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Are Chew Sticks Good For Hamster Teeth?

Hamsters are part of the rodent family and that means they have a set of mean gnashers!

Now hamster teeth will grow constantly just like our hair or our nails. This means they NEED things to chew to wear them down and keep them healthy. Everything needs a little TLC now and then!

So just for all you hamster lovers out there, here is hammy-dentistry 101.

This is a picture of Caspers not-so-pearly whites teeth.Hamster Teeth
Please be aware I know how uncomfortable and unnatural he looks in this position but its just for a few seconds at a time and its how vets examine their teeth safely. Its a little uncomfortable for them to have their teeth shown but its not painful or bad for them in anyway. If you’ve ever seen a hamster yawn youll know how wide they can really get their mouths! (Ill have to try capture a yawn for you to see)

The colour is actually healthy for a hamster.If any humans teeth were this colour, you’d be sure to get some whitening on that right away! But for hamsters, the yellower the better! I am not exactly sure why this is but their vet assured me I didnt need to rush out and find hamster toothbrushes anytime soon as white teeth can be a sign of ill-health.

As you can see, they have two front shorter teeth along the top jaw and two elongated teeth along the bottom. What you cant see from this picture, is the rows of little ‘molars’ toward the back of their mouths. So they dont just have 4 teeth I promise.
If youve ever seen your hamster chew their cage bars, youll notice they are actually using these molars not their front teeth.

chew sticks for hamstersLike I said at the start, hamster teeth constantly grow and so need to be worn down. This means your hamsters need chewtoys and dried foods to ensure this process happens.

This brings me neatly onto chew sticks.
Chew sticks are perfect to keep your hamsters teeth in ship-shape as well as being yummy and keeping them happy and fed.

You can get chew sticks in packs of two for just a few quid. I get my chewsticks from Pets at Home for £2.50. It lasts a whole week or even two sometimes and subsequently never had any issues with their oral health.
I am in the UK and I am not so clued up with products further afield so if you are from another country, please feel free to recommend any chew products you use in the comment section below!

Dexter doesnt always keep his chew stick hung up to the top bars of his cage but he demolishes it all the same!!

Pets at Home Fruit Chew SticksTheir favourite chew sticks are the honey ones so I’m guessing they have a sweet tooth just like their owner! But the ones they actually have at the moment are fruit ones. They love them equally as they always get stripped right down to the wooden centre! Definitely recommend these! 😀

If you are seriously worried about your hamsters teeth, take a quick visit to the vets. And if you dont give your furries anything to chew on then get shopping! Not having chew toys will only encourage them to gnaw the bars of their cage so give them something new to chew??

Till tomorrow folks!

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Handmade Hammy Gift #2 – A Simple Hamster Treat Recipe

Did someone say peanuts?!So I may be a bit slow on the whole home made hammy treats feature before this Christmas but I am only just finding time to wrap the presents let alone research and try out things for the blog.
I am sure once the hustle and bustle of Xmas (and my birthday next Friday) is over I can settle back down into a routine 🙂

Any ways a neat little idea for your beloved furries can be to make your own little treats for them! They say a way to man’s heart is through his belly – well Im pretty sure the same thing goes for pets.
(Not saying that men are animals… Im not honest! Just that some characteristics may be shared. That’s all!)

So here is a SUPER simple recipe for little pet treats (suitable for small furries – not so much big furries as small bits and pieces can be choked on by big furries!)

What you need?

  • Honey
  • Assorted nuts (or your furries favourite – so sunflower seeds in Dexters case. Make sure theyre not salted varieties)
  • A mold tray (funky shaped ice cube trays are ideal!) You can make all kinds of shapes depending on the tray
  • Any oats or even original cheerios are good for this recipe

How long will it take?

About 5 minutes to actually make and then another hour or so to set.

How do you make them?

