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Do My Cheeks Look BIG In This?

So Banjo has been kicking back on the blog lately. We have been busy little bees and just reading the adventures of Cookie instead for a bit πŸ™‚
I stick my comments in here and there and write up a post when i get the opportunity but its a lot less frequent than before.. as I am sure you realise.

Banjo hamster - famous!Anyway I can’t have you going without a few Joey updates here and there.
And I have been taking LOTS of snaps for the purpose πŸ™‚

I definitely think Banjo has become more friendly and camera-brave these recent months.
All them snuggles and cuddles in the evening must be wearing him down already πŸ˜‰

So as I am sure you are aware, when I am making dinner, I always always always break off a bit of veg for Banjo to munch. Whether its a bit of broccoli, an end of carrot orrrr in this case a bit of baby corn, JoeyΒ LOVESΒ it to bits πŸ™‚

And as I try to take a picture of this dinner ritual, I think this little man got a bit protective of his corn!

Check out the scoffing that this hamster has done! The SIZE of that cheek – WOW! hahah!

Anyway, will update you again soon, and make sure you are following via email to keep up to date on all things cute and hamster-y. This is a one-stop-blog for all things hammy-ish afterall!! πŸ˜€
Lots of love

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Hamster Treat Recipe #3: Hamster Pasta

Pasta?! Hamster Pasta?!I let Banjo run amok on my worktops the other day in yet another desperate attempt to capture some non-blurry photos.. It didnt quite go as planned.
Turns out he has a fascination with PASTA?!
Well the picture of pasta at least.
I’m not sure quite how well the real thing would go down but now the less this seemed to capture his attention for long enough (just)!

Well after a little bit of interweb research, turns out pasta and hamsters in the same sentence is not uncommon. This is a REAL thing.
Lucy the Hamster eating pastaThis photo is of Lucy the hamster tucking into an adorable spaghetti meal for 1 :’)
It is beyond adorable if you ask me!

Well after the success of the hamster pizza, I thought it only seemed right to go one step further in this culinary adventure and make Banjo a little pasta dish just like Lucy πŸ˜€

It doesnt take as much step-by-step guidance on this one. I cooked some noodles up, let them cool and then added some Pasta for Hamsters! :D baby cornΒ and some raspberry for the sweetness (I would have used tomatoes but I didnt have any in my fridge – and seeing as homemade treats are all about making use of what you have, there was no need to trek to the shops just for Banjo’s treat!)

It went down juuuuust as fabulous as the hamster pizza πŸ˜€

He loved every little lick and mouthful!
There is something very satisfying about making food for hamsters which looks like human food! πŸ˜€ I think I am becoming a little crazy with this. I keep thinking up entire menus for him… Never had such a spoilt ham ;D

I really recommend getting creative with your hamster treats too. The stuff in shops is all well and good and easy too – I get it. But using the left over Hamster pastafresh stuff you have laying about is a neat little way to keep you hamster interested and engaged. πŸ™‚

Plus its pretty satisfying when you see your hard work devouring in front of your eyes! πŸ˜€ As long as you’re careful with your ingredients using only hamster safe foods, you can literally go to town on your rodent-menu πŸ˜€

If you fancy showing off any of your own hamster culinary delights, feel free to email me snaps to or you can post it to the HamsterDiaries Facebook page for yourself. Or if you have any rodent-recipes of your own, let me know and I’ll try them out for little Joey πŸ˜€

Love love love!

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Making A Mess; A Flashback

I know they may have passed but I still have lots of wonderful photos of Casper and Dexter that never made it to post. And it seems like a shame to not share them with you all.

Especially when they are doing what they did best; making an almighty mess!! πŸ˜€

So far, so good!

So here you can see Dexter tucking into a hamstery-donut. Delish eh Dex!

Okay little bit of mess there Dex

Oh I see how this works, you take a bite and it explodes crumbs everywhere yes?
Okay a LOT of mess there Dex!

Well there are more crumbs on the table than in your cheeks mister but I let you off as you look like youre enjoying it!

