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To continue the Casper themed remembrance posts, I have put together a little video with all my favourite beautiful photographs.
It will probably mean very little to the big wide world but I think it wouldn’t be right to not share it with you.

I shall put one together for little Dexter soon too.

So tomorrow will be my 300th HamsterDiaries post (wowzers!) so I am going to celebrate it in style with a BIG announcement I’ve been hinting about for a few days now…
Tune in tomorrow folks, follow the blog so you dont miss a thing! You don’t even have to have a WordPress account just check out the box on the left hand toolbar. Hamstery goodness delivered straight to your inbox – what more could you want!


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Casper’s Illness

In yesterdays rambling post, I explained that my gorgeous white Syrian hamster had passed away after fighting a mysterious illness. Well for the sake of all my hammy friends and all those who are worried about their little fur-babies, I want to explain what happened and the tell-tale signs that something wasn’t quite right.

So I was having a routine evening cuddle with Cas and I noticed that he didn’t look quite right. The first sign, bulging eyes...His eyes were really bulging and he was veeeeery slightly tilting his head to one side.
Now don’t get me wrong hamsters can be very bright eyed but this was out of the ordinary for my little Casper who as you may know spent the majority of his time with them shut!

As you can see from the picture, his eyes look very rounded and almost protrude from his face.

He kept on blinking normally and his behavior hadn’t changed at all so all I really noticed was he looked a little different.

All I could really do at this point was monitor it.

Over the next week or so the tilt in his head became more prominent. It was affecting the way he walked about too.
My first thought – inner ear infection.
The inner ear affects balance and can be treated with antibiotics.

I took my poorly baby to the vets and he behaved as good as gold! Only wriggled a tiny bit when they were examining him.

I always feel like a horrible hamster-mummy when I get the tank out. But it’s the best thing to take them to the vets in. Small and nowhere to hide so the vet can get them and treat them with as little stress as possible in my opinion.

So the vet gave Cas a thorough examination. And as is usually the case with hamsters, the vet couldnt do very much at all for him.

Vet Visit for lil CasperIts the sad thing about such small critters in that they are so small treatments such as surgery are next to impossible.

Never the less, the vet gave me the verdict.
There was something wrong with Caspers brain. A swelling, possibly a tumor.
It was this tumor/swelling that was causing his eyes to protrude and causing his behavior to change in terms of walking lop-sided.

They gave him some antibiotics in the hope that it wasn’t as serious as they thought and that it was an infection of some sort. The hope was that the medicine would improve the swelling and make him more comfortable.

Unfortunately, after 2 weeks there was no improvement on his condition. If anything he had deteriorated. He was still eating and drinking but his breathing had become incredibly laboured and his eyes were starting to get a little weepy.
My poor fur baby was not looking healthy at all. 😦

I moved his cage into my bedroom and kept a close eye on him. Poorly Cas, cuddles o'clock!Every available opportunity, he got cuddles and snuggles in warm blankets. I hand fed him water and moist foods to try and keep him as hydrated as possible.

As you can see from this picture, he really was starting to look unwell.

He had no energy at all.
Laying still and breathing was hard work for him.

He did manage to nibble at the food infront of him although it was never very much as his weakness was starting to really show.

It was at this stage I knew Casper wasn’t going to make it for much longer.
Watching him fight so very hard for life was torturous and my heart was genuinely breaking. I would put his tired body on my warm tummy and we would sit quietly together for hours and hours of an evening. He knew I was there and he knew I was watching him and he didn’t given up!

It was the third day of this very poorly Cas and I had booked a vet appointment. I didn’t want to let him go but it was cruel to let him struggle any longer.

It was on this very evening that he curled up on my tummy for the last time.
Struggling to breath :(He was really struggling to breath.
He took his last breaths while being stroked and snuggled.

It was a very very sad time.
Even now, months and months later, I miss this little hamster so so much. He was the perfect pet, friendly, tame and just the cutest.
He has left an unimaginable space.
I am beyond grateful for this blog and all the memories I have captured and shared.

To re-cap Casper’s symptoms for you worried hammy-parents;

  • Bulging eyes
  • Tilted head
  • Lethargic
  • Laboured breathing

I can’t stress enough, get to the vets! There is a million and one things that could cause the above. Chances are good with antibiotics! Its best not to waste any time.

RIP Casper

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Reasons To Blog

Thinking about writing a blog? EXCELLENT!!
There can be nothing more rewarding than blogging and writing!
But if you still needed more convincing as to why blogging is a big ol’ thumbs up here are my thoughts!

