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HMRR: A Hamster’s Life

Hello people !

Today, I thought I would write up a bit more of little Cookies history and more about her!

Be prepared for upset, happiness and a couple of bad times

So, Cookie was given to me by an old family friend. She was left in a house when her family moved out. She was left behind and we are unsure how long she was by herself. She was found in a cage with little food and little water, so it was suspected she went back to life saving burying and eating very little.

She got given to a woman who had to find a home for her; now there was 2 options, me or a woman who had a girl that was 6, but was scared of hamsters…
She thought her daughter could deal with it.
We all thought different!
cookie1 If the child got bored and the mother wouldn’t go near her…how would that end up? Don’t even want to think about it…..

So, she ended up with me! YAY!
I went out and bought her everything she would need, I spoilt her rotten, it was awesome……and expensive!! But I got home, put all her bedding in, put her house in, and some food and a water bottle.

Half an hour later a woman arrived with a bag of goodies and a little brown carry box. When this little hamster came out I was so shocked by her colouring, her tiny toes and the cute nose…I put her in her cage and left her get on with settling in. Names…yes…names, it took 2 days and a lot if randomly shouting a name before I called her Cookie.

The name was because of her colouring, she is such a friendly little munchkin and as silly as it sounds…now, I would be lost without my little Cookie Monster.

So far she has cracked a leg, it healed awkwardly but she has never been in pain and has never stopped being a spider hamster and then falling on her face J she has been seriously ill in the heat, she never makes noise yet she was crying uncontrollably. ..which in turn made me cry.

Name: Cookie , Age: unknown , Colour: a mix of black, white, grey and tiny pink nose and toes.

She is toilet trained, she will never do it if she is out of her cage, ever.

She loves climbing all over you, including your face….which I found out the other day….that was awkward. She loves everyone and never bites unless ill or very…..verrryyyy grumpy 😀

Never sits still…loves escaping….being upside down and trying to jump from insane heights, I swear, I have a heart attack each time…

So, all in all…I think Cookie started out with a nice life, then it got bad…then it got to the point that she was so spoilt she didn’t know what to do with all the things, though I’m glad she came to me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading about Cookie,

In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

Cookie and Hayley

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Do my cheeks look big in this?

What happens when you fill up your hamster food bowl with a heap of fresh, tasty new food?
They’ll stuff their faces of course!

I felt that an entire hammy-clean-out was in order after the past depressing few days. A clean and tidy new perspective on things could really help at a time like this! Especially when I am trying to think about things positively from here on out 🙂

So anyway back to my mundane hamster story 😉
I filled up Dexter’s food bowl and it was as if he hadn’t seen food in years! In he dived, nose first, and out poured the contents of his bowl. Nice to see he’s got such a huge appetite! I left him for a few moments to let him forage for the best bits and when I looked back I couldnt help but laugh and grab the camera :’)

My grasp of him looks a bit uncomfy but I assure you it wasnt. 

In the process of stuffing his cheeks with muesli and fruity bits, he managed to double the size of his head! Hahahah!
Pets bring such simple pleasures 🙂

I didnt see Dex empty his cheeks but all the food ended up in his bed – guess he’s all prepared for a midnight feast!!

How is Dexter coping with the loss of his bubbies?
Well basically as daddy syrian hamsters never meet their babies he has been unaffected by the whole scenario. There were a few occasions, mainly when the babies has just been born, where he sat upright and listened to the commotion across the room but never did he actually get to sniff and greet his children. Perhaps that was for the better anyway as things turned out. But I still like to think that Dexter was aware he was a daddy, and perhaps just that thought can remain in his head. Its not like I can tell him otherwise is it.

Sometimes thats the beauty of having a pet.
Tricky things, like death, dont have to be explained.

Eves update shall be tomorrow ❤

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