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Bob The Golden Retriever & His Furry/Feathery Friends

I love a good hammy news story and I have an absolute WINNER for you today.
I hope you animal lovers are ready to be ‘awwww’-ing and cooing all over these pictures.

A dog owner in Brazil has shared some pictures of her gorgeous golden retriever with some unusual friends.

golden-retriever-bob (2)

Yes Bob the Dog really is friends with 8 birdies and a little hamster!!

Now I’m not going to recommend that you introduce your big doggies to the little-furries in your lives. I don’t think this is a very common case – however in this particular case, these furries are all the best of friends!


I mean have you ever seen anything quite so adorable!

I love seeing hamsters in the news and I love seeing hammy things going viral too! And this is right up there in my top thing on the internet ever found!

They even nod off for a little power nap together!!! 😀

golden-retriever-bob (1)

I want Bob the Dog in my life. Now. I also suddenly want 8 budgies too…..
I want this!! I’m so jealous! 😀

Has anyone else got an unusual furry friendship’s going on under their roof!??
The only thing Banjo gets along with is his food bowl!

Dont forget to comment below your stories and make sure you’re following via email to keep up with all the hamster-y goodness!


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Oh Friday, I have missed you.. Come visit me sooner next week??

HAHAHAHA oh dear lord!

Sorry for the short post, I am one BUSY bumble bee!
Thought this would get you all smiling nonetheless! 😀


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Feel The Love People!

After my post last week, I was touched by people stories about how they, like me, loved their pets to pieces but struggled sometimes with the work/life balance. I decided a post dedicated to the adored pets of the blogosphere was in order!

You sent me your pictures of your loved pets and that one thing you could tell them that they’d never forget! And here they are, all framed and beautiful for your viewing delight!

Let me just say this now, you are some very loved pets!!

Genuinely, lovely to hear such nice words about your furries! Welling up over here!!! 😀
Thank you for sending these in everyone! The pictures are fabulous!

Another one is definitely on the cards if you have missed out this time!!!

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Silhouettes and Shadows

You remember that black and white gallery I did a while back now?? And how successful it was with lots of pictures of the blogosphere’s furries all looking dramatic and mysterious in black and white photos?!

Well I have a new photography challenge for you all. Camera’s at the ready folks!!

While holding Dexter the other night I held him up (all lion king style) and took a picture of him on my phone. The TV screen behind him was white at the time of the snap and so the picture came out a little different to how I was expecting.
Different but totally awesome…

It got me thinking… another gallery was in order!!!

So folks, in honour of the dark and shadowy November month coming – take your best silhouette or shadow of your pet and send it to my email – contact page here – with the subject line “Silhouettes and Shadows Gallery

Any creature, big or small, is welcome and I shall do the gallery on this SATURDAY (the 3rd) so make sure your pics are emailed to me before Friday midnight! 😀 Lets make this one a good’un!!

Good luck!!!

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The Sunday Riddle #17

Blimey, how the weeks just zoom past. This is the 17th riddle week already?! Dayyum!

So last weeks riddle was a good one, and the answers you guys gave made me chuckle! So here was the riddle itself:
What runs round and round the wood but never actually goes into the wood?

Now my favourite answer was Cupcake. Of course! Who else would run round the wood but not go in! Woods are scary places, especially for super cute doggies! 😉 But unfortunately, it wasn’t the “official” answer. Rubbish I know.


Sooooo technically it was kind of close, Cupcake can bark! 😀 But there you have it! I am proud to say my boyfriend got this one with no clues from me – although I did think he was loosing his marbles when he randomly started ‘barking’. Well-done also HutchaGoodLife and new commenter yourothermotherhere. Such clever people (and piggies) we have here! 😛

So for this weeks riddle I have resorted to my big book of Sherlock Holme puzzles (the complete collection you know)… These puzzles are the trickiest and perplexing things you could ever set eyes on. But hey, youve had 17 weeks to prepare for this people!!! 😉 Enjoy this weeks Sunday riddle:

‘I was at a break in yesterday Mr Holmes,’ began Inspector Lestrade. ‘Nasty business. A group of burly young men apprehended a man and his wife outside their home, and forcibley restrained them there! Meanwhile two of their gang kicked down the front door straight off its hinges and they charged in there! They came out  few minutes later, they worked fast I tell you Holmes, with the couples most treasured possessions. Then to top it all off they didnt scarper like your usual villians. They handed the loot over to the crying wife and then went about their business as casual as that! I saw the whole thing and I didnt even make a single arrest, what do you make of that eh Holmes!’

