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Banjo Is Official

Now avid bloggers and readers will have noticed Banjo hasn’t had his out ABOUT page…

Well isn’t it about time I fixed that!!

I have fixed it…..
Everything you could ever need or want to know about Banjo the hamster is now right up there for you all to read 😀
ham-STAR in the making!

There is also fact files on Dexter, Eve and of course Casper too up there so if you feel like reminiscing, take a look at them too 🙂

Get set to enjoy the weekend folks! 😀

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The Impossible Hamster

Well I moaned yesterday about my unphotogenic hammy.
And I am going to moan again today… STAY STILL HAMMY!!!

Look at that juicy carrot, just sitting there waiting to be nibbled!! But noooooo!

When he stopped very VERY briefly for a quick wash, I managed to get this picture…
This is about the most clarity we are going to get of this hammy for the time being I think.

I know not everyone is cut out for fame… I mean Britney Spears 2007 flashbacks spring to mind, but c’mon Joey you have big paw-steps to follow in!

So I am begging for advice from the blogosphere, how do you keep your furry still for photos?
Or have I just got to accept my impossible hamster the way he is?! 😉 I know Banjo is just a little baby still, maybe we have to warm up to the fame of being a HmasterDiaries pin up ;D

All advice welcome!
Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe so you get hamstery goodness straight in your inbox!

Also while I remember to mention; I refer to Banjo as Joey. It’s his little nickname.
I hope I haven’t confused any of you – there aren’t two hamsters, just the one! 🙂

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Banjo The Athlete

They say never work with children or animals. And I can totally understand why!
They’re unpredictable, they don’t sit still and they can’t be trusted not to pee on the carpet!

Well the difficulty I am having with Banjo is becoming very apparent.. the little tinker just will not sit still!
It’s like he has ants in his hammy pants because he just won’t paws pause for long enough!

The only way I can get around this at the moment is to use video.. So for every non-blurry photo there will be 100 videos.. He is not sucha diva like the furries I’ve had before!

You thought I as joking when I said he doesnt sit still! CHECK OUT THAT WADDLE!

He has this exercise thing perfected to a tee! And I might add, his navigation of my hall way is nothing less than impressive! Clever Banjo 🙂


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Ladies & Gents, I Give You BANJO!

Today is the BIG reveal!
Granted this isnt gunna be such a huge drama like the Eastenders Live week but I can try and make this as big!

HamsterDiaries wouldn’t quite be a diary about hamsters if I didn’t have a hamster.
So I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous lil Banjo 🙂

Banjo the HamsterHe is a black and white banded Syrian hamster.
And I call him Joey for short 🙂

As I have just moved into my own home, I wanted a little fuss-free companion. Banjo was waiting in the shop, all cute and adorable! I’d have taken them all home with me to be honest but this inquisitive little face got me from the get go.

I have had him for a few months now and the taming process has been a nightmare. I have never struggled with a hammy quite as much as I have done with little Joey. He is a scaredy-ham!
This is going to make it very difficult to blog about as I can barely get a picture of him !

But alas, I hope he gives me as many wonderful adventures and stories as Eve, Dexter and Cas did!

Say hi to Banjo everybody! 😀

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