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HMRR: A Hamster’s Life

Hello people !

Today, I thought I would write up a bit more of little Cookies history and more about her!

Be prepared for upset, happiness and a couple of bad times

So, Cookie was given to me by an old family friend. She was left in a house when her family moved out. She was left behind and we are unsure how long she was by herself. She was found in a cage with little food and little water, so it was suspected she went back to life saving burying and eating very little.

She got given to a woman who had to find a home for her; now there was 2 options, me or a woman who had a girl that was 6, but was scared of hamsters…
She thought her daughter could deal with it.
We all thought different!
cookie1 If the child got bored and the mother wouldn’t go near her…how would that end up? Don’t even want to think about it…..

So, she ended up with me! YAY!
I went out and bought her everything she would need, I spoilt her rotten, it was awesome……and expensive!! But I got home, put all her bedding in, put her house in, and some food and a water bottle.

Half an hour later a woman arrived with a bag of goodies and a little brown carry box. When this little hamster came out I was so shocked by her colouring, her tiny toes and the cute nose…I put her in her cage and left her get on with settling in. Names…yes…names, it took 2 days and a lot if randomly shouting a name before I called her Cookie.

The name was because of her colouring, she is such a friendly little munchkin and as silly as it sounds…now, I would be lost without my little Cookie Monster.

So far she has cracked a leg, it healed awkwardly but she has never been in pain and has never stopped being a spider hamster and then falling on her face J she has been seriously ill in the heat, she never makes noise yet she was crying uncontrollably. ..which in turn made me cry.

Name: Cookie , Age: unknown , Colour: a mix of black, white, grey and tiny pink nose and toes.

She is toilet trained, she will never do it if she is out of her cage, ever.

She loves climbing all over you, including your face….which I found out the other day….that was awkward. She loves everyone and never bites unless ill or very…..verrryyyy grumpy 😀

Never sits still…loves escaping….being upside down and trying to jump from insane heights, I swear, I have a heart attack each time…

So, all in all…I think Cookie started out with a nice life, then it got bad…then it got to the point that she was so spoilt she didn’t know what to do with all the things, though I’m glad she came to me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading about Cookie,

In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

Cookie and Hayley

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Happy Mothers Day

Dear Mum,

I know you read my blog and I know you’re my number one fan, so I thought what better way to say Happy Mothers Day, again, is to brag about how fabulous you are on the world wide web for thousands of people to read 🙂 Hope you’re blushing already 😉

You are always always always there for me when I need help making sense of my bills to when I’m running low on dinner supplies. Nothing is ever too much hassle and for that I will always be grateful 🙂 You celebrate my successes, big and little. And that means more to me than you’ll ever know ❤

I know I have caused you plenty of headaches in the past but I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you. I am the LUCKIEST person on the planet to have a mum as wonderful as you.

You love all my weird and wonderful quirks – proving that motherly love really is unconditional! I mean, I write about hamsters every day, not sure you can get much more loopy! 😉 Oh and I won’t even mention my obsession with mint sauce 😉

Whenever I feel poorly, I come and stay and you bring me soup and chocolate in bed. Its nice to be looked after like that even though I’m all grown up (well at least pretending to be) 😛

You know exactly what I like and don’t like. Whether its when I come for dinner and I get round carrots not baton carrots haha or when you go past New Look and spot a top or dress I will just love. It doesn’t have to be big, I always appreciate being in your thoughts 🙂

And as much as I try to cook lunches as well as you, I dont think I will EVER quite get there.

You are amazingly fabulous and I love love love LOVE you to bits! 😀 Thank you for supporting me and for being the worlds bestest 🙂

Lots and lots of love, your Gemstones 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
P.S. Banjo loves you lots and lots too!

Happy Mothers Day :)

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Dexter and Casper The Friendly (Hamster) Ghosts

The one heartbreaking thing about hamsters is their very short life expectancy. With the average hammy living between 2 and 3 years, it can sometimes feel very brief when they go over the rainbow bridge to hamster heaven.

I am very sad to announce that both Casper and Dexter are now up in the clouds.
It’s officially official, the original HamsterDiaries crew is no more..

Dexter passed away near the end of last year. He was the oldest of the 3 and had me fooled he would live forever but at his ripe old age it was time for him to sleep and he peacefully passed while being cuddled and tickled.

RIP Dexter

Caspers passing wasn’t quite so black and white as he suffered from an illness in the weeks leading up to his death. I will be posting more about this soon as I think it will be helpful for other owners to see what happened.

RIP Casper

It has been a few months since I lost the two boys, in fairly quick succession I might add, which made the time even worse.
I know they are only little hamsters and as one vet once said ‘dispensable‘, but I grew very fond to these fuzzy little critters. Not only were they fabulous pets and adorable company, they opened up an entirely new world of blogging which I had struggled to break into for so long! I had started and given up on numerous failed blogs before starting HamsterDiaries back in May 2012.
When I got Dexter, blogging just seemed to click into place. And the best thing about it was, other people loved it too! It wasn’t just me who owned these hamsters and saw their lives panning out, it was the whole world! It started as a modest 4 reads on the first day. I think I managed to get 12 reads by the end of the week (granted I think 11 of them were my mum refreshing the page in moral support) but the point was I loved writing and I loved the hamsters more and it worked. I now have hundreds of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of reads!

