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HMRR: A Hamster’s Life

Hello people !

Today, I thought I would write up a bit more of little Cookies history and more about her!

Be prepared for upset, happiness and a couple of bad times

So, Cookie was given to me by an old family friend. She was left in a house when her family moved out. She was left behind and we are unsure how long she was by herself. She was found in a cage with little food and little water, so it was suspected she went back to life saving burying and eating very little.

She got given to a woman who had to find a home for her; now there was 2 options, me or a woman who had a girl that was 6, but was scared of hamsters…
She thought her daughter could deal with it.
We all thought different!
cookie1 If the child got bored and the mother wouldn’t go near her…how would that end up? Don’t even want to think about it…..

So, she ended up with me! YAY!
I went out and bought her everything she would need, I spoilt her rotten, it was awesome……and expensive!! But I got home, put all her bedding in, put her house in, and some food and a water bottle.

Half an hour later a woman arrived with a bag of goodies and a little brown carry box. When this little hamster came out I was so shocked by her colouring, her tiny toes and the cute nose…I put her in her cage and left her get on with settling in. Names…yes…names, it took 2 days and a lot if randomly shouting a name before I called her Cookie.

The name was because of her colouring, she is such a friendly little munchkin and as silly as it sounds…now, I would be lost without my little Cookie Monster.

So far she has cracked a leg, it healed awkwardly but she has never been in pain and has never stopped being a spider hamster and then falling on her face J she has been seriously ill in the heat, she never makes noise yet she was crying uncontrollably. ..which in turn made me cry.

Name: Cookie , Age: unknown , Colour: a mix of black, white, grey and tiny pink nose and toes.

She is toilet trained, she will never do it if she is out of her cage, ever.

She loves climbing all over you, including your face….which I found out the other day….that was awkward. She loves everyone and never bites unless ill or very…..verrryyyy grumpy 😀

Never sits still…loves escaping….being upside down and trying to jump from insane heights, I swear, I have a heart attack each time…

So, all in all…I think Cookie started out with a nice life, then it got bad…then it got to the point that she was so spoilt she didn’t know what to do with all the things, though I’m glad she came to me 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading about Cookie,

In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

Cookie and Hayley

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Bob The Golden Retriever & His Furry/Feathery Friends

I love a good hammy news story and I have an absolute WINNER for you today.
I hope you animal lovers are ready to be ‘awwww’-ing and cooing all over these pictures.

A dog owner in Brazil has shared some pictures of her gorgeous golden retriever with some unusual friends.

golden-retriever-bob (2)

Yes Bob the Dog really is friends with 8 birdies and a little hamster!!

Now I’m not going to recommend that you introduce your big doggies to the little-furries in your lives. I don’t think this is a very common case – however in this particular case, these furries are all the best of friends!


I mean have you ever seen anything quite so adorable!

I love seeing hamsters in the news and I love seeing hammy things going viral too! And this is right up there in my top thing on the internet ever found!

They even nod off for a little power nap together!!! 😀

golden-retriever-bob (1)

I want Bob the Dog in my life. Now. I also suddenly want 8 budgies too…..
I want this!! I’m so jealous! 😀

Has anyone else got an unusual furry friendship’s going on under their roof!??
The only thing Banjo gets along with is his food bowl!

Dont forget to comment below your stories and make sure you’re following via email to keep up with all the hamster-y goodness!


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The Illusive Face Of Banjo The Hamster

Banjo looking simply adorable!

Whoever said hamsters were’t cute.. clearly doesn’t read this blog!! 😀
Joey doesn’t like to sit still ever. He has permanent ants in his pants and wiggles about like crazy.
But there is the odd occasion he will sit perfectly still under my palm, snuggle into my tummy and pose nicely for a photo… its a rarity but this picture is proof it DOES happen :’) Continue reading

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Facebook Milestone, 1000 likes?!

We have almost reached a fabulous milestone.. not quite on the blog but as close as!! 😀
HamsterDiaries milestone!The Facebook page is hovering on 9 hundred and something likes. I think it would be mighty awesome if we reached the 1000th like!

If you guys have Facebook, get on over to the HamsterDiaries page and share a post, tell your hammy friends! It would make me superrrrrrrr happy XD

Even Banjo’s little face smiled at the thought of that 😉
I think all this fame is going to his head!

I have lots of posts coming up in the next week so make sure you are following via email. You can adjust your subscription settings so that you can receive a hamster update every day or once a week. Whatever suits you 🙂

Also another massive thank you for all your pictures and emails to – I LOVE reading your messages and seeing your pet hamsters! I am putting together lots of brags and shout outs for you 🙂 So if you want in on the action, put an email together for me. Or there is a contact page you can use which is just as easy 🙂

Love you all my lovely readers! 😀

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Fussy Eating In Hamsters



Banjo is a very fussy eater it seems. And a shy eater too.
He doesn’t like stuffing his chops in front of me. Then again I am a scary site holding the camera up when he is trying to nibble his dinner…

Nom Nom Nom

But I found that with something delicious in front of him, he tends to sit still and tends to pull the cutest poses for me! Yay! Remember earlier this week I posted about the hamster pizza! Mmmmmm pizza!!!
Well I got lotttttts of photos from that delicious treat.
And being the OCD freak I am, I have rationed out the pictures so that when he doesnt want to sit still, I still have pictures to show you all.Banjo eating a hamster pizza
See what I did there 😛 I’m trying to be one step ahead.. I like to think its working 🙂

Anyway, my point of this post was to highlight Joey’s fussy eater-ness.

Is it okay for hamsters to pick through their food bowls, cherry picking what bits to eat? 