Oh thanks Dexter, just leave that mess for me to clear up yeah!Oh right now you walk away…. Its not like an fireball explosion – its not cool to walk away from it!!!
Oh I shall just have to clear that up… cheeky monster!

And as if I hadnt learnt my lesson from Dexter I then gave Casper one too…


Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Casper is driving an invisible car πŸ˜›

I dont think you will fit that in there mister!

Munchings and crunchings and MESS! OH GOD THE MESS!

All done!Oh who could possibly stay mad at your adorable little face!!

I hope all my furry friends make this much mess! If they don’t, then sort it out! Flick the crumbs about my furry friends!!! πŸ˜€

You also may remember the other day I hinted about the newest addition to HamsterDiaries? Well all shall be revealed soon! I will introduce you all to the latest fur-baby on my 300th blog post – 2 more posts away! πŸ˜‰
So subscribe via email so you dont miss a thing!! πŸ˜€

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Why Did The Tomato Blush?…

…Cos he saw the salad dressing!

Casper and his little tomatoHAHAHAHAHAHAH, hilarious joke there. Just kidding, I know it wasn’t very punny! πŸ˜‰

Okay I am all done making naff jokes now. I just wasn’t quite sure how to write a post about Casper’s little treat.

I don’t usually get chance to give the hamsters tomatoes. They really do love them though and its very good to give them something a little different every now and then to keep them interested.

Plus something as juicy as a little tomato as it gets a little warmer outside is always a good way to make sure they are staying hydrated.

Casper didn’t tuck in to his dinner for my picture.
He’s throwing a diva strop for the blogosphere.. must be one of them days!

Who else likes tomatoes?! Please tell me Casper isn’t the only one who demolishes them in a matter of minutes! πŸ˜‰


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Say CHEESE For The Camera!

I have come to the conclusion that taking decent photos of a fully awake Syrian is impossible. They move too quickly and never look in the right direction when you want them too! And in Casper’s case, I cant even clap or make a noise to capture his attention as he is completely deaf!

The only way to get any sort of photo of either hamster is to distract them with food.

Stick anything in front of them that is remotely edible and they’ll sit still just about long enough for me to take a pic.
Just about anyways.


Today’s weapon of choice was a little chunk of cheese. Now I don’t usually give them cheese. In excess its bad for their health, just like for humans too. But on this occasion I thought the little terror deserve a treat for posing so nicely for the blog.

And this bit of cheese was clearly too good to just stuff in his cheek. This bit of cheese needed to be eaten right away!
He’s so cute!!

Whats your favourite nibble? Whats can you not resist when put in front of you?? πŸ™‚
Let me know, comment below!Β 


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‘Simply Nibbles: Little Hearts’ Review

More treats?!
MORE treats?!!!

How spoilt are these hammy’s?! Seriously.

When walking round Morrison’s Supermarket, I am never actually impressed with their small pet section. The shelf consists of an exercise ball (that hasn’t been touched in at least 3 months – honest!), some sawdust and a rack of bottles. The treat selection is limited to say the least with just a small bag of chocolate drops. One choice of treats Morrison’s, ahh come onnnnn!!!

Well clearly they too thought this when looking at their pet section. Because when I was there in the week, I noticed a few more bits and pieces had been added to the shelf. A few different types of treats and chew-sticks! Round of applause for the supermarket!

The one I decided to go for and try out:
‘Simply Nibbles: Little Hearts”

The packet itself is quite large, holding a generous portion of these pink, green and cream heart shaped treats.
The hearts are paw-sized. So lots smaller than them apple strudel biscuits from the other week, but still large enough to be a good chompful for the hamsters!

These treats are actually a very good price at Β£1.19

So rather a good stocking filler for your hamster if you are into that kind of thing!
(Don’t worry I have a December post for this hamster stocking fillers thing for you all to look forward to)

Anyway back to the hearty nibbles. All three hamsters wasted no time in pouching these bad boys! Gone within the blink of an eye!

Dexter stuffed them straight in his pouch and then just moments later I could hear some very noisy nibblings going on from the belly of his bed! CHEEKY!