  1. Casper in bed, LOOKING CUTE!! You are completely free to write whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want with no boundaries or limits!
  2. You can be anonymous or public, whatever you are comfortable with!
  3. There are experiences and knowledge only you could share with the blogosphere through your writing!
  4. You can discover things you never knew about the world by connecting with other blogs.
  5. You can make friends with people on the other side of the planet who share interests with you without ever leaving the comfort of your computer!
  6. You can share your thoughts, pictures and videos with a wider audience than just your Facebook or Twitter page 😉
  7. You can share your passions, no matter how obscure and chances are there is someone else somewhere out there who shares your passion!
  8. You can raise awareness for whatever cause you really support.
  9. You could end up inspiring others with your writing and experiences!
  10. It is a brilliant way to build your confidence at your own pace through your writing.
  11. Its completely free to blog! What is possibly stopping you now?

I started blogging in 2012 when I felt pretty low and  unconfident, and was struggling to define my own personality in the “real world”. I enjoyed writing and I knew I wanted to blog but had no idea where to start or how I would ever make a success of it! When I got my hamster, Dexter, I was at a point in my life where I suddenly had a topic, a focus I could really get stuck into. I blog anonymously, that is how it will always stay – my blog is about my hamsters not me! Plus its almost like a kind of therapy for me. I can escape from life with something that seems almost trivial to other people, but its how I like it and how I enjoy it.

I hope you guys all enjoy blogging as much as I do!
An old post of mine you may find helpful if you are just starting out might be – how to write a successful pet blog.
Sorry for the random post! I just wanted to share 🙂






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The Sunday Riddle #25

You are all such clever clogs this week! Remember this riddle:


I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes. Darkness follows me, lower light I never see.

Well 4 of you got this one correct – you know who you are!!!


A cloud!

No kicking yourself folks! There is always this weeks! 😀
And its a good’un!

I’m light as a feather, yet the strongest man can’t hold me for much more than a minute. What am I?

Good luck folks!



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The Sunday Riddle #10

Wow, its so weird thinking this is the 10th week in a row I have posted a riddle! Its all very well me boasting about my 100th post earlier in the week but when I comes down to how much time and effort has gone into this blog, its incredible to think that I have posted every single day since May 13th [or was it 14th]. More over, why hadn’t I started this sooner!!! 😀

Back to the riddle thing 😉 Now last weeks riddle was this:
I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?

And I clearly have some very clever readers because everyone who commented gottit!
Well done Cupcake, RumpyDog, Clover, The Giraffes Hat and Poppy the Guinea Pig 😀
I have taught you all so well hehe!

The letter E!

So for this week I am going to have to step it up a notch. This one made me smile so give it your best shot guys and girls! 😀

They have not flesh, nor feathers, nor scales, nor bone. Yet they have fingers and thumbs of their own. What are they?

Good Luuuuuuuuck ♥

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The Cutest Hoodie You’ll Ever See

If you have followed this blog for a while, you may be aware that I try to distract my fella with the hamster in a variety of ways. (Plonking Dexter on his shoulder being a particular favourite of mine 😛)

Well I now have a new favourite technique!

Putting the hammy in his hoodie! Dexter doesn’t seem to mind being in cosy little spaces at all. In fact, he makes himself very at home in them at every opportunity. A hood was of course no different!

 HE LOOKS SO CUTE! (the hamster not the back of my bfs head)

 I would try this with Eve but shes a very delicate lil thing and I worry that the hood may smother her slightly. Shes only itty-bitty!

Dexter, who is now full size, is much more robust. As in he can tumble onto the sofa and carry on fine. Eve is so fragile and still just a lil bubba and I dont want to risk anything breaking her. Yes. I am well aware I sound like a looney.

I know I say it a lot, but look at that face>>>>!!! People who dislike rodents because of their pointed faces or “their little wee-feet” as my Dad would say, just need to check out Dexter and his oober-adorable face. They aint so bad! They’re just misunderstood little critters really!

Now, do you remember back to my post a few days ago about ‘How to build a hamster maze‘ and right at the bottom of it I promised there was a video coming soon??

You do remember? SPLENDID! Well I have uploaded the short clips of the hammys exploring the tunnels and have put them to a bit o’ music. Its a very short clip, they run pretty quick I tell yah, so make sure you check it out below.

Also both hamsters feature in this video -at seperate times of course – as I just wanted to show you that they both enjoyed the new thrify-thinking toy I had slaved over!

And also, whilst I remember, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the new readers and followers out there who have discovered Hamster Diaries! You have seriously made my day! Make sure you check out all the new stuff I have added to the blog. Smartened it up a little and tidied away some loose ends basically; makes the whole blog easier to navigate and all that. Yep, I’m getting serious with this people! So enjoy the video!


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