All this time later I can honestly say, writing this blog was hands down the best thing I have done. I genuinely miss these little hamsters, their personalities and the adventures they got up to on the blog and off the blog. Looking back at the hundreds of photos and posts, I have a wonderful tribute to these pets.
And I couldn’t be more proud.

What is next for HamsterDiaries I hear you ask.. You can’t have a hamster blog and not have a hamster!
Well there is a silver lining to this somewhat solemn post.
There is a new member to the crew. Picking up where Eve, Dexter and Casper left off..Starting a new chapter in HamsterDiaries.

Who is this adorable little fella?!

All shall be revealed!

I look forward to posting again soon, keep them eyes peeled. Make sure you subscribe – you don’t want to miss this!

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The Return Of HamsterDiaries; 1st Month

I would be lying if I had said to you in this post, that the last 30 posts have been easy.
It has been crazy to get back into writing and blogging in general really after such a long break. It has suddenly dawned on me the Welcome back to HamsterDiaries!!amount of work I put into this blog back in 2012 and was kind of understanding my reasons for stopping. I completely underestimated the time I take writing and taking pictures and sorting out all the things I like to have sorted for a post.

The nerdy bits take a lot of research in some cases and that doesn’t just pour out my brain, I have to find it and make sure what I’m writing it completely correct!
Its a lot of work, it can take up a lot of time due to my perfectionist habits and I need to be forward thinking which isn’t usually my thing..

But never the less, I have absolutely LOVED it 🙂

I have been welcomed and greeted like an old friend which has been just wonderful! I have caught up on old blogs and started reading new blogs; everything changed and I cant get enough of it!!

So this is my thank you
Thank you to everyone who has read the blog this last month, thank you to everyone who has participated in my posts and commented on them. I have put so much of my time into writing and seeing any kind of feedback or comment on it makes the world of difference! I'm a STAR darlings! :D Also thank you to every single person who gave a like, I really appreciated the support no matter how you chose to show it!
And most of all thank you SO so much to those who have chosen to follow the blog via email.
It may seem trivial to you how one little follower can make any difference to a blogger but every time I see someone has signed up to receive an email notification when there is a post, it motivates me that much more to continue posting and putting together something for you to all read.
Its like your little way of telling me you want to see more and for me there is no greater support 🙂
It makes me a very very happy blogger.

So this was a kinda off topic post for me to gush about how awesome you all are and how much I adore you all but I felt it needed to be said sooner rather than later and what better way to shout it from the roof blog-tops than on my 31st post celebrating my first months return.

I hope you all realise that despite my hectic schedule I shall be trying my hardest to post something every day!
If you ever just see a photo posted, please know this is not me being lazy! Its me trying to show you I haven’t forgotten and I am a little caught up with something else to be writing a full post.
You’re all busy people too, and I hope you will understand!

RIP Eve, immortalized in this blog.But I shall endeavor to give you the cutest photos and the funniest stories to keep you all hamster-ed out!

The blog may only have two hamsters now, not the three you old readers are used to, but I shall keep the updates coming regardless. Eve may have passed away but she is not forgotten. And this blog is a testament to her. The first months of her life with me were documented and photographed and shared with the world!!! Not many pets on this planet can say that. 🙂

If you want to see anything in particular, any specific topic to be addressed or have always wondered something about hamster, leave a comment below and I shall try and get round to it in the next months postings somewhere.
I love getting ideas and input from you guys, you’re all blogging genius’ 😀

I really do hope June will be as successful as May has been. I cannot wait for the days to roll and for you to see where this blogging malarkey goes!
Help me make it happen?? 🙂

Squeaks and Kisses!

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Just A Bloggers Birthday

Its my biiiiirthday! Yay! Let me celebrate getting a whole year older! 😀

I love birthdays.

Not so much the present part. I love the ‘its my special day’ part which generally boils down to ‘I-can-do-what-I-want-and-get-away-with-it’ part.

The hamsters will soon experience this joy (well next year at some point). Dexter is about 8 months old now! Isn’t he a BIG boy! And so very handsome too 😛 Bare in mind this is about 4 weeks out due to the fact they’d be about 4-6 weeks old at date of purchase! 😛

(NOTE: these trackers are from date of ownership not technical age)

Eve is right behind him at about 7 months.

And bubba Cas bringing up the rear at about 5 months old. Doesn’t it seem longer! Feels like Ive had all three of them forever! Its so weird to think they are still so young in their lives 🙂

Of course these are educated guesses as they don’t track the ages of their hamsters at the pet store. But at a rough 5-6 week old hamster for sale until today’s date, I have that pretty sussed out.

All of them are just adorable still! They wont quite shake that oober cute baby face just yet. Infact, Im sure they will always look adorable as they do now! 😀 And of course they will always be my little bubbahs!

These age trackers are available for whatever event or occasion. They count donations for charity event and ages of children too. Perfect for any blog! I have just used them to track the age of my hammys! 😀
You can design them to kiddies crawling, plants growing or just plain lines. Click on any  tracker to find out more!
Wonderful stuff!!!