Eve sniffed them for a second, then sniffed my fingers – suspicious woman! But she did take a tedious bite from them and then proceed to stuff the remaining bit in her cheek. Didn’t want to miss out me giving her more!

Casper had a very different approach. He ate them one by one. I gave him a green one to start with and delicately crunched through it. Polished the whole heart off before sniffing my hand for another one. Oh alright then fatty!!

They are quite noisy treats; they pack a crunch thats for sure but this makes them oh so fabulous for their teeth as they always need a good crunch to wear them down. And to add to all this, they are 100% natural ingredients so I know they are all good for my hamsters bellys so can have 2 or 3 in one sitting. I feel like I am spoiling them rotten but they love it! And its coming up to Christmas after all! They deserve a bit of loving!! Ok, so they deserve a LOT of loving! πŸ˜€

They might need a air-tight tub or box to be kept in though becuase once that bag is open there is not way of shutting it! πŸ˜›

So the positives; affordable at Β£1.19, dainty sized, colourful, plentiful, 100% natural and very tasty!
Negatives: Just the awkward packaging making it difficult to reseal for freshness.

These are definitely a tasty winner! And so handy when you just want to treat your little furry! πŸ˜€

Available from Morrisons.

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Casper Takes The Biscuit… Literally!

So yesterday I reviewed the ever-delightful apple strudel biscuits from Pets at Home for you. The tastiness of these treats proved too much for Dexter and resulted in a very amusing cheek-stuffing-motion which you can see on video.
I will pop that one in the video page (which you can see up on the top right corner there – ALL the hamster diaries videos are on there so check them all out again – relive the hamster-magic!)

Today I just HAVE to show you Casper’s reaction to these treats. Its unbelievably cute!

So I’ll set the scene for you.
I rustle the treat packet, forgetting Casper is as deaf as a post and so he carries on oblivious.
I take the last apple strudel biscuit out and wave it teasingly in front of Casper’s nose.
His whiskers twitch.
I pass him the biscuit.
He grabs in in his teeth.
And the excitement just overwhelms him.
Let the running around like a headless chicken, commence! πŸ˜€

I hope this made you all smile as much as it did me! πŸ˜€ Such excitement!
I also think there was a little bit of “oh please dont steal my strudel biscuit mummy! Oh please dont steal it!” going through his head πŸ˜›
Either way you look at it, its funny πŸ˜›

Have a great weekend everyone,Β xxx

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Apple Strudel Biscuit Review

I have found the mother of all hamster treats.
The hamster treat to rule all hamster treats.
Its the hamsterΒ equivalentΒ to KFC’s popcorn chicken for us humans *drools*…

Anyway what is this godly feast for the small furries?
Apple Strudel Biscuits.
You read that correctly, APPLE STRUDEL BISCUITS.

These hamsters get fed better than me I swear!Β 

Anyways here is the packaging, almost empty as I wasn’t quite prepared for the love explosion around them πŸ˜›
FIRST of all, brownie points for the whole concept. Hamster aren’t all into the routine nut and honey treat thing. They must get sick of that stereotype. And someone has finally thought up of APPLE STRUDEL BISCUITS for hamsters?! Holy moly, thats cool! No wonder they chomped them down quicker than anything Ive seen !!!

They are from Pets At Home and are very reasonably priced (less than Β£2.00) and even sometimes on 3 for 2 offers so picking up lots of treats is cheaper than ever!

They are quite big things these biscuits so for the price you definitely get your moneys worth. They are very cute looking and look very appetising — and thats coming from me! They consist of a biscuity shell and have a bright green appley centre. Its all dried out so packs a real crunch, and must be incredibley tasty because all three hamsters go banana’s apple’s for them!

I have photos and videos of Casper and Dexter to show you, but I have to put the spot light on Dexter today because he just provided many giggles yesterday when chowing down on one of these biscuits.

He was perched on my boyfriends arm, making a lot of mess, nibbling away on one of these tasty apple strudel delights.

