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What To Do When Your Hamster Dies

I get emailed a lot of questions, some I can answer privately and others I think hmmm other people might wanna read this to.
One of these emails was about what to do when you lose a pet hamster.
So to try and help, I have put together a little list of what I do when I lose a loved hammy.
I have lost lots of hamsters over my lifetime. Over the course of this blog alone, I lost my 3 hammy stars AND 13 beautiful baby hamsters.
If anyone can understand the grief of losing a pet, I can.


  1. Cry. Cry as much as you want to and feel the need to. Hamsters are little members of the family after all. They have been with you for years and when they pass away, it hurts! It is okay to cry and it helps to cry, so let it all out.
  2. Casper on my mousematPut all the pictures of your passed hammy up wherever you are. On your bedroom wall, on your school folders, on your work desk, anywhere!
    I have my favourite picture of Casper snuggled up asleep inside my blanket as my mousemat at work and pictures of all 3 of them on my electronic photo frame so every 30 minutes, I get to see a happy pic of my fur babies.
    Makes me smile every time. 🙂 ❤
  3. Make a memorial for them. Every hamster since I was a kid has been buried in my garden. There is a row of ceramic toadstools along the back fence in the garden so I can see where all of my pets have been laid to rest. Hamster Grave ToadstoolIts a lovely reminder 🙂 They are all different colours so I can recognise which hammy lays where.
    When the babies died, I planted an orchid for them in their memory.
    It was a beautiful plant and I thought it a fitting tribute for them.
    Plants and gravestones are a great way to distract you from the negative of losing a loved pet and a lasting tribute to their memory.
  4. Get a new hamster.
    It may seem drastic and the last thing you’d want to do but I promise you a new baby hamster is the perfect therapy. You get to have all the fur snuggles and a whole new personality to get to learn and love.
    Whenever you are ready and have grieved for your lost pet, I cant recommend enough the benefits of getting that cage all cleaned and sorted ready for a new furry-face. You can relive the great times of your lost pet, with a new one.Banjo the Hamster Offering a pet a new home is the most rewarding thing ever and it will keep you smiling, guaranteed!!
    You can tell your new fur baby all about their older brother/sister that has passed away. I found the whole experience of a new pet, the best remedy for a broken heart.
    Banjo is now my little rock – I couldn’t be without him.

Nothing and no one will replace your lost hamster and it really is the worst pain you can feel. But this doesn’t mean your world should crumble and end.
You just have to start a new chapter as difficult as it seems.

❤ Things WILL get better and your heart will mend, I promise you. ❤

Feel free to comment below on your fur babies that have passed over the rainbow bridge. We can have a little tribute xxxx

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Dexter and Casper The Friendly (Hamster) Ghosts

The one heartbreaking thing about hamsters is their very short life expectancy. With the average hammy living between 2 and 3 years, it can sometimes feel very brief when they go over the rainbow bridge to hamster heaven.

I am very sad to announce that both Casper and Dexter are now up in the clouds.
It’s officially official, the original HamsterDiaries crew is no more..

Dexter passed away near the end of last year. He was the oldest of the 3 and had me fooled he would live forever but at his ripe old age it was time for him to sleep and he peacefully passed while being cuddled and tickled.

RIP Dexter

Caspers passing wasn’t quite so black and white as he suffered from an illness in the weeks leading up to his death. I will be posting more about this soon as I think it will be helpful for other owners to see what happened.

RIP Casper

It has been a few months since I lost the two boys, in fairly quick succession I might add, which made the time even worse.
I know they are only little hamsters and as one vet once said ‘dispensable‘, but I grew very fond to these fuzzy little critters. Not only were they fabulous pets and adorable company, they opened up an entirely new world of blogging which I had struggled to break into for so long! I had started and given up on numerous failed blogs before starting HamsterDiaries back in May 2012.
When I got Dexter, blogging just seemed to click into place. And the best thing about it was, other people loved it too! It wasn’t just me who owned these hamsters and saw their lives panning out, it was the whole world! It started as a modest 4 reads on the first day. I think I managed to get 12 reads by the end of the week (granted I think 11 of them were my mum refreshing the page in moral support) but the point was I loved writing and I loved the hamsters more and it worked. I now have hundreds of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of reads!