  1. Take a mixing bowl and pour in a hammy portion of the assorted nuts and a sprinkling of oats or cheerios
  2. Take a spoonful of honey and dollop it into the bowl.
  3. Mix it all together, coating as much of the nut/oat mix as possible.
  4. Add a spoonful at a time. Once everything is coated -STOP! You want the mixture to be tacky all over not pourable! 😛
  5. Take a spoonful of your honey coated mixture and fill it into the ice cube tray.
  6. Once all the ice-cube spaces are filled, pop the tray into the fridge for the treats to harden up.
  7. After about 1 hour, have a look at your treats. If they are solid-er, take the tray out and pop out the finished article!
  8. If they are still squidgy, put them back in and check again later!
  9. Give them to your furry – watch them enjoy the sweet delight! 😀

With this recipe you can swap in your favourite pet nibbles! Like for example, Dexter LOVES his sunflower seeds and peanuts. So I could mix together sunflower seeds, some chopped peanuts and some oats to bulk it out. Chuck in the honey and ta-dah! Dex could have a treaty-delight!!! 😀

How awesome would that be!! 😀



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Another Blog Post About 12/12/12

If you haven’t read about, heard about, facebooked about, tweeted about or talked about today’s once in a century date then I am here to inform you.
Today is the last day of the century we will see the date 12/12/12
Pretty special right?

Yeah well I only noticed this once in a life time moment pass by at 12:30… so I didnt quite make the whole make a wish at 12:12pm on the 12/12/12.
Darn it! There’s always next year. Never mind… ;/

IMG_2917marked1Anyway back to the three wise hammy’s.

Christmas is fast approaching and what can I say we are all getting in the Crimbo spirit!
Me and the bf have put up our Christmas lights up on the tree and even have some in the window! Well they twinkle down on the hamsters cages and I get that warm festive feeling!

There is nothing like a toasty snuggle on the sofa under sparkly fairy lights!

I have resorted to using paint to edit together some Christmassy spirit pics. I cant seem to find a spare five minutes to actually take a bunch of photos let alone find the little xmas props! So I have spent my evening instead, painting a tiny present into this picture of an eager Dexter.

It turned out a little better than I expected.
It is just paint afterall. I can’t work photo-editing miracles! 😛

I hope you are all getting festive yourselves! I may not be posting so much fascinating articles.
What can I say, it is a very busy time of year!
(My alter-ego isn’t Santa I promise!) 😛

I will keep up my daily posts, do not fear! 😀 I can imagine you are all just as busy as myself!

Till tomorrow!

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Christmas Presents For Your Hamster

Humans aren’t the only creatures that love to be spoilt on Christmas!
Hamsters want in on the action too!!!

Over the next week I will be posting ideas for a personal and home-made hamster stocking – perfect for your loved small furries!
But in the mean time, here are the quick fixes that will cost you a few bob.
So if you don’t necessarily have the time to make your own hammy-stoking you can at least have an idea of what to buy them!

Pets at Home do a very cute Christmas-y range of the following:

Pets at Home StockingThis is the stocking they roll out for small furries annually. It is a collection of choccy drop treats, fruity shapes and chew toys. What more could a hamster ask for?! Its easy and quick to buy for your loved furry and so is practically the complete gift on a small money budget and time scale. At £3.50 each, I could get all three of mine one! 😀

Christmas dinner for your hams? why not!

Thought Christmas dinners were a human tradition??
Think again!
These cute, dainty shaped chew toys are perfect to include your furries in on the festivities. How awesome is that little turkey?! Also for just £2.00 they are definitely worth it – theyll last at least a week or two and you have 4 to use up! As far as cute gimmicks go, this is right up there in the top 5 😀

 Or how about a festive garland?!

And if a miniture hamster crimbo dinner wasnt enough – how about a bit of cage decoration. This santa garland hangs off the cage bars and creates a chew toy for the ham as well as a little colour to the cage! It is the tinsel of the hamster-world! Okay, so after Decemeber it may not be quite the most perfect cage decoration but as a little treat it would be worth the £4.00.

So these are the quick purchases you could make for your hamster this Christmas – keep tuned if you want to see some homemade gift idea’s too! 😀
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