So as you can see from the picture above, these biscuits are a two-paw job, so quite large for a treat. Hey, I’m not complaining! They all do enough running about to burn off the fat from treats πŸ˜›

So yes, Dexter was claiming his treat and not letting go for ANYONE! He instantly sunk his teeth into them and boy oh boy, he didnt stop till it was all gone (by all gone, I mean all stuffed into his cheek for midnight nibbles) ;D

And so the scoffing begins.

I also took a video. It takes me a while to edit all my videos together, Im very fussy with that kind of thing, but this one didn’t need toughing at all to be honest. This is a video of Dexter literally scoffing this treat into his cheeks.

Its super cute and I’d love it if you’d all watch it. Its about a minute and a half and seriously, watch it to the end – this hamster manages to stuff the whole treat in his face and looks just hilarious with a lumpy cheek! No prizes for hiding the treat though Dexter, we all can see it!

Apologies for the cheesey music. I wanted something foody (foody music was a big ask) and my brain just failed me at the last hurdle.

So back to the treats themselves.

They are tasty, affordable, decent sized, appealing to look at and just all round the perfect hammy treat. I genuinely can’t think of any negatives!!! I will post Casper’s reaction to the treat in the next few days, I have a video for him too!!! πŸ˜€

Have a great Friday everyone!!! πŸ˜€

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Munching & Crunching

I took too many photo’s of Dexter eating his sweetcorn cob to just post one picture.
So I have put three together showing the process of his munching. His eyes are way too big for his belly as he chews of the niblets and stuffs them into his pouch.

Such a cutie!

And apologies for the short post today. I am writing this on the 11th (last Sunday) to be posted today as with my new job I struggle to find time to post every day if I dont prepare something in advance.
So today’s post is just a visual treat for you all, a bit of cuteness to brighten your day πŸ™‚ If if its anywhere near as cold and dark as its been the last few days then you may need it πŸ˜‰

Have a good day folks πŸ˜€

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Good Treats For Hamsters

After my post a few days ago telling you all what foods and snacks are dangerous for hamsters it was pointed out how I definitely should compile a list of foods and treats that ARE allowed for hungry hamsters πŸ˜€
Here, as promised, is that list (its pretty long and I have taken some suggestions from old forum threads to try and cover every angle) πŸ˜›

Avocado (skinned and seedless)
Cabbage – should only be fed in small amounts occasionally as too much can cause health problems
Cauliflower leaves and stalks
Chinese Leaves
Corn Salad
Curly Kale
Green beans
Kale – should only be fed in small amounts occasionally as too much can cause health problems
Kidney Beans (cooked)
Kiwi Fruit
Logan Berries
Parsley – a good tonic (Aparrently)

Plums – stones should be removed as can be dangerous when gnawed
Potato (only cooked)
Rhubarb (cooked)
Rocket Chard
Star Fruit
Sweet Potato
Soybean Sprouts
Sweet Peppers
Ugli Fruit
Water Chestnuts
Water Spinach
Almonds (sweet almonds, shelled)
Biscuits (not chocolate ones obviously)
Boiled Potatoes
Brazil Nuts
Bread (fresh or stale)
Cashew Nuts
Chicken (cooked)
Dog Biscuits (one of my past hamsters LOVED dog biscuits)
Egg (scrambled or boiled)
Hazel Nuts
Pecan Nuts
Peanuts (shelled or unshelled)
Pistachio Nuts
Sweet Chestnuts
Toast (even the crusts! πŸ˜› )

With any kinds of nuts, make sure before feeding them to your hamster they are non-salted as the salted varieties are incredibly bad for hamsters. Also with nuts, too many can cause upset bellies so they should be treats for once in a while maybe.

There were some treats on this list that were mentioned on the forum posts that I have personally taken out becuase I believe them to be stupid suggestions for treats and could cause a hamster owner to make a terrible treaty-mistake. (Cake for example was a suggestion which is not a smart move as cake is sugary, fattening and who knows what kinds of artificial flavourings and colourings could be in them that could cause tummy problems for hamsters)

I hope your hamsters have a tasty evening πŸ˜€
Click here to see what NOT to feed your hamster.

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