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HMRR: A Day In The Life Of A Cookie Monster

Hello to all the peeps of the hamster world!!

My name is Hayley, I’m 22, I have just finished college and am now looking to find what I should do next.
CookieI have a tiny little creature, a hamster, might I add, whom is the sole reason that I am writing this blog post.

Her name is Cookie, she is my little Munchkin and my Cookie Monster!!
Mad names, maybe, but I’m sure anyone who has a pet knows that you don’t always call them by their given name!

Cookie; she is the only hamster or small pet I have ever had, yet
she is the most friendly little thing there is!
She is so careful when taking food from you…unless the food is your nails, then she loves to eat them.

She is named Cookie after her lovely colouring.

Cookie came from an abandoned house. Her family had left her for dead in her cage and when found, she was still so friendly, so when I found out, I decided to take her in and she has been the most lovely little Cookie!
Oh, how I wish I could have more……

Posting again soon!

Hayley & Cookie

Thank you to Hayley and the beautiful little Cookie for this awesome first blog post! We are looking forward to reading more from Cookie too – let us know in the comments below what you make of our newest furry face to HamsterDiaries 😀 

Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and checked out the YouTube channel too! 😀 
Has this inspired you to guest-write for HamsterDiaries?! Drop us an email to
Lets share all the hamster love!! 😀 

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The Illusive Face Of Banjo The Hamster

Banjo looking simply adorable!

Whoever said hamsters were’t cute.. clearly doesn’t read this blog!! 😀
Joey doesn’t like to sit still ever. He has permanent ants in his pants and wiggles about like crazy.
But there is the odd occasion he will sit perfectly still under my palm, snuggle into my tummy and pose nicely for a photo… its a rarity but this picture is proof it DOES happen :’) Continue reading

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HamsterDiaries Needs YOU

So as I am sure you have realized, I am a VERY busy bee!
There is LOTS going on and I just don’t have the time like I used to.
But I love love love this blog!

I am always checking my emails and checking the Facebook page, reading your updates and pictures and stories.And I cannot get enough of it!!!

But I have got a solution.Me?! Write!? SURE!! :D
I want to keep HamsterDiaries updated and full of hamster-y goodness… so what better than to invite YOU to write articles for the blog!!! With people of all ages, all walks of life, from all sorts of countries all getting in on the action, I think we can add a lot more to the blog in fabulous hammy-love style!!

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, drop me an email at
I will ping you back all the info you need and get you kicked off to blogging-stardom in no time at all!

Looking forward to hearing from you soooooooon 😀


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Fussy Eating In Hamsters



Banjo is a very fussy eater it seems. And a shy eater too.
He doesn’t like stuffing his chops in front of me. Then again I am a scary site holding the camera up when he is trying to nibble his dinner…

Nom Nom Nom

But I found that with something delicious in front of him, he tends to sit still and tends to pull the cutest poses for me! Yay! Remember earlier this week I posted about the hamster pizza! Mmmmmm pizza!!!
Well I got lotttttts of photos from that delicious treat.
And being the OCD freak I am, I have rationed out the pictures so that when he doesnt want to sit still, I still have pictures to show you all.Banjo eating a hamster pizza
See what I did there 😛 I’m trying to be one step ahead.. I like to think its working 🙂

Anyway, my point of this post was to highlight Joey’s fussy eater-ness.

Is it okay for hamsters to pick through their food bowls, cherry picking what bits to eat? 

Well yes and no, its not going to be the end of the world. Hamster muesli is balanced to provide the best nutrition to your pets. I always think its best to switch up your pets food regularly. Not so much brand to brand, but fresh fruit and veg in there somewhere can’t be bad.

As you can see from Joeys little face, the treat he got the other day really did perk him up. Its good to treat them 🙂

What are your favourite treats?

Let me know in the comments below and as always make sure you’re following via email to get every post in your inbox 🙂 You don’t want to miss out on anything surely?!

Love love love my furry friends! xx

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Making A Mess; A Flashback

I know they may have passed but I still have lots of wonderful photos of Casper and Dexter that never made it to post. And it seems like a shame to not share them with you all.

Especially when they are doing what they did best; making an almighty mess!! 😀

So far, so good!

So here you can see Dexter tucking into a hamstery-donut. Delish eh Dex!

Okay little bit of mess there Dex

Oh I see how this works, you take a bite and it explodes crumbs everywhere yes?
Okay a LOT of mess there Dex!

Well there are more crumbs on the table than in your cheeks mister but I let you off as you look like youre enjoying it!

Oh thanks Dexter, just leave that mess for me to clear up yeah!Oh right now you walk away…. Its not like an fireball explosion – its not cool to walk away from it!!!
Oh I shall just have to clear that up… cheeky monster!

And as if I hadnt learnt my lesson from Dexter I then gave Casper one too…


Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Casper is driving an invisible car 😛

I dont think you will fit that in there mister!

Munchings and crunchings and MESS! OH GOD THE MESS!

All done!Oh who could possibly stay mad at your adorable little face!!

I hope all my furry friends make this much mess! If they don’t, then sort it out! Flick the crumbs about my furry friends!!! 😀

You also may remember the other day I hinted about the newest addition to HamsterDiaries? Well all shall be revealed soon! I will introduce you all to the latest fur-baby on my 300th blog post – 2 more posts away! 😉
So subscribe via email so you dont miss a thing!! 😀

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Dexter and Casper The Friendly (Hamster) Ghosts

The one heartbreaking thing about hamsters is their very short life expectancy. With the average hammy living between 2 and 3 years, it can sometimes feel very brief when they go over the rainbow bridge to hamster heaven.

I am very sad to announce that both Casper and Dexter are now up in the clouds.
It’s officially official, the original HamsterDiaries crew is no more..

