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HMRR: A Day In The Life Of A Cookie Monster

Hello to all the peeps of the hamster world!!

My name is Hayley, I’m 22, I have just finished college and am now looking to find what I should do next.
CookieI have a tiny little creature, a hamster, might I add, whom is the sole reason that I am writing this blog post.

Her name is Cookie, she is my little Munchkin and my Cookie Monster!!
Mad names, maybe, but I’m sure anyone who has a pet knows that you don’t always call them by their given name!

Cookie; she is the only hamster or small pet I have ever had, yet
she is the most friendly little thing there is!
She is so careful when taking food from you…unless the food is your nails, then she loves to eat them.

She is named Cookie after her lovely colouring.

Cookie came from an abandoned house. Her family had left her for dead in her cage and when found, she was still so friendly, so when I found out, I decided to take her in and she has been the most lovely little Cookie!
Oh, how I wish I could have more……

Posting again soon!

Hayley & Cookie

Thank you to Hayley and the beautiful little Cookie for this awesome first blog post! We are looking forward to reading more from Cookie too – let us know in the comments below what you make of our newest furry face to HamsterDiaries 😀 

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Ladies & Gents, I Give You BANJO!

Today is the BIG reveal!
Granted this isnt gunna be such a huge drama like the Eastenders Live week but I can try and make this as big!

HamsterDiaries wouldn’t quite be a diary about hamsters if I didn’t have a hamster.
So I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous lil Banjo 🙂

Banjo the HamsterHe is a black and white banded Syrian hamster.
And I call him Joey for short 🙂

As I have just moved into my own home, I wanted a little fuss-free companion. Banjo was waiting in the shop, all cute and adorable! I’d have taken them all home with me to be honest but this inquisitive little face got me from the get go.

I have had him for a few months now and the taming process has been a nightmare. I have never struggled with a hammy quite as much as I have done with little Joey. He is a scaredy-ham!
This is going to make it very difficult to blog about as I can barely get a picture of him !

But alas, I hope he gives me as many wonderful adventures and stories as Eve, Dexter and Cas did!

Say hi to Banjo everybody! 😀

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