Bob The Golden Retriever & His Furry/Feathery Friends

I love a good hammy news story and I have an absolute WINNER for you today.
I hope you animal lovers are ready to be ‘awwww’-ing and cooing all over these pictures.

A dog owner in Brazil has shared some pictures of her gorgeous golden retriever with some unusual friends.

golden-retriever-bob (2)

Yes Bob the Dog really is friends with 8 birdies and a little hamster!!

Now I’m not going to recommend that you introduce your big doggies to the little-furries in your lives. I don’t think this is a very common case – however in this particular case, these furries are all the best of friends!


I mean have you ever seen anything quite so adorable!

I love seeing hamsters in the news and I love seeing hammy things going viral too! And this is right up there in my top thing on the internet ever found!

They even nod off for a little power nap together!!! 😀

golden-retriever-bob (1)

I want Bob the Dog in my life. Now. I also suddenly want 8 budgies too…..
I want this!! I’m so jealous! 😀

Has anyone else got an unusual furry friendship’s going on under their roof!??
The only thing Banjo gets along with is his food bowl!

Dont forget to comment below your stories and make sure you’re following via email to keep up with all the hamster-y goodness!


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HMRR: Dead Moths & Spiders Eggs…. NO THANKS!

My little Cookie is a spoilt little thing and when I had bought her a couple of things from a pet store, I was shocked……
There was something inside of it…
Like… not even a tiny one…oh.. and eggs…. Spider eggs…Gross…just gross!

It's pretty tricky to see - but there are eggs and nasties in there as well as the moth!!!

It’s pretty tricky to see – but there are eggs and nasties in there as well as the moth!!!

So I called up the company and they were all like “ oh, this can happen because of the heat, but it is perfectly safe for her to eat
Uh, no way!

I was rather lucky though as my complaint was I would never buy their products again!
So, they decided that for compensation for Cookie going without, they would send me some treats!
So these treats arrived, a few I had never seen before, but Cookie loved them!
The Treats Cookie Got
Has anyone else had this issue with animal products, especially with smaller animals?

Posting again soon!
Hayley & Cookie

Another awesome article from our newest writer here! And highlighting a very scary issue too!
If there is anything in your hammy food that shouldn’t be there you should definitely do as Hayley has! 

Take pictures of the offending item and write a letter or email of complaint!!

It very may well be ‘safe’ for your small furries but it’s not what you except and pay for therefore should definitely be brought to the sellers attention. 
We look forward to reading more from you Hayley and Cookie!! 😀 


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Hamsters In The Wild

I’ve always known hamsters are the result of decades of domestication but I’ve never paid much attention to our furry friends heritage. (Domesticated since 1939 to be precise… NERD FACT #1)
So I decided to do a bit of swatting up and share my nerdiness with you folks.

I mean who doesn’t want to know the history of hamsters eh?!

For example, did you know that wild hamsters live underground! A photo of a golden hamster
I mean it makes perfect sense as they’re close relatives of mice and rats who also burrow etc. But it just seems crazy to think my little Banjo could be out in the garden scampering around in the dirt!
He seems way too delicate and pampered now!

They live on a diet of seeds, fruit, vegetation and INSECTS! Again, the thought of Banjo with a face full of bugs makes me want to scoop him up and lock him away from the outside world!

Although the hamster was ‘discovered’ in the late 1700’s, they were actually classified and named until much later. The first hamster was collected by a zoologist in Syria and imported to the USA way back in 1930 – NERD FACT #2 – where they found a female and her 11 pups in a nest 2.5 metres underground!!
That’s impressive for a little thing like a hamster!

The entire pet and science population of Syrian hamsters appear to be descendants of brother-sister pairings – NERD FACT #3!
How insane is that! All hamsters are all very distant relatives of one and other… urgh!

