Hiding Hamster Or Just Hygienic??

I often moan about how difficult it is to get a focused photo of Banjo.
He is the biggest fidget on the planet and makes it impossible to get a good snap.

For example, there we were having a lovely snuggle on my return home from work and the little cutie just couldn’t handle his picture being taken.

Up the paws came….
‘No mummy nooooo!Shy Banjo

Okay so I am exaggerating a little.. he MAY have been having a thorough clean whilst being cuddled. I just caught him mid face wash. I suppose I should be proud he is keeping his paws and whiskers clean.
Even hammy boys should have good hygiene right?! 

What do you make of this pic? 
Hiding his face from the blogosphere?! Or having a good wash for the camera??


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‘Take-Your-Hamster-To-Work’ Day

My work colleagues know I’m crazy hamster lady.
And thankfully they are pretty excepting of it… They don’t quite know the extent of my love of small furry critters, this blog is not even on their radar, but they still know I have always been a hamster girl!

I have decided it is only appropriate to take my little hammy to work… without actually taking him to work.

So instead I have purchased my very own personalised mouse hamster-mat for work!
Check it out! 😀

Hamster/Mouse Mat ;D

This is my all time favourite photo of Casper. He was all wrapped up in my cardigan a the time and his little face popped out and he slept like a peaceful little baby for aaaaaaages. And now I get to look at his cute sleeping face every day at work.
Its actually pretty therapeutic. Whenever I am getting stressed or just chatting away on the phone to someone, its very calming to have the sweetest face in all of hamster history right there beside me 🙂

Who else has little reminders of their pets at work?! I can’t be the only one surely?! 😀
Let me know in the comments below 😀

If you want your very own personalised mouse-mat (UK based readers) then you should totally check out MyMouseMat – they are the best priced around for the hard top mouse mats (which are miles better than the material ones in my opinion) and it got posted out the same day which is just fabulous! You can put your own picture on your desk too woohoo! 😀


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Sofa, So Good ;)

Did you see what I did there? ^^^^ hahahahaha. Okay enough of the naff puns already!! 😀

So very recently I purchased a brand new sofa – YAY ME!
I hate how much it cost but I’m very glad its mine all mine now!
More to the point, I’m going to make this new sofa last as long as I bloomin’ well can because I’m not buying another one in a hurry!

This has lead to one very serious rule…

The sofa is a no hamster zone! its official!

And yes that really is my lovely new sofa (just in its showroom home, not in mine yet)
Them hamsters will be mighty lucky if they get to step paw on it. With their lack of bladder control, I reckon I’d only have to show them a cushion and they’ll wee all over me! :p

I am sure over time, I will trust them for little journeys on NEW and IMPROVED sofa land, however that day is not today!!

I can assure you I shalyour hamster fix :Pl not be cutting a hole in the bottom of this sofa if any sneaky hamsters climb down the back! They’d  have to live there. I’d put food down there and the odd carrot stick but I will not be slicing open the bottom!!

Apologies this post is not very hamsterific
I’m crazy busy and trying to take decent pictures of the hamsters takes up a surprising amount of time! 😛

I have had to go through the last few months worth to pick out ones I havent used yet or that made the back-up pile.
I don’t want you to be without a cutiepie picture to gawp at!

SO remember that curly kale post… well this is a picture that didnt make the cut. Because he was pulling the ‘dramatic stare into the distance’ pose.. which I didnt think was as cute as the one i actually ended up posting.
But he is still a cutie… and it made the cut today. 🙂

So there you have it. New sofa. Finding time is a struggle as always… and thats you guys updated!! 🙂 

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Seeing Double?!

I usually find de ja vu moments a little creepy. Mainly cos I can never remember where I remember things from and it ends up frustrating me…

However while going through my photos of Casper there was one photo that stood out to me and I immediately felt that de ja vu feeling! Check this out… Casper 2012 and 2014

The Casper on the right is from the very first day I got him, grumpy pout and all. The Casper on the left is from just the other day, pulling the very same grumpy pout.

I like to think this is one of the perks of having a break in blogging.. I can see the differences and similarities in my beautiful furries from over 18 months ago. 🙂
And even though he has the most miserable pout, I still think he looks just adorable! 😀

What do you think, pretty cute right?! 


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A Picture Perfect Moment

Over the looooong blogging break I took, I still took lots and lots of photos of the hamsters. I always knew in the back of my head I was just waiting for the right time to get back on the blogging wagon and so I wanted to build up and strong file of photographs and stories to share.

One of these moments that I managed to capture was very heartwarming for me.
And now I am very excited to be able to share this special moment with all you wonderful people (and furries)!

Just before Christmas of 2013, I was sat in my zebra onesie – dont judge! – in front of the fire with Casper clambering all over me.
He then did what we does best and curled up and went to sleep.
And well a picture is worth a thousand words after all so I think this says it all…

sleepy hamster in front of the fire

I think its safe to say he is possibly the most adorable hamster on the planet!!!
It may have been cuter without my onesie in the picture but still I think he more than makes up for it in this shot:)

I also woulda waited to post this durng cold weather as it would seem more appropriate, but I am WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too impatient for that 😉

Hope you aww’d 🙂 If you didn’t, I really have my work cut out to impress ya!
Till tomorrow folks

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‘Wake Up’ Face

You know in the movies when the girl or girl wakes up looking immaculate and beautiful, not a hair out of place after a nights sleep?
Yeah.. why doesnt that happen in real life??

