the moment are fruit ones. They love them equally as they always get stripped right down to the wooden centre! Definitely recommend these! 😀

If you are seriously worried about your hamsters teeth, take a quick visit to the vets. And if you dont give your furries anything to chew on then get shopping! Not having chew toys will only encourage them to gnaw the bars of their cage so give them something new to chew??

Till tomorrow folks!

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Christmas Presents For Your Hamster

Humans aren’t the only creatures that love to be spoilt on Christmas!
Hamsters want in on the action too!!!

Over the next week I will be posting ideas for a personal and home-made hamster stocking – perfect for your loved small furries!
But in the mean time, here are the quick fixes that will cost you a few bob.
So if you don’t necessarily have the time to make your own hammy-stoking you can at least have an idea of what to buy them!

Pets at Home do a very cute Christmas-y range of the following:

Pets at Home StockingThis is the stocking they roll out for small furries annually. It is a collection of choccy drop treats, fruity shapes and chew toys. What more could a hamster ask for?! Its easy and quick to buy for your loved furry and so is practically the complete gift on a small money budget and time scale. At £3.50 each, I could get all three of mine one! 😀

Christmas dinner for your hams? why not!

Thought Christmas dinners were a human tradition??
Think again!
These cute, dainty shaped chew toys are perfect to include your furries in on the festivities. How awesome is that little turkey?! Also for just £2.00 they are definitely worth it – theyll last at least a week or two and you have 4 to use up! As far as cute gimmicks go, this is right up there in the top 5 😀

 Or how about a festive garland?!

And if a miniture hamster crimbo dinner wasnt enough – how about a bit of cage decoration. This santa garland hangs off the cage bars and creates a chew toy for the ham as well as a little colour to the cage! It is the tinsel of the hamster-world! Okay, so after Decemeber it may not be quite the most perfect cage decoration but as a little treat it would be worth the £4.00.

So these are the quick purchases you could make for your hamster this Christmas – keep tuned if you want to see some homemade gift idea’s too! 😀
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Apple Strudel Biscuit Review

I have found the mother of all hamster treats.
The hamster treat to rule all hamster treats.
Its the hamster equivalent to KFC’s popcorn chicken for us humans *drools*…

Anyway what is this godly feast for the small furries?
Apple Strudel Biscuits.
You read that correctly, APPLE STRUDEL BISCUITS.

These hamsters get fed better than me I swear! 

Anyways here is the packaging, almost empty as I wasn’t quite prepared for the love explosion around them 😛
FIRST of all, brownie points for the whole concept. Hamster aren’t all into the routine nut and honey treat thing. They must get sick of that stereotype. And someone has finally thought up of APPLE STRUDEL BISCUITS for hamsters?! Holy moly, thats cool! No wonder they chomped them down quicker than anything Ive seen !!!

They are from Pets At Home and are very reasonably priced (less than £2.00) and even sometimes on 3 for 2 offers so picking up lots of treats is cheaper than ever!

They are quite big things these biscuits so for the price you definitely get your moneys worth. They are very cute looking and look very appetising — and thats coming from me! They consist of a biscuity shell and have a bright green appley centre. Its all dried out so packs a real crunch, and must be incredibley tasty because all three hamsters go banana’s apple’s for them!

I have photos and videos of Casper and Dexter to show you, but I have to put the spot light on Dexter today because he just provided many giggles yesterday when chowing down on one of these biscuits.

He was perched on my boyfriends arm, making a lot of mess, nibbling away on one of these tasty apple strudel delights.

So as you can see from the picture above, these biscuits are a two-paw job, so quite large for a treat. Hey, I’m not complaining! They all do enough running about to burn off the fat from treats 😛

So yes, Dexter was claiming his treat and not letting go for ANYONE! He instantly sunk his teeth into them and boy oh boy, he didnt stop till it was all gone (by all gone, I mean all stuffed into his cheek for midnight nibbles) ;D

And so the scoffing begins.

I also took a video. It takes me a while to edit all my videos together, Im very fussy with that kind of thing, but this one didn’t need toughing at all to be honest. This is a video of Dexter literally scoffing this treat into his cheeks.