Dexter passed away near the end of last year. He was the oldest of the 3 and had me fooled he would live forever but at his ripe old age it was time for him to sleep and he peacefully passed while being cuddled and tickled.

RIP Dexter

Caspers passing wasn’t quite so black and white as he suffered from an illness in the weeks leading up to his death. I will be posting more about this soon as I think it will be helpful for other owners to see what happened.

RIP Casper

It has been a few months since I lost the two boys, in fairly quick succession I might add, which made the time even worse.
I know they are only little hamsters and as one vet once said ‘dispensable‘, but I grew very fond to these fuzzy little critters. Not only were they fabulous pets and adorable company, they opened up an entirely new world of blogging which I had struggled to break into for so long! I had started and given up on numerous failed blogs before starting HamsterDiaries back in May 2012.
When I got Dexter, blogging just seemed to click into place. And the best thing about it was, other people loved it too! It wasn’t just me who owned these hamsters and saw their lives panning out, it was the whole world! It started as a modest 4 reads on the first day. I think I managed to get 12 reads by the end of the week (granted I think 11 of them were my mum refreshing the page in moral support) but the point was I loved writing and I loved the hamsters more and it worked. I now have hundreds of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of reads!

All this time later I can honestly say, writing this blog was hands down the best thing I have done. I genuinely miss these little hamsters, their personalities and the adventures they got up to on the blog and off the blog. Looking back at the hundreds of photos and posts, I have a wonderful tribute to these pets.
And I couldn’t be more proud.

What is next for HamsterDiaries I hear you ask.. You can’t have a hamster blog and not have a hamster!
Well there is a silver lining to this somewhat solemn post.
There is a new member to the crew. Picking up where Eve, Dexter and Casper left off..Starting a new chapter in HamsterDiaries.

Who is this adorable little fella?!

All shall be revealed!

I look forward to posting again soon, keep them eyes peeled. Make sure you subscribe – you don’t want to miss this!

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Blogs; When Do You Read?

Now I think its fair to say I am very much BACK in the blogging swing of things! 😀 
And as a very keen blogger, I have started thinking of a bunch of questions to try and improve the blog. BUT most of these questions, I cannot answer by myself. What time do people read blogs?
Don’t worry, I am not about to spring a survey of a 100 questions on you, I just have one particular question I am really curious about.

What time do you get yourself onto WordPress to read up on the blogs you like?

Is it a first thing in the morning routine to accompany your Weetabix and coffee? Or is it a lunch break thing where you have nothing much to do at your desk and need a bit of light entertainment? Or is it even a bit of bedtime reading for you??
Maybe I am reading into all this timing malarkey a little too much and you just read and catchup when you can, but I am dying to know for sure.

I have been scheduling my posts to go public at 8am GMT every day, not for any particular reason other than it was about the time I would get to work and figured people would maybe like to have something new to read from the morning onward really.

I even wanted to keep this post hamsterific so got Casper to pose with a clock.Casper and the Clock, he can tell the time HONEST! :p

‘HOW VERY RELEVANT’ I hear you scream 😉

HAHAH, I even tried to get Dexter to pose nicely with a clock but he really does have none of it. An unnatural celebrity.
But Casper posed away very nicely for me.

And I know it looks like he is even nibbling the cushion m iPad is sat on in the picture to the right, but he isn’t I swear.
Even Diva-Casper needs a little bit of encouragment to sit still sometimes. So a bit of broccoli may have appears in his paws…

Anyway back to the point..
I know it may seem trivial and it could be completely RANDOM but at least then I will know.
As for some reason this thought has been bothering me since I began blogging again…

So, I would be mighty grateful if you could answer the poll below, just to give me a rough idea of what time people are reading.
I understand there is a time difference and as this blog reaches every corner of the globe, my 8am is different to your 8am kinda thing, but going on your time of day wherever in the world you are, when do you check out the blogs you follow?

Thank you in advance for your participation. It makes setting up the hamsters with props that little bit more worth it 😉

Hamster-y cuddles! 

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Short & Sweet

Peek-a-boo!Its fair to say most critters, big or small, can be tricky to photograph even at the best of times. And some days the hamsters are very uncooperative.
Even Casper.

So all I managed to get was this cheeky little picture.
Half hiding, half snooping.

I am trying desperately to post more about Dexter but he is an illusive being. And incredibly frustrating when it comes to pictures.

Soooo just a short little post for you today folks.
Tiz a busy day for me! Oh and don’t forget, I have a Facebook page you can like 🙂 The button is over there on the left hand sidebar xx

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Casper Cuddles

This is just a quick post today as I am all preoccupied with non-blogging stuff but alas I must provide you cuteness and adorableness to sleep at night!
So here is Casper giving me a little hamster snuggle.
He knows being busy isnt always fun too. I mean he’s constantly busy with running on his saucer and nibbling his cardboard tunnel, so he understands how hard it is to fit other things in!!! 😉
But in all seriousness, I always have time for cuddles and snuggles with this little cutie 🙂

Casper Cuddles!! :)

I will have more cuteness tomorrow and hopefully some more time to write better stuff too! 😛
Licks and love! xx

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Grumpy Whiskers

So times are getting busy for me right now.
I barely have a moment to myself and as much as I am loving the hustle and bustle of it, HamsterDiaries is taking a battering.
And by “battering” I mean my posts are slowing up and I am getting a little frantic on time.
This makes me grumpy.

And apparently I am not the only one who gets grumpy about this lack of time.
I captured Casper’s mood perfectly as he was sat on my chest all groggy and grouchy (as is usually the case).

If this grumpy mug doesn’t melt your heart then I don’t know whats wrong with you! 😉

grumpiest hamster in the world!!! :D

I hope this moody pout cheers up your Friday! Bring on the weekend eh folks!! 🙂

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