All this time later I can honestly say, writing this blog was hands down the best thing I have done. I genuinely miss these little hamsters, their personalities and the adventures they got up to on the blog and off the blog. Looking back at the hundreds of photos and posts, I have a wonderful tribute to these pets.
And I couldn’t be more proud.

What is next for HamsterDiaries I hear you ask.. You can’t have a hamster blog and not have a hamster!
Well there is a silver lining to this somewhat solemn post.
There is a new member to the crew. Picking up where Eve, Dexter and Casper left off..Starting a new chapter in HamsterDiaries.

Who is this adorable little fella?!

All shall be revealed!

I look forward to posting again soon, keep them eyes peeled. Make sure you subscribe – you don’t want to miss this!

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Eve’s 2nd Birthday

On this day, back in June of 2012, I introduced the blogosphere to a very beautiful little girl hamster called Eve.
(Click here to read that very first post!)

She was a brave little hamster, and when I say little I mean she was diddy!! She could easily fit into the palm of my hand and needed no taming at all! She was docile and friendly right from the get-go, which in hamster terms is a pretty rare thing.

The first picture of Eve on this blog back in 2012! The picture to the left is of Eve’s first exploration of her new home.
I hadn’t planned on getting another hamster at the time. Me and the boyfriend went to the pet shop to pick up supplies for Dexter and there in the cabinet was a gorgeous little hamster, paws against the glass and adorable speckled ears all alert!

She really was absolutely adorable!! 😀

I immediately knew she had to come home with us and next thing we knew, we had bought a new cage and she was mine!

Eve. A suitable name for the first girly hamster I’ve ever owned I think. 🙂 Plus she was completely full of beans so having a name that meant ‘life’ was 100% appropriate.

So there she was, Dexter’s new girlfriend 😉

If you haven’t followed the blog before then you won’t know that Eve has had an action packed little life. She died sadly too soon in February of this year 😦

As this is the anniversary of her joining the hammy-fam, I thought a little look over her cutest pics would be a fitting tribute to this beautiful pet 🙂

After being with me for nearly two months, Eve had very much settled in and become a comfortable member of the family.

We decided in the August of that year, to breed her and Dexter.13 pups is a BIG responsibility

Now it didn’t end up the most triumphant of tales with her litter of 13 pups sadly passing away over the following 2 weeks after their birth. Eve just wasnt quite the mothering material we had hoped for, shying away from the pups.
But due to the babies illnesses and birth defects which were really beyond everyones control, who could blame her for struggling. I don’t know how many people would cope fine with 13 hungry needy newborns!

Anyway she did her best.
There were 3 little survivors that battled on to their 2nd week of life, but sadly liver problems caught up and they too passed away.

Even though Eve wasnt caring for the pups at this stage you could still
sense the grief from her. She had become a very slow and meticulous hamster. She barely came out of her bed anymore and would continue to build the most impressive nests I have ever seen a hamster produce!
Eve, showing off her pre-mum bod!She really was mourning and I have never seen that side to a hamster before. Shocking how something so little can show such an emotion.

After many months and LOTS of love and attention, she slowly had come back to the brave little monster she became.

Don’t get me wrong she stayed slower, but it came across as more of a maturity thing now.

She had been through a lot of drama and hassle and now she was finally back to herself again.
And she really was the most beautiful little hamster.

She gave me a lot of reasons to boast about female Syrians, as I had always heard horror stories about them being angry and vicious. Eve showed me not only was I wrong but the vast majority of people who think that were also very wrong!
I tend to find hamsters reflect their owner in terms of friendliness.

I will never change my mind on the fact that I think she was taken to early from life.RIP Eve and happy blogging birthday! :D xx Today would have been her 2 year blogging birthday, and I would have expected a third birthday next year too but alas some things are just not meant to be.

I have never been more grateful for this blog in that respect.
I managed to document and capture her life in words which are now immortalized on the internet. She may have died but she lives on through this blog and through the pictures and memories. And that is nothing to sniff at!

So this is a happy post really.
A poignant day in my blogging diary.

I hope all the words and waffle in this post doesnt bore you to tears. I just felt today should be a post about Eve.
(And I hoped you all enjoyed a different furry face to ‘awww’ at today too!)

