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PetSavers Photo Contest Winner 2015

I always try to keep up with the latest hamster-related news. It gives me lots to talk about, inspires more posts and discussions, brings a different hamster face to the blog AND means I get to brag about hamster greatness 🙂

1st Prize for Best Pet Photo 2015

A picture of a hamster ‘wearing’ spectacles has been named the winner in the junior section of a pet photography contest.

The picture, taken by Charlotte, who’s 14 and from Colchester in Essex, shows Pip the hamster on some books looking very studious!

Charlotte said: “She was originally the school hamster, but lives with me and my family in her retirement.

“To make my image I decided to gather some school textbooks and glasses to put Pip behind.

“I thought this was the best way to express her characteristics, as she is quite an intelligent hamster.”

The charity PetSavers who run the competition each year, say they’ve had more entries this time than ever before.

How fabulous is that?! A famous hammy face makes 1st place! I checked out the other entries and although they were brilliant too, I think its great that Pip the hamster won top position!
And who said all news is bad news 🙂
Some times little bits of news like this make things seem so much simpler!
Well done Charlotte and Pip the hamster! 😀


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Hamster Treat Recipe #3: Hamster Pasta

Pasta?! Hamster Pasta?!I let Banjo run amok on my worktops the other day in yet another desperate attempt to capture some non-blurry photos.. It didnt quite go as planned.
Turns out he has a fascination with PASTA?!
Well the picture of pasta at least.
I’m not sure quite how well the real thing would go down but now the less this seemed to capture his attention for long enough (just)!

Well after a little bit of interweb research, turns out pasta and hamsters in the same sentence is not uncommon. This is a REAL thing.
Lucy the Hamster eating pastaThis photo is of Lucy the hamster tucking into an adorable spaghetti meal for 1 :’)
It is beyond adorable if you ask me!

Well after the success of the hamster pizza, I thought it only seemed right to go one step further in this culinary adventure and make Banjo a little pasta dish just like Lucy 😀

It doesnt take as much step-by-step guidance on this one. I cooked some noodles up, let them cool and then added some Pasta for Hamsters! :D baby corn and some raspberry for the sweetness (I would have used tomatoes but I didnt have any in my fridge – and seeing as homemade treats are all about making use of what you have, there was no need to trek to the shops just for Banjo’s treat!)

It went down juuuuust as fabulous as the hamster pizza 😀

He loved every little lick and mouthful!
There is something very satisfying about making food for hamsters which looks like human food! 😀 I think I am becoming a little crazy with this. I keep thinking up entire menus for him… Never had such a spoilt ham ;D

I really recommend getting creative with your hamster treats too. The stuff in shops is all well and good and easy too – I get it. But using the left over Hamster pastafresh stuff you have laying about is a neat little way to keep you hamster interested and engaged. 🙂

Plus its pretty satisfying when you see your hard work devouring in front of your eyes! 😀 As long as you’re careful with your ingredients using only hamster safe foods, you can literally go to town on your rodent-menu 😀

If you fancy showing off any of your own hamster culinary delights, feel free to email me snaps to or you can post it to the HamsterDiaries Facebook page for yourself. Or if you have any rodent-recipes of your own, let me know and I’ll try them out for little Joey 😀

Love love love!

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National Broccoli Day

National Broccoli Day, YES that's a thing!

I have managed to lure the illusive Banjo into some pictures with the help of a little broccoli 😀
Turns out this green veg is actually incredibly good for you in so any more ways than I originally realised.
Did you know 1 cup of raw broccoli contains the same amount of vitamin C as an orange! Amazing right! 😀

Its also high in vitamin A which is all round fabulous for your body.
So basically no wonder Banjo loves the stuff!
We should all spread the broccoli love! ❤ Treat your little furries to a stem in the sake of good health yeah?!

OMG and as if by terrifyingly spooky coincidence.. the 22nd of March is OFFICIALLY National Broccoli Day!!
That is crazzzzzy spooky..
Even MORE reason to treat everyone to the green stuff!

