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HMRR: Cookie The Hyper Hamster

Hello again people !!!

I do hope I did not bore you with my last 3 posts. I hope you enjoyed reading and want to read more about little Cookie, just as I love reading all your posts!

So, I was having a read up about all the things hamsters could and couldn’t eat, I read you could give seedless apple, so whilst I was nibbling away on some apple, I bit a corner off and held it to her cage.
Here comes the funny part!!!APPLE APPLE APPLE - GIMME!

Next thing I know, she’s going insane!
Since I had her she’s never ran at this speed, she was climbing, hanging from the cage upside down,  she didn’t rest for 3 hours… Cookie Monster was hyper!

After a while of her escapades, including falling on her face numerous time and looking a bit dazed, I put her in her little ball that she rolls across the floor in.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the speed and how often she would run into a doorframe…….this is the point where I’m glad hamsters can’t drive cars! Oh, what a thought, hey!?

Has your hamster ever gone a bit insane and driven a car or got hyper off some food they’ve eaten ???

Let us all have a giggle at the escapades of the hammys in your life, look forward to reading it all!!

Cookie and Hayley

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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched?

Hamsters are very curious creatures. They like to sniff and bite everything and anything, especially if its new and exciting!

Banjo is no different!

In an attempt to make him more comfortable in my presence, after the squealing fiasco I showed you yesterday, I kept his cage by my bedside. Nosey little Joey!! :D I figured that if I could talk to him and keep him close by, he would get used to me a little quicker and hopefully encourage the taming process to move on a few steps.

Well I can safely say it helped!
I captured the little fellas curiosity completely.

I stopped talking for a few moments and noticed that the cage had fallen silent.
Worried, I took a look across to check whether he had just got bored, but to my surprise I saw a cheeky little face peering over the side of the cage… watching me… the little creep!! 😀

Now I should probably apologize for the sticker on the cage…
This used to be Casper’s cage, who as we know was very blooming special! 😀

Anyway after a very intense staring contest, Banjo gave in and scurried off to the depths of his cage.
I like to think of this as a little bonding win!!

Either that or I have a peeping Tom of a hamster!!

Any other furries have a weird and wonderful habit?! Staring contests? C’mon, it can’t just be Joey!!

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On Your Marks, Get Set… GONE!

Food never lasts long infront of me. Nor the hamsters.
But even I chew my food before swallow it within the second.
It appears some Syrian hamsters haven’t grasped this concept…

Here one second, GONE the next!

I gave Dexter a little leaf of greenery to try and keep him still enough for some pictures as we are all aware how much I struggle to get a focused photo of him.
Anyway my plan drastically backfired when the whole leaf went into his cheek within 3 seconds, IF THAT!!!

I managed to snap these blurry pictures of the incident…Here one second, stuffed into his cheek the next.
I should expect it really from this one… forever breaking the mold! 😛

Tomorrow you shall see how Casper ate his greens… The contrast in tactics is as far as far can be!!
So keep tuned for that post, tomorrow at 8am GMT 😉 Don’t miss it folks! (And if you dont already know, follow by email so you get these posts in your email inbox!)
Much love folks!! xx

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Hello There Old Boy!

So today is a Dexter post.
I am the worlds worst about balancing my posts between the boys but I am trying to rectify that.

Anyway, in my patience and attempt to get a half decent picture of the little MONSTER that is Dexter, I managed to capture a bit of a funny one…

Chubby hamster, you comfy!! :D Comfy there Dexter??

HAHAHAH! I don’t know why but this amused me for a good ten minutes!

He looks like such an old man hamster!
Its as if he’s eaten too much food, sat down and not been able to get back up!!
In fact how he looks right there is how I feel after most meal times ahahaha!

I know he is a pain in the neck most days cos he just doesn’t sit still!
But he is a complete cutiepie. Just not as cuddly as a certain white chubster 😉

You can also see that Dexter needs a manicure/pedicure.
His little nails are WHOPPERS!

I have never known a hamster like it but his nails grow the quickest thing ever!
Me and my sister had to cut his nails a few months ago cos they had got so lengthy!! And now they are at that stage again where they look like little velociraptor claws!

Might have to post about that later. If I can find another pair of hands to hold him down then I will! 😉

Anyways, enjoy your day folks! 😀

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