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Hiding Hamster Or Just Hygienic??

I often moan about how difficult it is to get a focused photo of Banjo.
He is the biggest fidget on the planet and makes it impossible to get a good snap.

For example, there we were having a lovely snuggle on my return home from work and the little cutie just couldn’t handle his picture being taken.

Up the paws came….
‘No mummy nooooo!Shy Banjo

Okay so I am exaggerating a little.. he MAY have been having a thorough clean whilst being cuddled. I just caught him mid face wash. I suppose I should be proud he is keeping his paws and whiskers clean.
Even hammy boys should have good hygiene right?! 

What do you make of this pic? 
Hiding his face from the blogosphere?! Or having a good wash for the camera??


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The Illusive Face Of Banjo The Hamster

Banjo looking simply adorable!

Whoever said hamsters were’t cute.. clearly doesn’t read this blog!! 😀
Joey doesn’t like to sit still ever. He has permanent ants in his pants and wiggles about like crazy.
But there is the odd occasion he will sit perfectly still under my palm, snuggle into my tummy and pose nicely for a photo… its a rarity but this picture is proof it DOES happen :’) Continue reading

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Freckles and Speckles

The time seems to be flyyyyyyyyying by with the bubbies at the moment.

They are 6 days old now and their colourings and patterns are coming through beautifully. You can tell Dexter’s genes have gone all dominant on the babies as there are a lot of dark patterns coming though and seeing as Eve is more pale and ginger, I think we may have a lot of mini-Dexters 😀 COOTTTTE!

The sad loss of baby Boo yesterday is still quite fresh in everyones mind and we got very worried about Eve yesterday as she seemed to spend a little longer than usual out of the nest.

We then noticed a baby was ooutside of the nest too and she was very rough in picking the bub up and putting it back. I havent seen a hamster pick up a baby before but she wasnt very delicate with him at all! The squeeking alone was enough to cause concern :s

Dexter has started hearing the squawks coming from Eves cage as he sits up and listened.

Not sure he entirely understands whats going on but at least hes aware I suppose.
As aware as a daddy syrian can be I suppose!

As you can see from the grainy photograph, he has been sleeping and hiding against my leg. Hes such an affectionate hamster, I hope all the babies take this trait from him. If they are all half as affectionate I’m going to have a tough time saying goodbye to them!!

Im still worried about Eves mothering nature now. Not sure whether she will have gone “wild” and gone a little neglectful in her tired stage. The bubbies are growing so fast it must be putting a HUGE strain on petite lil Eve.

I will keep you all posted! 😀


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