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The Return Of HamsterDiaries; 1st Month

I would be lying if I had said to you in this post, that the last 30 posts have been easy.
It has been crazy to get back into writing and blogging in general really after such a long break. It has suddenly dawned on me the Welcome back to HamsterDiaries!!amount of work I put into this blog back in 2012 and was kind of understanding my reasons for stopping. I completely underestimated the time I take writing and taking pictures and sorting out all the things I like to have sorted for a post.

The nerdy bits take a lot of research in some cases and that doesn’t just pour out my brain, I have to find it and make sure what I’m writing it completely correct!
Its a lot of work, it can take up a lot of time due to my perfectionist habits and I need to be forward thinking which isn’t usually my thing..

But never the less, I have absolutely LOVED it 🙂

I have been welcomed and greeted like an old friend which has been just wonderful! I have caught up on old blogs and started reading new blogs; everything changed and I cant get enough of it!!

So this is my thank you
Thank you to everyone who has read the blog this last month, thank you to everyone who has participated in my posts and commented on them. I have put so much of my time into writing and seeing any kind of feedback or comment on it makes the world of difference! I'm a STAR darlings! :D Also thank you to every single person who gave a like, I really appreciated the support no matter how you chose to show it!
And most of all thank you SO so much to those who have chosen to follow the blog via email.
It may seem trivial to you how one little follower can make any difference to a blogger but every time I see someone has signed up to receive an email notification when there is a post, it motivates me that much more to continue posting and putting together something for you to all read.
Its like your little way of telling me you want to see more and for me there is no greater support 🙂
It makes me a very very happy blogger.

So this was a kinda off topic post for me to gush about how awesome you all are and how much I adore you all but I felt it needed to be said sooner rather than later and what better way to shout it from the roof blog-tops than on my 31st post celebrating my first months return.

I hope you all realise that despite my hectic schedule I shall be trying my hardest to post something every day!
If you ever just see a photo posted, please know this is not me being lazy! Its me trying to show you I haven’t forgotten and I am a little caught up with something else to be writing a full post.
You’re all busy people too, and I hope you will understand!

RIP Eve, immortalized in this blog.But I shall endeavor to give you the cutest photos and the funniest stories to keep you all hamster-ed out!

The blog may only have two hamsters now, not the three you old readers are used to, but I shall keep the updates coming regardless. Eve may have passed away but she is not forgotten. And this blog is a testament to her. The first months of her life with me were documented and photographed and shared with the world!!! Not many pets on this planet can say that. 🙂

If you want to see anything in particular, any specific topic to be addressed or have always wondered something about hamster, leave a comment below and I shall try and get round to it in the next months postings somewhere.
I love getting ideas and input from you guys, you’re all blogging genius’ 😀

I really do hope June will be as successful as May has been. I cannot wait for the days to roll and for you to see where this blogging malarkey goes!
Help me make it happen?? 🙂

Squeaks and Kisses!

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The Cracks Begin To Show…

So my Saturday post has been swallowed up by the internet.

Its really annoyed me because now I have technically missed a blogging day and I haven’t missed a day since the start all the way back in May.

I will put this down to experience.
Damn you WordPress!

Your Sunday Riddle will be right with you guys!


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Top 10 Weirdest Web Searches

I thought I would dedicate this post to all those people out there suffering with Monday Morning Blues. 
These are genuine internet search terms that have people have quite honestly typed into their computers and come across my blog as a result.
Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen 😛

“My hamster peed in my bed, how can I discipline him?”
If only this tortured hamster owner had commented or asked me! I could have easily told him that 3 minutes on the naughty step without any cuddles or attention is the way to discipline this furry fiend. Sit down with your hamster after this time and ask for an apology! If the hamster refuses to say sorry, leave them on the naughty step for a further 3 minutes. Its the only way these hamster learn anonymous worrier! If all else fails, take treats off the menu! That hamster will eventually crack under the pressure and peeing in the bed will be a distant memory for you both!

“do hamsters love?”
Now this is rather deep and philosophical for my little blogging brain. And perhaps for every other human being. I mean if by love you mean spontaneously crap on your sofa, nibble the cage bars loudly until the early hours of the morning and wee on your nice clean new top when you’re running late for something, then yes – hamsters lovely deeply and more meaningfully than any other mammal on the planet! But if you’re expecting a single red rose and a soppy note on your pillow one morning then I hate to say it but don’t keep your hopes up! They’re just not the romantic type; they’re more of the ‘treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen‘ variety.