Well yes and no, its not going to be the end of the world. Hamster muesli is balanced to provide the best nutrition to your pets. I always think its best to switch up your pets food regularly. Not so much brand to brand, but fresh fruit and veg in there somewhere can’t be bad.

As you can see from Joeys little face, the treat he got the other day really did perk him up. Its good to treat them 🙂

What are your favourite treats?

Let me know in the comments below and as always make sure you’re following via email to get every post in your inbox 🙂 You don’t want to miss out on anything surely?!

Love love love my furry friends! xx

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7 Good Luck Superstitions

This particular date gets a LOT of stick. I mean its just another Friday right?!
Its Friday the 13th which makes it the UNLUCKIEST of all the dates.. if you’re superstitious like that…

So in honour of this unlucky date, I found some remedies to break that cursed spell!
Yes folks, I have trawled the interwebs to find 7 GOOD luck superstitions and my wonderful hammy assistants, past and present, have helped me out with the illustrations of course 😀
(And 7 is a lucky number too! So this post is all full of lucky stuff!)
Continue reading

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Flashback Fursday

Dexter the Syrian Hamster in all his glory!Its very rapidly coming up to 3 years since I started this blog. I thought it was only appropriate to show a flashback photo of the little Syrian that started it all.

Dexter was a very shy and nervous hamster.

It took him a LONG time to come out of his shell. But as soon as he was there, he really did become a cutie of a hamster.

Dexter was the little face that inspired me to start blogging. I wanted to start sharing his little adventures and it all snowballed from there.

I have taken several breaks from the blog but it has never been forgotten, I replied to emails and plotted comebacks and whatnot.

HamsterDiaries is my little hobby and I really enjoy taking pictures and writing and all the joys of blogging that come with it.
So keep on reading and commenting and showing me the love! I really do appreciate every word everyone has to say and I make a huge effort to reply to everything 🙂
Subscribe/Follow via email, like the facebook page and subscribe on YouTube too! The complete hamster-y fix.


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Banjo Braves The Camera

Banjo the hamster, enjoying the fame!

We are starting to get used to the camera now aren’t we Banjo 😀
It may have taken 6 months, but we are very almost completely at ease with having our piccy taken! I mean check out that POUT!

Just a quick post today to show of Banjo’s cutie pie face! And also to ask have you liked the Facebook page yet?!

I am trying to post on everything at them moment, so you can get your cute and furry fix of cuteness everywhere! Yay! 🙂

Another thing – anyone else blog about animals and really wants to show it off?!
I’d like to post a shout out to some of the other cutie pies on the blogosphere. Comment below and I shall take a look 😀


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Furry Fan Submission; Sweep & Tarzan

I get a lot of emails on the blog; questions, comments and whatnot. But my all time FAVOURITE kind of email, is the furry fans I get snapshots off!
I love love love seeing and hearing about all your gorgeous little hammys!

And my latest email, just had to be shared! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have 2 beautiful little hamsters to introduce you to!

Sweep the HamsterSweep:

She’s 9 months old now and such a poser.

She’s caramel coloured in pictures, but under natural light she’s a lovely soft grey colour (like Sweep from Sooty and Sweep) with two dark stripes over her front legs, and around her eyes.

Plus she’s super fluffy!

Super cuddly too and prefers free running in her ball.

How GORGEOUS are those eyes! Beautiful colourings there! I haven’t actually seen so many hamsters with this kind of fur so its really lovely to be sent this picture!

And the second furry friend I am pleased to show off to you all is little Tarzan, who looks like a long-lost twin of my Banjo!

Tarzan the Hamster


We rehomed Tarzan last summer and he is a year old this month (we guess).

He looks just like your Banjo, black with a band across his middle.

Tarzan is super tame but prefers running about at super speeds in his ball to being held, it has only been since Christmas that he’s allowed us to hold him more.

This, of course, makes it much harder to get a picture of him … he’s never still!

So not only is this beaut of a Syrian a Banjo look-a-like but also he ACTS like Banjo too with the inability to sit still!

Cuties the both of them!
Thank you so much to Tanya to sending in these snaps! Your fur-babies are gorgeous! And are now hamster-celebrities too! Give them a treat from us! 😀

If you have a pet hamster that you are just itching to show off – send me an email at 
I love hearing and seeing the furry faces I write for!
I will reply to every submission and may even share some more of them with the world wide blogosphere!
So put your best whiskers on as you could be gawped at and ‘awww’-ed over by hundreds of people every day too!! 😀


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A Hamsters Hero

I avoid the news like the plague! Its always so depressing with wars and murders and URGH!
But I stumbled upon a wonderful news article from last year which restored my faith in humanity!

Firefighters give oxygen to hamsters trapped in trailer home blaze

Any headline with the word hamster in it tends to grab my attention but this had got me smiling more so!

When a mobile home was ablaze in Washington, firemen wasted no time in getting to the scene.

Hamsters in the NewsBut even though they made light work of bringing the fire under control, there was another challenge ahead of the brigade: rescuing and saving a family of hamsters.

The crew, from the Lacey Fire Department, relied on ‘pet emergency pocket guides’ to bring the injured rodents back to life – and even used oxygen and first aid to treat the pets.

Hamster being SAVED by a firefighter!

According to KOMO, five rodents – Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed baby hamsters – were recovered. Unfortunately, one of the pets died in the aftermath.

Thankfully, no humans were in the trailer at the time. It is believed the fire was caused by a faulty clothes dryer.

The fire department later tweeted: ‘Yes. Our crews are trained and specially equipped to care for animals that have been rescued from a house fire.’

Article courtesy of METRO.CO.UK 🙂

And if that does warm your heart then I don’t know what will! What a glorious fire service Washington have. I hope I’d have such a caring emergency service team if I ever need!
Round of applause for the animals lovers of the world 🙂


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