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My Gorgeous Dexter

You know when you are cuddling your pets and you suddenly get that overwhelming rush of love for them?
They only have to do something sensationally cute or sweet and you really do get this pang of  ‘awwww you are all mine and I love you dearly! How did I ever forget this!’
I only say this because I feel I have slipped into a sort of contempt with the hamsters. Yes, they are wonderful to hold but sometimes the feeling of a chore overtakes the feeling of ‘omg-I-need-to-snuggle-you-right-now’

Well the other day I really did smile from ear to ear at a photo I managed to snap of Dexter. Its like he knew I was taking pics and knew how much I wanted just one decent snap for the blog!

Here he is, my gorrrrrrrrrgeous little Dexter! :))


And check out them famous long whiskers! Isn’t he a handsome devil 😛

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Feel The Love People!

After my post last week, I was touched by people stories about how they, like me, loved their pets to pieces but struggled sometimes with the work/life balance. I decided a post dedicated to the adored pets of the blogosphere was in order!

You sent me your pictures of your loved pets and that one thing you could tell them that they’d never forget! And here they are, all framed and beautiful for your viewing delight!

Let me just say this now, you are some very loved pets!!

Genuinely, lovely to hear such nice words about your furries! Welling up over here!!! 😀
Thank you for sending these in everyone! The pictures are fabulous!

Another one is definitely on the cards if you have missed out this time!!!

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Feel The Love Campaign

After yesterdays post about how difficult I am finding it to cuddle my pets regularly and plentifully over the day, I realized how I was not alone. Infact I was far from it!

So many of you commented telling me about how you too struggle to manage the balance like me and I got some wonderful advice on how to “deal” with it.

Like, holding/snuggling even for a short amount of time once a day. That daily interaction is enough to keep your pets occupied and remind them that you haven’t forgotten them. We all like to be reassured some days – pets are like this too.

And knowing that I am not a bad person for not always finding the time to let them all run about in their exercise balls makes me feel slightly less guilty about my scheduling.  We are all human after all and sometimes an hour long cuddle and playtime is not practical.

I talk to them and stroke them if I don’t actually hold them. So I’m doing my best and giving it my all if nothing else.

Anyway, I have strayed off topic a bit here.
I want to put together a picture gallery.
A picture gallery of ALL the loved and adored creatures from the blogosphere!!

Please email me your favourite picture of your furry at and in the message part include the following.
If you could tell your pet ONE THING, that’ll they’ll understand and remember forever, what would it be?

I really need all your help for this one guys – it doesnt have to be much, just a sentence is perfect!
I just really want to do this post for all the loved animals, big and small 😀

Thanks 🙂

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Another Visit To The Vet

It has been a week since Casper had a little accident. You remember the picture…
… He managed to rip his nail off and get it infected. Typical dramatic hamster.
Anyways, I got him an appointment for yesterday afternoon and the verdict is in!

We saw a very nice male vet who seemed to be a little more thorough with him than the other vet. He examined his toe (the big ugly scab fell off this morning so it looked remarkably clean and healthy) and he said that it looked like it was healing well despite the lack of the antibiotics. He also said the redness of the toe is because the new nail is growing through it making it a little sore, BUT he hasnt nibbled or gnawed on his nail which is a very good sign 🙂

Now onto my main worry; Casper’s seizure. 

The vet suggested it could have been a one off, didnt have an explaination as to why, just said as it has only happened once, they can’t assume its anything serious… yet. If it happens again it could be a sign of a brain disease (which sounds super scary 😦 I dont like the thought of my Casper having something seriously wrong with him)

But for now he doesn’t have a worry in the world, which is lovely. I can finally stop fretting over his every movement 😀

He also said that if he was to get another infection another antibiotic would be used incase the original drug caused the fit. He did worry me when he said “but the one he was on tends to be the safest for small furries.” …No more infections or accidents please Cas! I don’t fancy you going on some risky drug!!!

And the vet very nicely didn’t charge me for the visit.
Its been a good day! 😀

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Casper’s Big Secret

Casper is one of a kind. He sleeps like a log, anywhere, doesn’t really use his cheeks to hoard and ‘scent-dances’ like a looney.

So what is Casper’s BIG secret?

Well, Casper is deaf (we think).
Now this is quite difficult to prove as all hamsters are different and show different levels of responsiveness toward their owners but saying that, having another 2 hamsters to test my hearing-theories on seems to have shown that Casper really has absolutely no sense of hearing.

If you were to clap or click your fingers over Dexter’s sleeping head, he would jump a mile.
If you were to clap or click over his head while he was running on his flying saucer he would freak out.
Same story for Eve.
The sound of a click or a clap is enough to scare my other two hamsters noticeably.

For Casper, you could sound a fog-horn right over his sleeping head and he wouldn’t even twitch. You could clap behind his back and he wouldn’t even flinch in the slightest. He has no concept of sound!

All this means is that Casper is that wee bit more special. There is nothing we can do about it, we can’t even 100% prove it but we are pretty damn sure!


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