Its not even just me that struggles with this feat of sleeping beauty. This is Casper’s ‘Wake Up’ face…


You can almost hear the little fella sayin ‘5 more minutes, pleaseeeeee’
I still think he’s a cutie but you can see very clearly, this is one groggy sleepy face 😀

Now, to make Casper less self conscious, show me your best wake up faces!! 😛


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Pictures & Postings

So you’ve had the first weeks updates, sad posts and the medical post on top of plenty of little pictures to wet your hamster-lovin’ appetite, so I think its only now I can get back to my usual ranting and ravings about the hamsters.

Firstly though, back in 2012 when I would religiously post every day, the blog had a very ‘defined’ layout. I personally felt as a blogger it was nice to have a sense of familiarity when you go back to read a blog. Blogs that change designs every few months or so tend to lose their identity I think. HamsterDiaries has a distinct little look and I intend to keep the blog that way. Having said all of this, I have “tidied” it up, got rid of a few pages and neatened up the side bar over there and I’d love to know how you think this new ‘tidy’ version looks.
(But for new readers you’ll never know the difference muahah!)

Anyways less of the boring bloggy bit, what do we want? HAMSTERS! When do we want it? NOW.. durrr!

Dexter the hamster

On the left you can see Dexter stuffing his ickle face with a slice of apple, definitely a favourite of his.

Now I have to point out blogging isn’t always the easiest thing when you are balancing a life alongside it and I have already – after just a mere week of blogging – found how terribly hard writing about hamsters can be. Its not even so much an issue of content but more I have struggled to get any pictures actually worth using and everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words!
I know they’ve always moved quickly and Im usually left with blurs of fur but I can’t seem to get a single clear photograph!

I end up ambushing them whilst they’re eating or making cooky noises to get their attention.
Basically I look like a nutter chasing round little furries with my phone to try and capture moments of sure cuteness.

How on earth did I manage before?!
I think I need to get a bit more practice in!

So bare with the pictures for a little bit, they shall get better 😉

Oh and make sure you follow via email if you haven’t already! Makes me writing feel all the more worth while! 🙂


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Can Syrian hamsters be kept together?

The short (and only) answer is no.

No to girl/boy combo’s, no to girl/girl combo’s and definitely no to boy/boy combo’s.

Syrians are incredibly territorial creatures – they will fight to the death if another hamster is sniffed out. Basically the thing to remember is that Syrians are solitary animals. Even when you have a boy and girl hammy they can’t be kept together for more than 15 minutes even when you want to breed them! Girls will get very impatient and nasty towards the boys and you certainly don’t want to be the one to split up fighting hamsters (and that’s experience talking!)

There really is nothing worse than 2 squawking hamsters biting and clawing at each other in a fuzzy ball of anger – like the fighting dust balls that you see in the cartoons, but nowhere near as entertaining!

Two male hamsters.. NOT together! Coz that would be bad!

As readers of this blog will be aware, I am an owner of three Syrian hamsters, 2 boys and 1 girl. They each have their own cage, their own exercise ball, their own everything! The scent of another hamster is very agitating for them so it’s important to keep things separate.

Eve leaves her smell everywhere anyway so it more of a tease for the boys. But this is manageable. It doesn’t offend any of them, it just gets them all hyped up.

When Dexter smells Casper, or visa versa, problems can erupt. I can end up with two very grumpy, very hissy and very vocal hamsters on my hands! On the very rare occasion that both boys are out at the same time, I will hold one and the boyfriend will hold the other. But as soon as that scent reaches the other Dexter will seriously wriggle about to free himself (gears himself up for a fight – little does he know Casper is twice the size of him!)

The other day both boys were out and I ended up with Casper crawling on my lap and Dexter sat on my chest. There was a very tense moment or two when they seemed to clock each others presence and I had a challenge on my hands keeping them in separate places. As you can see from the picture, Dexter was very wary of something else sneaking about in the background but played the silent, waiting game  instead of the charge into things like a looney game.

I put Casper back in his bed and waited until Dexter had been given enough attention. Letting them actually greet each other would only end in injury and there is no need for such things. Especially as they are both young, healthy hams and giving them even half a second of opportunity should end disastrously.

Note to all Syrian owners: Do not let your Syrians meet! They love your  attention, not another hamsters!

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My Gorgeous Dexter

You know when you are cuddling your pets and you suddenly get that overwhelming rush of love for them?
They only have to do something sensationally cute or sweet and you really do get this pang of  ‘awwww you are all mine and I love you dearly! How did I ever forget this!’
I only say this because I feel I have slipped into a sort of contempt with the hamsters. Yes, they are wonderful to hold but sometimes the feeling of a chore overtakes the feeling of ‘omg-I-need-to-snuggle-you-right-now’

Well the other day I really did smile from ear to ear at a photo I managed to snap of Dexter. Its like he knew I was taking pics and knew how much I wanted just one decent snap for the blog!

Here he is, my gorrrrrrrrrgeous little Dexter! :))


And check out them famous long whiskers! Isn’t he a handsome devil 😛

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Who Knows Who’s Nose Is Who’s?

Phew that is a mouthful!
Who can say that quickly after a drink or two?? 😀

I have a little party game for you all here.

You may remember something like this when I was away on my holiday in September. The post was Which Hamster Do You Belong To?

Here is the nose version of the game because I couldn’t resist the title pun. I am so easily pleased I tell yah.
Comment all your answers below!




Good luck folks! Answers will be published on Monday so follow to make sure you dont miss out on the results!! ~
Have any ideas??


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