“is there such thing as a non smelly hamster”
I could dedicate an entire post for this very question but I will shorten down the message just for this curious web-searcher: Non-smelly hamsters are a mythical creature along with minotaur’s and unicorns. They are not a big as unicorns, its true, but they are in the same realm of Narnia as these majestic beings, just hiding in the shadows. The closest us mortal humans can get to such a rare beast is to clean your poor pets cage out more often!! They only smell if you don’t clean their living space regularly! Oh and if they are a girl hammy on heat then they pong something nasty and there is no amount of cage-scrubbing that will rid you of that odour. Sorry.

“how to milk a hamster”
Firstly, strap your hamster into a pet-safe harness and put your protective goggles and gloves on – safety first kids!! Secondly, locate the hamster’s udder using a magnifying glass and tweezers. Thirdly, are you SERIOUS?!?! Put the hamster down and take a step back. In fact take more than one step back!
Leave the room/neighbourhood.

“is my male hamster fat or pregnant?”
Did you skip biology classes? Get back to school!! Damn!

“hamster porn”
Ooooh an old favourite here at Hamster Diaries. It pops up (s’cuse the pun) every day now. Even with a post titled ‘No Porn Here’, them randy hamster-porn-addicts think its a trick and click to view the post, just incase I’m hiding any saucy pictures! I’ll also mention there was a disturbing ‘hamster up the bum’ search… there are just no intelligent words to comment on that with. Moving on!

“hamster breast milk for sale anywhere”
Are you the same guy who was asking me how to milk your hamster?!?! If yes, please refer to point number 7 for further information. If not and you are a completely different person, have you tried the milk isle at your local supermarket?? I hear Tesco are really widening their range…

“how do I say ‘thank you’ in hamster language”
Great question my friend. When I treat my three hamsters to a new toy or a scrummy new treat, they all seem to thank me by peeing in my pockets or on the sofa. As hamsters don’t have sofa’s, the next best thing is their exercise wheel or gnawed on tunnel. Gently nudge their face with your claws (use a nail file to sharpen them bad boys up, really get into character with this) and reverse into position over your hamsters favourite object. Just when they look at you with a face of thanks, pee on their prized possessions. They will immediately feel the love and affection you hold for them.
Or you could just say ‘squeak, squeaky, squeakity, squeak.’ Essentially they are the same thing.

“can I breast feed my hamster”
No madam, no you can not! NEXT!

“Can you test a hamsters pregnancy with a human pregnancy test?”
Wow. Just wow! I wish there were words for this beautiful statement. Okay let me start off by saying top marks for imagination. Tip top marks there. I would also like to point out the differences between hamsters and humans; they’re different species. I’d imagine this would cause a problem when it comes to using a human pregnancy test (emphasis on the ‘human’ bit of that sentence). Also I’d like to see anyone try to get a hamster to pee on cue over a pregnancy test stick… All thats left after that search term is this highly appropriate meme:

I hope this has cheered up your Monday Blues!

I would like to emphasise that all of these search terms are 100% genuine from my WordPress ‘Search Engine Term’ section of my stat’s page over the entire time I’ve had this blog. I have tidied up the grammar of certain search terms (e.g. capitalised the i’s) for this post and also corrected the spelling of ‘hampsters’ in two of them.

Apart from that, I really couldn’t make this up! Gob-smacked doesn’t even come close! I hope you have enjoyed this! 😀 

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Best Blog Award September 2012

Now where has September gone? Seriously, where on earth did it go?! I think the fact I went on holiday has made it go so much quicker but now I am getting anxious… time is speeding up?!

Anyway, less about my time-management crisis and more about my favourite blog’s for this past month in my monthly best blog award! YAY! 😀

Now the award badge is a wee bit different this month. I used a black and white picture so I made the font red so that you can actually read it 😛 Looks preeeeetty awesome if you ask me! So this months winner is in for a treat!