Nowadays it is questioned as to whether there are any WILD hamsters left in Syria! But suspicions suggest they are still underground and just hiding 😀
As long as I have my Banjo safely tucked up in bed, I don’t mind where all his ancient ancestors are 😉

Hope you’ve been educated here! All of this will make you invaluable in a pub quiz….

And just incase all of that writing bored you to tears, here is a video of a wild hamster.. THEY’RE TOTALLY REAL THINGS!!! 😀
Anyways, enjoy your weekend folks!

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HamsterDiaries Needs YOU

So as I am sure you have realized, I am a VERY busy bee!
There is LOTS going on and I just don’t have the time like I used to.
But I love love love this blog!

I am always checking my emails and checking the Facebook page, reading your updates and pictures and stories.And I cannot get enough of it!!!

But I have got a solution.Me?! Write!? SURE!! :D
I want to keep HamsterDiaries updated and full of hamster-y goodness… so what better than to invite YOU to write articles for the blog!!! With people of all ages, all walks of life, from all sorts of countries all getting in on the action, I think we can add a lot more to the blog in fabulous hammy-love style!!

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, drop me an email at
I will ping you back all the info you need and get you kicked off to blogging-stardom in no time at all!

Looking forward to hearing from you soooooooon 😀


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PetSavers Photo Contest Winner 2015

I always try to keep up with the latest hamster-related news. It gives me lots to talk about, inspires more posts and discussions, brings a different hamster face to the blog AND means I get to brag about hamster greatness 🙂

1st Prize for Best Pet Photo 2015

A picture of a hamster ‘wearing’ spectacles has been named the winner in the junior section of a pet photography contest.

The picture, taken by Charlotte, who’s 14 and from Colchester in Essex, shows Pip the hamster on some books looking very studious!

Charlotte said: “She was originally the school hamster, but lives with me and my family in her retirement.

“To make my image I decided to gather some school textbooks and glasses to put Pip behind.

“I thought this was the best way to express her characteristics, as she is quite an intelligent hamster.”

The charity PetSavers who run the competition each year, say they’ve had more entries this time than ever before.

How fabulous is that?! A famous hammy face makes 1st place! I checked out the other entries and although they were brilliant too, I think its great that Pip the hamster won top position!
And who said all news is bad news 🙂
Some times little bits of news like this make things seem so much simpler!
Well done Charlotte and Pip the hamster! 😀


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National Broccoli Day

National Broccoli Day, YES that's a thing!

I have managed to lure the illusive Banjo into some pictures with the help of a little broccoli 😀
Turns out this green veg is actually incredibly good for you in so any more ways than I originally realised.
Did you know 1 cup of raw broccoli contains the same amount of vitamin C as an orange! Amazing right! 😀

Its also high in vitamin A which is all round fabulous for your body.
So basically no wonder Banjo loves the stuff!
We should all spread the broccoli love! ❤ Treat your little furries to a stem in the sake of good health yeah?!

OMG and as if by terrifyingly spooky coincidence.. the 22nd of March is OFFICIALLY National Broccoli Day!!
That is crazzzzzy spooky..
Even MORE reason to treat everyone to the green stuff!

Love love love! Oh and pretty please with broccoli on top can you guys follow via email, like and comment. Show me some support? 😀

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A Hamsters Hero

I avoid the news like the plague! Its always so depressing with wars and murders and URGH!
But I stumbled upon a wonderful news article from last year which restored my faith in humanity!

Firefighters give oxygen to hamsters trapped in trailer home blaze

Any headline with the word hamster in it tends to grab my attention but this had got me smiling more so!

When a mobile home was ablaze in Washington, firemen wasted no time in getting to the scene.

Hamsters in the NewsBut even though they made light work of bringing the fire under control, there was another challenge ahead of the brigade: rescuing and saving a family of hamsters.

The crew, from the Lacey Fire Department, relied on ‘pet emergency pocket guides’ to bring the injured rodents back to life – and even used oxygen and first aid to treat the pets.

Hamster being SAVED by a firefighter!