Its super cute and I’d love it if you’d all watch it. Its about a minute and a half and seriously, watch it to the end – this hamster manages to stuff the whole treat in his face and looks just hilarious with a lumpy cheek! No prizes for hiding the treat though Dexter, we all can see it!

Apologies for the cheesey music. I wanted something foody (foody music was a big ask) and my brain just failed me at the last hurdle.

So back to the treats themselves.

They are tasty, affordable, decent sized, appealing to look at and just all round the perfect hammy treat. I genuinely can’t think of any negatives!!! I will post Casper’s reaction to the treat in the next few days, I have a video for him too!!! 😀

Have a great Friday everyone!!! 😀

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Woodlands Carrot Shape Vegetable Treat Review

Now I have actually found a worthwhile treat. No more rubbish chew books, oh no!
Woodlands‘ seems to be a growing brand at my local pet shop. They seem to go for the ‘natural and healthy toys and treats’ angle for your pets. They make cottages, houses, treats, chew toys, nibbles and even bridges all in this rustic look.

I have noticed more and more products with this brand and thought I would see what the fuss is about.

I bought the Carrot Shape Vegetable Treat – not the most original name ever but it does what it says on the tin!

First impressions?
It looks great!
The packaging is simple and very eye-catching and really emphasises that natural and healthy aspect of the product.
Ohhh I feel all Dragons Den! ;P

Its also a very reasonable size – it dwarfs Dexter in comparison! It looks the part for sure. And the little seedy things all over it, I know for a fact that my hammy’s LOVE it. Basically, buying this isn’t a punt, its not a risky buy – its pretty much a sure fire winner for my hams!

And judging by the size, this treat is not exactly going to be munched through overnight! So its like an investment as well as a treat for the hamsters! Kind of 😉

Now perfectly, they were on offer; 3 for £3 which as they were £1-something-or-rather individually meant I could make a little saving too! Bargain right?! And of course I would need three for my 3 munchers!

I put the treats in their cage and almost within an instant, they were being sniffed and licked and dragged to their nests – very cute when the carrots are the same length of the hammys themselves!

Here is Casper, suspiciously licking the carrot. You can gauge the size of the carrot treat here – a generous portion for a treat don’t you think?

It doesnt even fit in his bowl! Very tempting right Cas 😉

So far so good – much better than the bedtime book chew toys 😀

There weren’t just carrot shaped treats. There was a choice of a carrot, a heart and stars which means you could spoil your pet in a choice of ways! I would have gotten one of each, as they are all included on the offer, but decided that I liked the carrot ones the best so just got three of them! 😛

Even the ever fussy Dexter liked the treat shape. It only lasted for a matter of minutes in his bowl, as he attempted to drag it to his nest. It was very sweet as it was too heavy and big and so became a bit of a kerfuffle, getting wedged underneath the ledge and his flying saucer. Silly Billy!

This is the only photo I could get before his taste of the Woodlands carrot got too much to handle and he had to have it in his nest before a greedy human took it out! I would never steal it, I swear! But Dexter doesn’t believe me, he is such a paranoid furry! 😉 hehehe.

So basically here is my little factfile for you…

Name: Carrot Shape Vegetable Treat
Brand: Woodlands
Price: £1.19 individually
Offer: 3 for £3
Available from: Pets at Home
Overall Look: 10/10, looks very quaint and appealing!
Value for money? For the size and whilst its on offer, yes. Great value!
Rating: 9/10, hard to fault!
Recommend: Yes, definitely!

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What NOT To Spend £1.99 On.

Now I love my hamsters and I love to treat them every now and then. I feel even more compelled to do so seeing as I had a LUSH sunny holiday whilst my hammys were stuck in dreary ol’ England. Swings and Roundabouts eh! 😉

Anyway on my latest trip to Pets at Home I scoured the shelves for something new and interesting. Something my hamsters will think ‘ohhh she is just the coolest owner!’ for. You know the drill with pets. They get in your head, with their cute fluttering eyes and their little squeaky voices…. Just me??!

