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HMRR: Cookie The Hyper Hamster

Hello again people !!!

I do hope I did not bore you with my last 3 posts. I hope you enjoyed reading and want to read more about little Cookie, just as I love reading all your posts!

So, I was having a read up about all the things hamsters could and couldn’t eat, I read you could give seedless apple, so whilst I was nibbling away on some apple, I bit a corner off and held it to her cage.
Here comes the funny part!!!APPLE APPLE APPLE - GIMME!

Next thing I know, she’s going insane!
Since I had her she’s never ran at this speed, she was climbing, hanging from the cage upside down,  she didn’t rest for 3 hours… Cookie Monster was hyper!

After a while of her escapades, including falling on her face numerous time and looking a bit dazed, I put her in her little ball that she rolls across the floor in.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the speed and how often she would run into a doorframe…….this is the point where I’m glad hamsters can’t drive cars! Oh, what a thought, hey!?

Has your hamster ever gone a bit insane and driven a car or got hyper off some food they’ve eaten ???

Let us all have a giggle at the escapades of the hammys in your life, look forward to reading it all!!

Cookie and Hayley

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Apples. Again.

The Hamster and the AppleI post a lot about the hamsters and apples. I have run out of all apple related puns over the course of these posts too so I thought I’d keep this one simple! ;D

Dexter sat sit for once, HAZAAHH! 😀
And the key to this sitting still malarkey was a juicy slice of apple. *Drool*

There are the odd occasions where he doesnt attempt to shove the food in.
Very rare occasions I might add!

Now over the last few months, I have noticed that Dexter is very much a little old man now. He is over 2 years old which is commendable in hamster years but you can definitely see that his age is catching up with him.

He is very wobbly on this feet sometimes and shakey to say the least! Don’t get me wrong he is in perfect health as far as I am concerned. Still has a appetite to rival any elephant on the planet and also has enough energy to run a marathon at night 😛
He is just a little old man now and takes him that little bit longer to get in the swing of things…

But still adorable none the less I hope yo agree! 😀


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Apple Of My Eye

Finding out what treat is each of the hamsters favourite sometimes takes a few attempts. You gotta try a few things until you get that one thing that lasts a matter of seconds when in-front of your pets.

For Dexter, it has to be sunflower seeds. They don’t last two seconds when in front of his face. He hoovers them up and shells them all one by one leaving little piles of shells all over his cage. Saying that, he could do with some. I havent given him them in ageees!

Then there’s Eve. She is a bit more indecisive. Carrots seem to disappear pretty quickly in her cage. I would have once said shelled peanuts but nowadays they seem to end up sitting in her bowl for days.

And that left Casper. Mum helped me out with this one, after spoiling him rotten whilst I was on holiday. He has two favourites. They just cant be distinguished between each other because he LOVES them both equally.
Broccoli is one, he demolishes the ‘tree’ bit and then scoffs the branchy bit like his life depends on it.

And now I have decided his most absolute fav munch has to be apples. Red ones, not the sweet green ones. He sat in the position from the photo for a good ten minutes, filling his belly with tasty tasty apple! Just sat there.. peacefully… silently….

By the way, he does get a full bowl of food and empties it out on the plastic hence the bowl looks empty here. He has escaped embaressment here because I haven’t photographed the mess he made on his 2nd floor… You were lucky bub!

So here is my question for the wonderful furries that read the blog;
What is your favourite treat ever?? 
Email me a snap of your pet with their guilty pleasure and I will put together a delicious post of everyone’s favs!
Plus comment below of any veg you’d recommend for a hungry hamster?! 😀

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