First off, my two wonderful runners up are as follows:
This is a wonderfully modern blog, possibly even one of the coolest looking blogs, I’ve read! If you havent checked it out already, you MUST get over there ASAP! 😀 Its full of colourful and bright photos that are just a delight to look at and the blog itself is just wicked! Read it, love it!
Now this isnt the usual blog I would brag about but omg I love it! If you need a girly fix all you need to do is to visit this very blog. Its pink and cheery and the posts are super friendly and interesting. With so many blogs these days dying, this blog thinks of everyhing. Its dynamic and worth a read and a follow – do it nowwwww!! 😀

And for the winner, my BEST BLOG AWARD  for September 2012 is…
fter the stunning picture of Fred the Hamster I have been hooked to this blog. The artwork is amazing – seriously amazing! The blogger is certainly one talented person! I cannot get enough of the pictures and urge you all to check it out if you havent already!

Zent Creative Blog, this award badge is yours to do with what you may! Show it off or treasure it in secret! Its up to you!

And they are my choices for this month, the award for October 2012 will be announced on Wednesday 31st (no clashes there!)

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The Sunday Riddle #16

So there has been a conflict today. I wonder if any of my regular readers will have noticed.
Oh I’ll tell you anyways!
Today is a Sunday. It is also the last day of the month which meansssssss… I should be posting my Sunday Riddle and my Best Blog Award!

Alas, I am not.

I will be posting my Sunday Riddle today and save the best blog post for tomorrow!
I couldnt possibly do both 😉
So last weeks riddle was as follows:

A man is walking through a park. He has no umbrella. There are no trees above him or protection of any kind. He is not in shelter either. How did he not get one drop of rain on him at all?

And the ANSWER wassss:
It wasnt even raining!

And lots of you gottit too! Welldone all you clever clogs! I have a good one for you today. You ready!?

What runs round and round the wood but never actually goes into the wood?

Hmmmmmmmm perplexing right? 😀
Well give it a go, comment below if you think youve gottit! GOOD LUCK FOLKS!

And keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows BEST BLOG award post! 😀 Another month another winner! 😀


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BlogSHOUT: Hammy Happenings

I have to do another blogSHOUT, I just HAD to.
(Thinking this will become a feature too, for the hamster blogs I discover that is. A shout out in a bid to join together all the hamster bloggers out there!).

There will never be enough Hamster blogs, especially when they are all so AWESOME!
Hammy Happenings is a recently addition to the blogosphere, but not from a new blogger I might add.

Describing hamsters as a ‘childhood memory’ and a ‘therapeutic pet’ to have, I really cant recommend this blog enough.
In this blog, you will meet 4 of the most sweetest and photogenic hamsters you may very well ever come across. Strawberry, Snow, Patch and Bob are the hamsters who fill this blog with their antics and even though it has only just started up, it has already provided me with inspiration and impressed me beyond words! The pictures are stunning! Really stunning! It puts my photos to shame, I mean look how clear and BEAUTIFUL little Snow looks in this picture (right)!!

I cant help but practically melt in my seat due to the cuteness here! And its also not just about syrian hamsters which is a refreshing change form hamsterdiaries if you like 😀
And this is just one picture of the many on this blog! Talk about new heights in ‘AWWWW’-ing. I needed to take a really deep breath before clicking on the posts because I just had to ‘AWWWWWW’ and coo over the super-duper-adorable snaps!!

It is so lovely to see other hamster owners post and brag about their furries! ITS AWESOME!

So as a favour to me, and the hamsterdiaries ever growing hammy family, check out hammyhappenings. Follow it, like the posts, comment on the cuteness and share the hamster loveeee!!!

Bringing together hamster blogs is becoming a beautiful thing. Know another hamster blog or even write one yourself? Contact me if you want a blogSHOUT. 😀

Go on check it out, you know you are dying to see the cuties!



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BlogSHOUT: Animal Tails

So I have decided to brag about a superb hamster blog I have recently discovered!

Hamster blogs are hard to come by but this one is a complete gemstone!! I really recommend you check it out because it just looks so professional and has that consistency that makes a blog so gripping to visit time and again!

Animal Tails is not a WordPress blog which must be why I haven’t discovered it sooner! But that doesn’t make it any less wonderful to reader because it really is a FABULOUS blog!