Anyway I came across ‘Bedtime Books’ the chew toy for small furries. They are basically little hamster-sized books that are ‘100% edible for small pets!’ So far so good, I have small pets that could do with hamster-sized books! Durrr, who doesn’t! ;D
Dont they look dainty! I know what you are thinking… why ‘Hamster Times‘ ?? Why not ‘Hammy Potter‘?? Ill tell you why.
Coz they dont have a hamster-mad creative looney on their production team clearly!!!
(psst… it took me like 20 minutes thinking of that pun. Enjoy it people. Enjoy it.)

So. This product cost me a whopping £1.99. Almost broke the bank I tell yah. And I am making such a huge point of the price because in all honesty, what have I actually paid for here. I have paid for an orange piece of cardboard to cover a few sheets of coloured paper. Think ‘post-it not style’ coloured paper. 

I freely admit, I am an insanely impulsive person. And when I saw them miniature books on the shelf I thought ‘awww who would want to see a hamster read a book!’ Well I certainly wanted to see it! Even if it did have a terrible title.. *Hamster Times pffff*.. I wanted to see my hamsters pretend to read! WHO WOULDNT!

And to cut a short story even shorter, none of the hamsters have shown a fleck of interest to the books. Not a lick! Nothing! They too realise that they are lame and disappointing and are very probably cringing at me for putting their supposed ‘treat’ in their cages.
I could make better with the scraps of paper and card laying about anyway. At least I wouldn’t have spent a poxy £2.00 on that to be ignored.

My verdict, don’t waste your pennies folks. Your small furries would love a honey-nut chew stick to nibble – tasty, long-lasting and the same price as this rejected post-it note book thing.

I may very well take it out of their cages. Its just cluttering up the place. I could use it to scribble down really short shopping lists..

Got a decent chew toy?? What is it? Value for money? Let me know, comment below! 😀 


Also a little reminder I have stocked up the Etsy shop so if you want your own custom-made pet shoulder bag get in touch! All the details are on the blog, click here, or just go straight to my online shop to check it all out:  You can still get 20% off your order, exclusive for Hamster Diary readers with the code: hamsterdiaries20

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Meet Casper

You know that empty cage I had laying around after the baby tragedy? You know I said I was going to get one last hamster to fill it as a tribute?
Wellllllllll, I am ecstatic to introduce the newest member of the family to all my wonderful readers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Casper.

He is approximately 8 weeks old and pure white! There is not a fleck of another colour on his body – he is pure snow!
He needs to be the new face of some kind of toilet paper I swear he is so unbelievably soft too!

Now I know I said about getting a rescue hamster or an abandoned ham of some kind well after a week of searching high and low everywhere within a 20 mile radius of my home, I was still coming up with nothing and I was beginning to get impatient – a character flaw I apologise. So I made a few phone calls to the local pet stores to see if they had any syrians for adoption or any that just weren’t selling.
On my third phone call, a Pets at Home, not my local one, had a little boy hamster they were keeping out back for some reason. They said if I wanted to go and have a look at him, I was welcome to. So off I went and eventually ended up at the store.

They brought him out from the depths of the ‘out back’ and I squealed so loud in the shop assistants face, I startled both the hamster and the poor guy holding him! This hamster was BEAUTIFUL!
From that millisecond on, I knew my little hamster family was complete. Casper was mine.

And here we are! I dont regret my decision, Casper is a stunning hamster and has already been made to feel at home with me instead of in a box out the back of a pet store!!

I am quiet happy now with my lil brood. No more hamsters for the time being, I have my hands full now! And noone needs to worry that having three means they wont get much attention. I can assure you, I annoy these hamsters with how much I play with them! They each must get well over an hour a day of play time! (I hold them and multitask or just let them run about on my bed or in their ball – its a perfect balance)

I can proudly admit crazy cat ladies have nothing on me. My wee collection of hamsters has grown VERY quickly. I know I wont be getting any more anytime soon, I have no room for them :P, but thats no the point. I am very much in LOVE with my furry babies! They are so cute and playful and I wouldn’t want to go without them!

