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HMRR: Cookie The Hyper Hamster

Hello again people !!!

I do hope I did not bore you with my last 3 posts. I hope you enjoyed reading and want to read more about little Cookie, just as I love reading all your posts!

So, I was having a read up about all the things hamsters could and couldn’t eat, I read you could give seedless apple, so whilst I was nibbling away on some apple, I bit a corner off and held it to her cage.
Here comes the funny part!!!APPLE APPLE APPLE - GIMME!

Next thing I know, she’s going insane!
Since I had her she’s never ran at this speed, she was climbing, hanging from the cage upside down,  she didn’t rest for 3 hours… Cookie Monster was hyper!

After a while of her escapades, including falling on her face numerous time and looking a bit dazed, I put her in her little ball that she rolls across the floor in.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the speed and how often she would run into a doorframe…….this is the point where I’m glad hamsters can’t drive cars! Oh, what a thought, hey!?

Has your hamster ever gone a bit insane and driven a car or got hyper off some food they’ve eaten ???

Let us all have a giggle at the escapades of the hammys in your life, look forward to reading it all!!

Cookie and Hayley

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Hamster Treat Recipe #3: Hamster Pasta

Pasta?! Hamster Pasta?!I let Banjo run amok on my worktops the other day in yet another desperate attempt to capture some non-blurry photos.. It didnt quite go as planned.
Turns out he has a fascination with PASTA?!
Well the picture of pasta at least.
I’m not sure quite how well the real thing would go down but now the less this seemed to capture his attention for long enough (just)!

Well after a little bit of interweb research, turns out pasta and hamsters in the same sentence is not uncommon. This is a REAL thing.
Lucy the Hamster eating pastaThis photo is of Lucy the hamster tucking into an adorable spaghetti meal for 1 :’)
It is beyond adorable if you ask me!

Well after the success of the hamster pizza, I thought it only seemed right to go one step further in this culinary adventure and make Banjo a little pasta dish just like Lucy 😀

It doesnt take as much step-by-step guidance on this one. I cooked some noodles up, let them cool and then added some Pasta for Hamsters! :D baby corn and some raspberry for the sweetness (I would have used tomatoes but I didnt have any in my fridge – and seeing as homemade treats are all about making use of what you have, there was no need to trek to the shops just for Banjo’s treat!)

It went down juuuuust as fabulous as the hamster pizza 😀

He loved every little lick and mouthful!
There is something very satisfying about making food for hamsters which looks like human food! 😀 I think I am becoming a little crazy with this. I keep thinking up entire menus for him… Never had such a spoilt ham ;D

I really recommend getting creative with your hamster treats too. The stuff in shops is all well and good and easy too – I get it. But using the left over Hamster pastafresh stuff you have laying about is a neat little way to keep you hamster interested and engaged. 🙂

Plus its pretty satisfying when you see your hard work devouring in front of your eyes! 😀 As long as you’re careful with your ingredients using only hamster safe foods, you can literally go to town on your rodent-menu 😀

If you fancy showing off any of your own hamster culinary delights, feel free to email me snaps to or you can post it to the HamsterDiaries Facebook page for yourself. Or if you have any rodent-recipes of your own, let me know and I’ll try them out for little Joey 😀

Love love love!

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Mister Anti-Social Pants!

Nibble Nibble :DBanjo has been very quiet so and so recently. He hides in his bed until all the lights are out and then slowly crawls out to explore. Then he will run and run and run until the sun comes up and I draw back the curtains.
He is an all-night marathon runner!

I know hamsters are nocturnal but Banjo really does take the biscuit with it. I want cuddles little man!!! But I don’t want to wake you up ;(

I’m sure he does it to tease me. If I sneak out when he is already running he just sits and lets me pick him up. I think its more stunned silence rather than wanting snuggles too but I’ll take what I can get !

Anyways because of mister antisocial pants over there, it means that getting pictures of him is getting more and more tricky.
So I am recycling some of the pics I managed to get of him from the pizza day. It was the only time he sat still for more than 2 seconds… Maybe that is a hint hint I should make him more delicious treats.. Maybe he is holding me to photography-ransom with the payment of homemade treats…. Hmmmmm you may have got me here little mister.

Sorry for the rant and rave. I needed it off my chest and I thought little Banjo needed some face time on the blog.
Facebook DOMINATION here we come ;D Hope you all have a fabulous weekend 😀

Oh and if you havent seen already – we made 1000 likes on Facebook. YAYAYA!
So I will reward all those likers with exclusive hammy updates and whatnot as a thank you for your support 😀


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Banjo The Athlete

They say never work with children or animals. And I can totally understand why!
They’re unpredictable, they don’t sit still and they can’t be trusted not to pee on the carpet!

Well the difficulty I am having with Banjo is becoming very apparent.. the little tinker just will not sit still!
It’s like he has ants in his hammy pants because he just won’t paws pause for long enough!

The only way I can get around this at the moment is to use video.. So for every non-blurry photo there will be 100 videos.. He is not sucha diva like the furries I’ve had before!

You thought I as joking when I said he doesnt sit still! CHECK OUT THAT WADDLE!

He has this exercise thing perfected to a tee! And I might add, his navigation of my hall way is nothing less than impressive! Clever Banjo 🙂


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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

Hamsters are very curious creatures. They like to sniff and bite everything and anything, especially if its new and exciting!

Banjo is no different!

In an attempt to make him more comfortable in my presence, after the squealing fiasco I showed you yesterday, I kept his cage by my bedside. Nosey little Joey!! :D I figured that if I could talk to him and keep him close by, he would get used to me a little quicker and hopefully encourage the taming process to move on a few steps.