Love love love! Oh and pretty please with broccoli on top can you guys follow via email, like and comment. Show me some support? 😀

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Banjo Braves The Camera

Banjo the hamster, enjoying the fame!

We are starting to get used to the camera now aren’t we Banjo 😀
It may have taken 6 months, but we are very almost completely at ease with having our piccy taken! I mean check out that POUT!

Just a quick post today to show of Banjo’s cutie pie face! And also to ask have you liked the Facebook page yet?!

I am trying to post on everything at them moment, so you can get your cute and furry fix of cuteness everywhere! Yay! 🙂

Another thing – anyone else blog about animals and really wants to show it off?!
I’d like to post a shout out to some of the other cutie pies on the blogosphere. Comment below and I shall take a look 😀


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Hamster Treat Recipe #2: The Hamster Pizza

Want to reward your hamster with an irresistible homemade treat?!
I have THE recipe for the best hamster pizza ever!!
YES you read that correctly – a pizza especially for your hamster! Or other small furry – everyone should try this!
(And I know its THE best because it is the first and only thing that has made Banjo sit still in the last 6 months!!)

Continue reading

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5 Reasons Hamsters The Perfect Pet For A Child

Internet kisses from Banjo!Everyone will associate hamsters as a childs pet.
Ask anyone – even the kids who don’t like animals either had a hamster or a goldfish as a young’un!

So why are these cute critters the perfect pet for a child?

  1. Having a pet is the best way to teach responsibility.
    This goes for any creature not just a hamster! If you give your kiddie something living and breathing, not to mention rather adorable, to care for and feed and clean up after, they learn valuable lessons from the start! I had my first hamster when i was like 5 or 6 or something – did me the world of good 😀
  2. Hamsters are really simple to look after – even for a child.
    They need water and food and an exercise wheel. Syrian hamsters dont need other hammy friends so its just a cage and the essentials. No fuss, minimal mess and all the cuteness!
  3. Syrian hamsters are hand-sized.
    You may think this is a weird point to make, but if you have a small kid you don’t want to give them a pet that is going to squash them or knock them over. Just like you wouldn’t want to give them something tiny and small that they’re going to lose! Syrian hamsters are the perfect size!
  4. They’re quite robust little pets.
    Kids are not the most gentle of admirers, yanking tails etc. Syrian hamsters can squeeze through holes the size of a 50 pence piece, so if your kid is a The perfect pet - Dexter flashback!little heavy handed, they’re not going to cause a huge amount of fuss! Granted the hammy might not like it, but a little nip from a hamster is a much lesser evil than a nip from an annoyed dog for example.
  5. They’re cheap!
    You can buy a hamster, all the food and the cage for a very reasonable price. So there is no need to break the bank with an expensive pedigree breed or getting pet insurance etc. What more could you want!

So if you are considering a little Syrian hamster for your child, I’d say DO IT! They are adorable and sweet and the perfect low maintenance pet. And once they are tame they are gorgeously fun!

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As Silent As A Hamster

A cheeky cleanYou may recall a post a week or so ago about the noise this little fella would make!

He was a very nervous little hamster, sqwacking and squealing at the top of his little lungs.
Well this is a little update for you, to reassure all those hamster mummys and daddys that your little hamster is absolutely fine!

Joey has settled into the routine of being a furry-celebrity and is now as silent as a mouse hamster!

We haven’t quite got the knack of sitting still yet but we can work on that!
Makes me think back to all them times I’d sit with Casper on my lap and he’d just curl up and sleep! I really do miss having sucha soppy little ham!

But just like any animal, they have their own personalities – each and every one!
Banjo is getting there. And if you remember the commotion this one caused on day one, you’ll appreciate the distance we have come!

Any one else think that Banjo looks like hes whispering a little prayer to himself!?