Have a great day now! 

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Eves Final Resting Place

Everybody has a different way of commemorating a pets death.

For my hamsters in the past, I have always respected their deaths in the same way.
I put their nest in a box and bury the box in my garden.
To mark the grave I place a ceramic toadstool at the head of the grave.

Friends and family cant help but laugh at all the ceramic toadstools lined up at the back of the garden (not that I am a psycho hamster killer or anything morbid like that, just that a childhood of pet hamsters with a lifespan of 2-3 years means that there is a big family of hamsters in the garden resting in peace). Each and every hamster I have ever owned is buried and remembered in my garden in this way and that is the way I think it should be.

Every pet is a member of the family, no matter how small. And every member of the family deserves to be treated the same.

Eve is now the proud owner of this cute orange toadstool 🙂

Hamster Grave

She can now rest in peace alongside the other hamsters that were equally as beautiful and cute pets. I should also point out the plants and grass all grows back over the summer to make this look a little more natural. As this has been done recently, its still a little muddy and bare. But that fixes itself.

How do you remember your pets?
Let me know in the comments bit below. 

Much love xx

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R.I.P Baby Boo

I have some bad news folks.

When Eve climbed out of her nest earlier, I had my routine nosey around her nest (the routine gawping and sighing and ‘aww’ing – you know the drill) when I noticed one of the bubbys wasnt squirming at all.
I gently nudged the baby – against all my humanly/interferring instincts – and the baby was cold, had a mouth full of blood and was just not responding at all.
Eve frantically licked and nudged the baby to no avail, (the scent of my nudge must have made the baby stand out and realising the situation didnt care about my presence).
She then put the little baby into her food storage pile.

Now I really didnt want to interfere with nature and all the mummys natural instincts, but I couldnt imagine my beautiful Eve eating one of her babies, let alone infront of all her other babies!
So I took the baby out and buried him.

We have called the baby Boo.

I am pretty sure Boo was the runt of the litter, much smaller and more fragile in size compared to his brothers and sisters.
He hadn’t developed his ears yet unlike all of the other babies which is a sign that he just wasn’t going to make it.

Eve has done incredibly well so far – raising 13 babies is hard work and for a first time mommy she was doing beyond expected.
Its just super unfortunate  that the tiniest baby of the litter wasnt strong enough to pull through the crucial first 10 days and so now we are down to 12 bouncing babies.

 Went out almost straight away and bought a white orchid to remember our lost hammy.

13 just really isnt that lucky for some 😦

Im not very good at losing pets. Its really hard to explain to non-animal lovers because to most, theyre just animals?! How can you possibly get upset over a pet dying!

Well let me try to explain.
We didnt just go out and buy this hamster from a shop behind glass in a cramped little cage. We didn’t just impulse buy on a whim one day to buy this pet (Not that that should make much difference at all!).
We planned it for weeks and researched it for even longer!
Each baby is very special as they represent lots of care and patience and they have come from a very cute hamster which I have tamed and knew straight from first seeing her she was going to be MYYYY hamster.

Its very sad because she must know that one of her babies is missing and gone. Thats what makes me sad the most.

As much as this is the first knock-down of this blog so far, I dont want to dwell too much on sweet number 13. There are 12 babies that still need looking after and caring for.

I think now, I will just be very careful when checking to make sure that Eve is coping okay and that we haven’t lost anymore. I dont want to lose anymore! 😦

The rest are really coming into their own. Some are managing to waddle and wade through the nest and their colourings have really shown through now.

I can see a speckled baby, a panda like baby and a completely dark baby so far – so a right mix up of Eve and Dexters colourings should really shine through soon enough.
At 5 days old now, you can see their little teeth (little needles more like) and their ears have pulled away from the body so I imagine their hearing is starting to develop.

As promised, an update on Dexter as hes been overshadowed this last week or so!

He is still as CUTE as ever.
like to think hes taking on a very thorough body-guard role over his babys 😛
He will watch the cage from afar and make sure no hungry lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) are stalking out the bubs!

I wonder how many of the babies will have his dopey demeanor!? I hope all of them!

So now we are on 12 babies. Lets all keep our fingers,toes and paws crossed that we lose no more!

Lots of love for Mummy Eve, xoxoxoxoxox

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