Oh Holmes, you are my idol! *swoon!*
Enjoy folks!

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Today: Open an Etsy Shop. Tomorrow: World Domination!

I have set up an Etsy shop.
*round of applause*

Okay I may need to rewind a little bit here because this is a little out of the blue.
Before I went on holiday, I went all craft-crazy! I printed my own abstract animal designs onto a set of cotton shoulder bags.

So far there are 5 designs but custom designs can be requested (hint hint!)


After making 5 bags (a blue eyed kitty, a green eyed kitty, a puppy dog, a hamster and a bunny rabbit) I thought ‘hmmm, maybe people would like to have one of these bags of their own!’ 
So I have loaded up the bags onto Etsy. Now what is Etsy? It is a place to open your own little “online shop” where you can sell hand-crafted items, vintage items or craft supplies -my bags falling into the hand-crafted category! 😀

The shoulder bags are 100% natural and eco-friendly cotton so if you go out shopping you can feel that little bit better knowing you are not harming the environment with all them plastic bags! Also the long straps mean they fit perfectly over your shoulder and look bloomin’ great!

All the designs are done by me! The actual look of the bags came to me in a dream, seriously! I was going for that minimal, abstract look that looks modern and quirky! Timeless, thats the word I was looking for, timeless!

I have made it possible on the shop to customise your own shoulder bag. So say you have a blue eyed kitty cat with ginger ears, you can request that and have your very own kitty cat bag made for you! How cool is that! 😀

All the designs can be customised to your own pets look – for bunny rabbits, doggies, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea piggies and gerbils – so each bag is unique and personal to you!

Can I also point out the whiskers are raised on all the designs for that extra eye-catching effect! Dont believe me, you’re going to have to get one to see! 😀 😀

Now my Etsy shop doesn’t look all that mind-blowing – I only opened it yesterday guys – don’t be too harsh on me! 😀

AND I have a secret for all my blog readers.
A 20% discount on any order!

Coupon Code:

That right there is EXCLUSIVE for you guys! So make the most of it!

And because I am feeling generous – FREE postage to the UK for any size order! 😀 WOOHOO! More bang for your buck or what! 😀

If things go out of stock, I will work super quick to have them replaced so don’t panic. There is only one of each so far because I am just dipping my toe in the water AND I am leaving it open for customisations.

So what do you guys think??


Check it out, comment below let me know what you think of my designs. 😀

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My “Shameful” Favs

The other day I revealed to you all the newest pet-craze sweeping the world.
Its called ‘Dogshaming’ and its basically payback for owners to shame their furry friends over the internet. I am sure there are other places to shame your pet too, but this particular blog hit the big time getting news coverage and radio discussions and almost instantly became a Facebook hit! 😀
If you are still confused as to the kind of thing you can expect from this craze, look no further. This is the kind of thing…
And its not just dogs who were getting the ‘shameful’ treatment, oh no absolutely no pet was safe out there!!

So I proposed to you, my lovely readers, to send in your snaps of your furry friend SHAMED.
Now most of you are just being polite and dont want to embarrass your fluffy companions, I bet your habits are secretly the worst ;P
But I did receive some pet shaming pics that will put a smile on everyone’s face!!
Here are my favourite 2 😀

This one is of a bunny rabbit called Toffee who is clearly the boss of the back garden 😀
Remind me not to mess with you gutsy fella!

Of course, Cupcake was never going to get away with this!! Look, you have even been caught in the act ON CAMERA!! What did you expect to happen cheeky!! 😉 I bet that bowl is tasty….. mmmmm *drools*

Heehehee, keep them coming in (email them to I can always do another post with more if I get some funny ones! 😀
Keep on your toes furry ones, Im out to get youuuuu 😀 hehehe!

REMINDER: Tomorrow is your last day to enter the FREE prize-give-away (sorry to ramble on about it, just dont want anyone to miss out!). Its simple to enter, follow the blog and pop a comment on the 100th post – the post at the top of the homepage titles ‘100th post prize-give-away’ Last chance to do so is tomorrow and then the exciting draw will begin!!! 😀


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