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HMRR: Heat Wave Hammy

Now! Not too long ago in sunny ol’ England (bit of sarcasm there – wink) there was a heat wave!

The temperature where little Cookie lives, got up to 32 degrees celcius!.

Cookie keeping coolNow, my poor little Cookie was not very happy with this!
So I was searching up ways to help keep her cool..

Bit of a strange thing really, she comes from a Syrian desert, yet can’t take the heat!! You better stay out of the kitchen then little one.
(I know she would be living in tunnels underground where the temperature is that much cooler for her.)

 I found out that you can use a bottle of water, put this in the freezer and then when it is cold enough – not frozen – put it at the side of the cage (I put it next to her bedding) wrapped in a towel except for the side that is against the cage. This seemed to work pretty well until I thought I’d put a bottle in the freezer and hadn’t – whoops!

So, my plan ended up being, using her ceramic food bowl, putting that in the freezer for 10 mins and she loved it when it came out as it was lovely and cool for her.

 Super happy little hamster!
Remember to keep your hamster happy peeps!
Posting again soon!

Hayley & Cookie

Banjo too has been suffering a little in the heat. No-one likes melting in their beds and our little furry friends have permanent coats on too so keeping them cool is very important!
Check out How To Keep Your Furries Cool for even more tips and advice on keeping your hammys happy in the heat!

Lots of love!

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Lullabies & Sawdust

Firstly before I start waffling on about Dexter, I would like to thank a few bloggers who have really supported me through the loss of the babies. It may seem like a while ago now for some readers but its still a very fresh memory form myself. The Giraffes Hat dedicated a wonderful post to Hamster Diaries as well as Hutch a Good Life also posting a beautiful few words about the lost bubs.
I cant thank you all enough. Seriously, my faith in the human race is restored! You are WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL people and you should know that you have made a very sad pet-lover comforted through the hardest time. 🙂

Onto my babblings now 😀

So here in the UK we are having a nice and toasty few days (YAY I can crack out my short-shorts for the second time this year!) which for me, is wicked! For Dexter and pets in general, the heat can have a funny affect on our furry friends. If you cast your minds back you may remember a post I did on how to keep your pets cool on hot summer days? Well thats just a reminder for curious bloggers as the heat has effected my Dex, not in a bad way – but in a cute way!

Like myself, he decided not to sleep with his duvet on, opting for the cooler sawdust setting. [Duvet/nest… same thing!]

This left his royal cuteness cool and open to some nosey girl with a camera!
Oh wait thats me!

I didnt really disturb him! He was in the land of lullabies by this stage. My camera didnt bother him at all!!! 😀

Okay so he may have shuffled a bit when I got too close.
But that only left me to capture an equally as cute picture of a very sleep hamham groggily curling up in the corner!

I think the plastic was refreshingly cool on his back so he pushed up against it a little.

Whatever he was doing… it was cute!
It almost makes up for the fact that yesterday he was an annoying little shit tinker, and wouldnt sit still for longer than a millisecond. Yes I have syrian hamsters, what do I expect? *sarcasm* But usually he’s affectionate and slow and likes to be snuggled whereas the past few days he has been a ham-on-a-mission for some reason..
Maybe its that heat thing again.

Hey hoe!
The hunt for a new addition continues. Fingers crossed time will tell and there will be another happy beginning to this blog! 😀 Wonderful times ahead people wonderful times! 😀

I may also have an idea brewing (from The Giraffes Hat) of a give-away competition when I hit my next follower milestone… hmmmm interesting!
I think I shall save that for tomorrow 😉
Tempt and tease… tempt and tease!


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