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My Hamster Has A Skateboard

When I need hamster-y inspiration where do I turn..
Why the internet of course!! I do love to discover how far and wide the spread of hamstery awe reaches. And I have discovered its reached poetry!
So here to cheer up your Wednesday evening, is the sweetest little poem by Kenn Nesbitt.
And of course Banjo gave his best illustrations in his exercise ball / figurative skateboard…. 😉

Banjo in his exercise ball :D

My hamster has a skateboard.
When he rides it, though, he falls.
He takes off like a maniac
and crashes into walls.

He screams, “Geronimo!”
and then goes crashing down the stairs.
He’s good at knocking tables down
and slamming into chairs.

He’ll slalom through the living room
and then you’ll hear a, “Splat!”
which means that he’s collided with
my mother or the cat.

He plows right into cabinets,
and smashes into doors,
I think he’s wrecked on every bed
and every chest of drawers.

It’s fun to watch him ride
because you’re sure to hear a smash.
He doesn’t skate so well but, boy,
he sure knows how to crash.

–Kenn Nesbitt

This poem sums up Banjo perfectly. I love it!
Anyone else got any hamster rhymes ?!
Comments pweaaaaase! 😀

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Product Review; Tesco Hamster Food

I think its fair to say that when it comes to hamster food, the choices are pretty limited as to what you can buy for your furry friend. Over the next few months, I am going to test and trial a number of products to see if there is a clear hammy favourite.
So what is on the menu tonight?!

I thought I would trial and review Tesco’s Hamster Food first.

Tesco Hamster Food Review

First impressions are always important and I can’t knock Tesco’s for their packaging in this case. Its simple and does what it says on the bag.  There’s no clutter and all the nutritional information is clearly displayed on the side – not that I’m sure many people care hugely about the ingredients in their hamsters dinner 😉

Well as you can read on the bag for yourself Tesco Hamster Food claims to contain the correct mix of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. All brilliant stuff when looking after a healthy hamster! In my opinion a dried hamster muesli will ever be the perfect diet in a bag. I will always recommend you add fresh fruit and veg to your hamsters diet and reading the small print essay on the side of the bag Tesco actually recommends this too! If I’m chopping a carrot or broccoli for my dinner, its perfect to just break off a chunk and treat Banjo You're supposed to EAT the food, not SIT in it!to something fresh!

This particular bag of food was £2.00 which is about right for a bag of this size. You can probably find cheaper and I think Tesco even do an ‘everyday value’ bag for eve less than this but for a couple of quid I don’t think you can go far wrong at all.

Tesco have prized this bag of food on its ‘peanuts and sunflower seed’ mixture which as any hammy owner will tell you is a WINNING combo! However I would be lying if I said the quantity of these ingredients was substantial. Don’t get me wrong you can’t give your furry friend a bowl of peanuts or seeds, they need a balanced diet of course but I was expecting more.
There was a variety of dried muesli too making up the bulk of the food. And I got no complaints from Banjo…
The little brown triangles within this are always left till last in Banjo’s bowl so I’m guessing these are like the brussel sprouts of a roast dinner to them..

To summarize then:
Looks 9/10
Price 9/10
Contents 7/10
Would I recommend: Yes 

Anyone else tried this hamster food? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below – I do love hearing your opinions 🙂


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Banjo The Athlete

They say never work with children or animals. And I can totally understand why!
They’re unpredictable, they don’t sit still and they can’t be trusted not to pee on the carpet!

Well the difficulty I am having with Banjo is becoming very apparent.. the little tinker just will not sit still!
It’s like he has ants in his hammy pants because he just won’t paws pause for long enough!

The only way I can get around this at the moment is to use video.. So for every non-blurry photo there will be 100 videos.. He is not sucha diva like the furries I’ve had before!

You thought I as joking when I said he doesnt sit still! CHECK OUT THAT WADDLE!

He has this exercise thing perfected to a tee! And I might add, his navigation of my hall way is nothing less than impressive! Clever Banjo 🙂


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