Why do hamsters have such addictive little personalities?!

So what do you guys think of Casper?
Do you like his white fur coat?

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What to think about BEFORE you breed hamsters

I am DESPERATE to breed Dexter and Eve together.
I cant wait to get little baby hamsters!

So why haven’t I done it already?
There’s a surprising amount of organising to do before you even let two hamsters in together.

Do you have buyers for the offspring?

Big pet shops (Petco, Pets at Home, PetSmart.. etc) rarely take in baby hamsters – even if you bourght the hamster already pregnant from them! They don’t need to take in hamsters because they have certified suppliers and wouldnt have the space or control to take in every person off of the streets baby hamsters!
So you need to organise buyers for your babies.
Hamster give birth to BIG litters with up to 20 little babies but the average being around 8. You need to at least organise 6-8 buyers prior to breeding this way you wont be stuck with potentionally 20 baby hamsters!
(If your hamster has less, then you’ll still be fine and if you have buyers left over without hamsters then you are capable of breeding them again.)

Syrian hamsters are pregnant for around 16 days and start to show after the first week or so. After the 16 day pregnancy, they have to remain with the mother for between 3-4 weeks before being able to separate. So make sure you consider these time restrains when arranging buyers too!

The best way to sell hamsters is to advertise (I will be doing an entire post about this aspect of breeding in the next week or so)!
Ask friends, ask family, ask friends of friends – you get the idea! Post on Facebook or Twitter advertising your litter! If all else fails some privately owned pet shops may consider taking a hamster or two off of your hands but do not rely on them. However if you find yourself with a hamster going spare its worth ringing around the local ones in your area to see if they are willing to help out.

There are online forums which allow local pet sales which are always worth trying. Although I read a tip on one site saying that you should always check the price of “snake live feed” before pricing your hamsters because some people will buy baby rodents to feed to their snakes! Kind of cruel I know – so just be aware that this happens!

Pet shelters are another option however are usually up to their eyeballs in rodents so you cant guarantee that they’ll all be re-homed very quickly at all.
Basically sort a handful of buyers out BEFORE you breed so you dont have to worry about it later on!

Do you have a neutral territory for the hamsters to breed in?

I read on some online forums that putting the female in the males cage was an option for breeding however I disagree. Males are territorial and if the female is not in the mood or the male is having a bad day then there could be a fight and inside a cage isnt the most accessible place to seperate fighting hamsters.

I suggest a neutral territory to let the hamsters mingle in. This was there is no territorial defending and is much less stressful for both hamsters involved.
I know I have slated the “Indoor/Outdoor Playpen” before for being useless at containing hamsters, but for this situation it is perfect.  It has an open top so easy access if things don’t go to plan and theres plenty of space for two hamsters.

Do you have supplies for when babies are born? Do you know what care they need?

 Having extra food and bedding and even extra cages must be prepared before the birth of any babies!
Extra bedding should take priority because mummy hamsters love to build nests when pregnant. [Placing strips of toilet roll into the females cage means that they can create a soft cosy place to give birth to her babies!]

I will do a further post in the future about the kind of care that baby hamsters need but all you need to know BEFORE you even consider breeding is that extra things will be needed and LOTS of research into the topic (make sure you follow the blog if this is something you are considering!)

And my tip top piece of advice before considering breeding your hamsters: Research!
It is key to breeding hamsters because stressed out mummy hamsters eat and cull their babies when things aren’t perfect!

So make sure you follow the blog for further posts and to keep track of my own journey toward breeding my hamsters! There is a little box on the left hand side of this page near the top. Look for it and you shall see 😛
To my fellow bloggers, hope you’re as excited as me to the prospect of breeding Dexter and Eve!

And if any UK residents would be interested in having a baby hamster off of me (once ive bred Dexter and Eve) then let me know via email or just comment below and I’ll get back to you 😛


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Re-inventing the wheel

What does every hamster need in its cage?
A wheel of course!