Well I can safely say it helped!
I captured the little fellas curiosity completely.

I stopped talking for a few moments and noticed that the cage had fallen silent.
Worried, I took a look across to check whether he had just got bored, but to my surprise I saw a cheeky little face peering over the side of the cage… watching me… the little creep!! 😀

Now I should probably apologize for the sticker on the cage…
This used to be Casper’s cage, who as we know was very blooming special! 😀

Anyway after a very intense staring contest, Banjo gave in and scurried off to the depths of his cage.
I like to think of this as a little bonding win!!

Either that or I have a peeping Tom of a hamster!!

Any other furries have a weird and wonderful habit?! Staring contests? C’mon, it can’t just be Joey!!

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To continue the Casper themed remembrance posts, I have put together a little video with all my favourite beautiful photographs.
It will probably mean very little to the big wide world but I think it wouldn’t be right to not share it with you.

I shall put one together for little Dexter soon too.

So tomorrow will be my 300th HamsterDiaries post (wowzers!) so I am going to celebrate it in style with a BIG announcement I’ve been hinting about for a few days now…
Tune in tomorrow folks, follow the blog so you dont miss a thing! You don’t even have to have a WordPress account just check out the box on the left hand toolbar. Hamstery goodness delivered straight to your inbox – what more could you want!


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Pinch Punch, First Of The Month!

I cannot believe it is July already! Where has the time gone!!! It seems to be slipping away so blooming quickly!
The hamsters are in the full swing of summer now. Keeping them hydrated with juicy treats and being kept in cool areas of my little flat 😛

Casper has even mastered the sunbathers pose of choice!

Daydreaming hamster

He looks a little uncomfy there but he was a little stunned for some reason. He just stopped and stared into the abyss for a good few minutes! I think he was just in total calmness!
I find myself slipping into that daydream state at work quite often to be honest with you but shhhh dont tell my boss! 😀

I have a few posts lined up for July already, so hopefully I can keep posting daily throughout the month despite a lot of commitments. But I am working my little socks off to keep you updated and entertained with hamster-y goodness!

Thank you to all of you that are following HamsterDiaries! It always put s a smile on my face seeing a new reader following and I am loving checking out your blogs too! Opening my eyes to a whole range of blogging topics! 😀
Lots of hamstery love!


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Anyone For Coffee?

What do I do when my hands are full of a sleepy Casper and the doorbell goes?
Well I put him in the nearest container and go answer the door of course. I trust Casper to behave for 30 seconds yasee.

O this particular occasipn, I had just emptied out some coffee sachets (*cough* lazy madam *cough*) into the coffee tin and so Cas was going to have to sit in there.

A normal coffee box you may suspect...

I wouldnt recommend putting all pets in boxes while you multitask. I just can judge Caspers mood and i could tell straight away there wasn’t going to be any fuss from him sitting in there for a minute.

And I wasn’t wrong ladies and gents.
I came back to check on him and as predictable as ever, Casper had curled up in the tight confines of the box and had dozed peacefully off.
SUCHA CUTIE! I am going to have to see if there is anywhere this hamster WONT sleep 😛

Hello in there! :D

The excitingness of a new home and new smells and sounds must be making him sleepier than usual ;P
Anyway, I hope this adorable little guy has made you awwww 🙂

Till tomorrow folks, lots of loveee xx

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Short & Sweet

Peek-a-boo!Its fair to say most critters, big or small, can be tricky to photograph even at the best of times. And some days the hamsters are very uncooperative.
Even Casper.

So all I managed to get was this cheeky little picture.
Half hiding, half snooping.

I am trying desperately to post more about Dexter but he is an illusive being. And incredibly frustrating when it comes to pictures.

Soooo just a short little post for you today folks.
Tiz a busy day for me! Oh and don’t forget, I have a Facebook page you can like 🙂 The button is over there on the left hand sidebar xx

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Sofa, So Good ;)

Did you see what I did there? ^^^^ hahahahaha. Okay enough of the naff puns already!! 😀

So very recently I purchased a brand new sofa – YAY ME!
I hate how much it cost but I’m very glad its mine all mine now!
More to the point, I’m going to make this new sofa last as long as I bloomin’ well can because I’m not buying another one in a hurry!

This has lead to one very serious rule…

The sofa is a no hamster zone! its official!

And yes that really is my lovely new sofa (just in its showroom home, not in mine yet)
Them hamsters will be mighty lucky if they get to step paw on it. With their lack of bladder control, I reckon I’d only have to show them a cushion and they’ll wee all over me! :p

I am sure over time, I will trust them for little journeys on NEW and IMPROVED sofa land, however that day is not today!!

I can assure you I shalyour hamster fix :Pl not be cutting a hole in the bottom of this sofa if any sneaky hamsters climb down the back! They’d  have to live there. I’d put food down there and the odd carrot stick but I will not be slicing open the bottom!!

Apologies this post is not very hamsterific
I’m crazy busy and trying to take decent pictures of the hamsters takes up a surprising amount of time! 😛

I have had to go through the last few months worth to pick out ones I havent used yet or that made the back-up pile.
I don’t want you to be without a cutiepie picture to gawp at!

SO remember that curly kale post… well this is a picture that didnt make the cut. Because he was pulling the ‘dramatic stare into the distance’ pose.. which I didnt think was as cute as the one i actually ended up posting.
But he is still a cutie… and it made the cut today. 🙂

So there you have it. New sofa. Finding time is a struggle as always… and thats you guys updated!! 🙂 

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