Hannah, the blogger, has a gorrrrgeous hammy called Willow who is just adorable!! (I will have to keep Dexter and Casper firmly in their cage with blindfolds on because Willow is a real beauty!!) The blog is all about her adventures as well as a really beautiful tribute to Lolly, the hamster who sadly passed away earlier this year.

The pictures are constantly charming and I genuinely can’t find anything to fault! The posts are great and entertaining and in addition to the posts and pictures, there is a Facebook Page to like, a Youtube channel to subscribe to, polls to answer and a competition to mark the 10,000 view on the site. How brilliant is that? Is there anything this blog can’t do?! 😀

As a fellow hamster lover to another, Animal Tails is a great blog and so worth a hundred reads if you have the time 😉 If not, use that few minutes you have spare before you go to sleep tonight, and give it a look! You will no regret it, it will grip you!!

Go and check it out and see what you think. You thought Dexter, Eve and Casper were adorable?! You haven’t seen Willow yet! 😀 (Okay so they are ALL equally as adorable)
Raising that bar in hamster blogging is as always a fabulous sight and Animal Tails really has set that bar at an incredibly high standard.

I have taken the picture of Willow here from the blog and the title picture is also from the site, it was like a temptation for you all… If I lured you in with a cute picture, you’d go and visit it right?! Or is that sneaky? Nope, that’s exactly what I was going for! 😀

Lots of love to Willow from Dexter, Casper and Eve (even if they are a little jealous at your beauty :P)


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The Sunday Riddle #15

I am sadly returning from my holiday today 😦 Sad times for me but exciting times for the blog 😀 I will finally be able to post more than 50 words a day and not have to plan for an entire week ahead! Man this was tougher than I thought it would be! 😛

Last weeks riddle was as follows:
A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays for three days and leaves on Friday. How did he do it?

Well as I still wont have gotten around to replying to last weeks comments, I will assume people fathomed this one out.
Well the ANSWER:

The horse was called Friday. HAHA BRILLIANT! 😀

I hope someone got it 😛 Coz that riddle was a good’un. 😀
Now the next riddle for you to mull over is this:

A man is walking through a park. He has no umbrella. There are no trees above him or protection of any kind. He is not in shelter either. How did he not get one drop of rain on him at all?

Give it a go guys! Comment!! 😀

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Zentcreativeblog – Fine Art and Creative Living

I LOVE discovering new blogs. I love reading all the new content, admiring all the fresh pictures and seeing different perspectives and ideas on all kinds of topics. Every now and again I find a special blog – now what do I count as a special blog?
All the blogs I follow, read and comment on I adore and still every now and then WordPress throws me a blog about [insert random topic here] which also shows an interest or tale of hamsters! I mean Hamster Diaries meets other hamsters from around the world?! – WIN WIN!

One of these such blogs is Zentcreativeblog. If you haven’t seen this blog before, I urge you to check it out!

The artwork is utterly beautiful and inspiring to say the least! And the latest masterpiece happens to be Fred the hamster (above) looks a wee bit like Dexter in myopinion 😀
Fred was a pet of the bloggers daughter Holly. Like Dexter, Fred runs and runs and runs and Holly had a very special bond with her hamster! A great tale and a fantastic story behind the picture.

How handsome is Fred?! The eyes really capture that spirit and this pose is so recognisable to all hamster owners and lovers alike.

I love this blog and LOVE the animal artwork that is shown on it! Give it a look – let me know if you guys know any other blogs worth checking out and shared! 😀 Look forward to discovering LOTS!


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The Blog Slump.

Dexter is not shy about where he chooses to sit.

My boyfriends head is a new favourite.

Dont ask how he got there…
…But he didnt move for five minutes.

Thought he was going to wee if Im honest but he didnt.
Such a good boy!

I have a video and photos of Eve on the way. Im getting a bit sluggish on the whole bloggin thing at the moment.

I dont want readers to get bored of what I post about.
I mean hamsters are hamsters durrr, the fact Eve is pregnant is very exciting but that doesnt mean its going to interest everybody.

The keep me highly entertained but I sometimes feel like I repeat myself.

Maybe once the babies have arrived I will have a new-found enthusiasm for writing lots of posts.

I mean the photos alone are going to be ADORABLE!

So keep checking back.
I will keep posting every day 😀

I have a few things in the pipeline so keep on reading!!!!


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