It gives all small rodents the opportunity to exercise in its cage as well as keep its owners awake at night with the monotonous patter of ickle paws on plastic!

As Dexter is proving in this picture, the exercise wheels provided in some cages are not sometimes up to scratch!
The cage I have for both of my hamsters, is the basic starter kit offered in most pet stores.
It consists of a plastic base, a plastic food bowl, a bottle, a wheel and a bog-standard house. (It also comes with free sawdust, bedding, food etc. if bought at Pets at Home)

The wheel in this cage has several flaws:

  • Its too small for a full-sized Syrian hamster – Dexter didn’t fit in the wheel without practically folding himself in half the wrong way! Definitely not a comfy fit!
  • It is too stiff. So stiff that Eve, who is a lightweight little hamster, cant even turn it despite being pushed up against one side of it. How can I expect her to run in it when it doesnt move for her?! Even podgy Dexter over there can sit on it without it rolling!
  • Its not held high enough off of the base. I understand this can be adjusted if you look close enough but even so, when its held onto a flimsy plastic post a heavy hamster has no trouble bending the plastic when sat in it so that it scrapes the base floor.

So, after a restless hamster made it obvious he needed something to stimulate him, we bought a ‘stand-alone’ wheel.

This is from the same company who made the completely pants ‘indoor/outdoor playpen’ ( so I cant say I had high hopes.

The wheel itself was £9.99 (rather EXPENSIVE for what it is but one of the only options available). It can be fixed to a wire cage if you so please, but works particularly well on its metal free-stander-thingy-ma-jiggy.

It solves all of the problems I had with the original wheel!!!
It moves with the lightest touch (ideal for lightweight hamsters), it is held at the perfect height above the base and is considerably larger so fits full-grown rodents like Dexter in.

It even has a flashing rudolph-nose thing in the middle which lights up when the wheel is spun – neat eh!!
Fabulously entertaining when showing off the hamster to guests; slightly annoying however when the entire room lights up at 3am because the hamster decides to go for a quick run!

So we have ended up taking out the original plastic wheel and put in its place the new flashy awesome wheel.
He didn’t stop running on it for at least 3 hours… Making up for lost time perhaps?
And when I say ‘running’ I mean sprinting. His legs move so quick they are a mere blur beneath him. Kinda impressive for a furry thing.

Im secretly hoping that this new wheel will help trim Dexters tubby tum in as hes gotten a wee bit chubby over the last couple of weeks – we’ve been indulging him, guilty.

As its quite an expensive purchase, Eve will have a wait till payday to get her flashy new wheel.
In the meantime, I have a new video for you all to view of Dexter in his flash new wheel.

I know a few readers have the same cage
so what do you guys think of the wheel provided?
Have you got new ones or are your pets happy with the original wheel??


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New Toy = Happy Hamster!

So as every hamster owner will know, they need plenty of stimulation and lots of toys to play with!

There are so many varieties of toys to choose from so for the time being I decided to go for the simplest – a tunnel!
And it has been a massive success.

The tube is approximately 7 inches long and is very sturdy. Its green and orange striped and is perfect for chewing, nibbling, playing in and hiding in – an all-round win! I got it from Pets at Home for £1.79  and is made from a safe vegetable parchment.

Dexter has been rolling around, scurrying in and out and even rolling upside down in it non stop! He absolutely loves it! There are still many toys to try out but I have to admit sometimes I think the simplest toys are the best for little hamsters. 🙂

Tunnels are especially exciting for hamsters as in nature, they bury and tunnel in the ground. This wild instinct that the hamsters have is still present in the domesticated varieties which makes tunnels very reassuring for little hamsters!

It also is a very long-lasting toy that needs virtually no upkeep. Benefits of this tunnel are:

  • they can be nibbled which keep their gnashers in shape
  • they are super fun for hiding in and can even become a favourite nesting spot
  • when shredded the tunnel can be put into bedding for an even cosier nest

As you can see from the photos, Dexter loves his tunnel!

Remember to like, comment or follow for regular updates on Dexter 🙂 

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