According to KOMO, five rodents – Oreo, Madonna and three unnamed baby hamsters – were recovered. Unfortunately, one of the pets died in the aftermath.

Thankfully, no humans were in the trailer at the time. It is believed the fire was caused by a faulty clothes dryer.

The fire department later tweeted: ‘Yes. Our crews are trained and specially equipped to care for animals that have been rescued from a house fire.’

Article courtesy of METRO.CO.UK 🙂

And if that does warm your heart then I don’t know what will! What a glorious fire service Washington have. I hope I’d have such a caring emergency service team if I ever need!
Round of applause for the animals lovers of the world 🙂


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Ladies & Gents, I Give You BANJO!

Today is the BIG reveal!
Granted this isnt gunna be such a huge drama like the Eastenders Live week but I can try and make this as big!

HamsterDiaries wouldn’t quite be a diary about hamsters if I didn’t have a hamster.
So I would like to introduce you to the gorgeous lil Banjo 🙂

Banjo the HamsterHe is a black and white banded Syrian hamster.
And I call him Joey for short 🙂

As I have just moved into my own home, I wanted a little fuss-free companion. Banjo was waiting in the shop, all cute and adorable! I’d have taken them all home with me to be honest but this inquisitive little face got me from the get go.

I have had him for a few months now and the taming process has been a nightmare. I have never struggled with a hammy quite as much as I have done with little Joey. He is a scaredy-ham!
This is going to make it very difficult to blog about as I can barely get a picture of him !

But alas, I hope he gives me as many wonderful adventures and stories as Eve, Dexter and Cas did!

Say hi to Banjo everybody! 😀

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Dexter and Casper The Friendly (Hamster) Ghosts

The one heartbreaking thing about hamsters is their very short life expectancy. With the average hammy living between 2 and 3 years, it can sometimes feel very brief when they go over the rainbow bridge to hamster heaven.

I am very sad to announce that both Casper and Dexter are now up in the clouds.
It’s officially official, the original HamsterDiaries crew is no more..

Dexter passed away near the end of last year. He was the oldest of the 3 and had me fooled he would live forever but at his ripe old age it was time for him to sleep and he peacefully passed while being cuddled and tickled.

RIP Dexter

Caspers passing wasn’t quite so black and white as he suffered from an illness in the weeks leading up to his death. I will be posting more about this soon as I think it will be helpful for other owners to see what happened.

RIP Casper

It has been a few months since I lost the two boys, in fairly quick succession I might add, which made the time even worse.
I know they are only little hamsters and as one vet once said ‘dispensable‘, but I grew very fond to these fuzzy little critters. Not only were they fabulous pets and adorable company, they opened up an entirely new world of blogging which I had struggled to break into for so long! I had started and given up on numerous failed blogs before starting HamsterDiaries back in May 2012.
When I got Dexter, blogging just seemed to click into place. And the best thing about it was, other people loved it too! It wasn’t just me who owned these hamsters and saw their lives panning out, it was the whole world! It started as a modest 4 reads on the first day. I think I managed to get 12 reads by the end of the week (granted I think 11 of them were my mum refreshing the page in moral support) but the point was I loved writing and I loved the hamsters more and it worked. I now have hundreds of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of reads!

All this time later I can honestly say, writing this blog was hands down the best thing I have done. I genuinely miss these little hamsters, their personalities and the adventures they got up to on the blog and off the blog. Looking back at the hundreds of photos and posts, I have a wonderful tribute to these pets.
And I couldn’t be more proud.

What is next for HamsterDiaries I hear you ask.. You can’t have a hamster blog and not have a hamster!
Well there is a silver lining to this somewhat solemn post.
There is a new member to the crew. Picking up where Eve, Dexter and Casper left off..Starting a new chapter in HamsterDiaries.

Who is this adorable little fella?!

All shall be revealed!

I look forward to posting again soon, keep them eyes peeled. Make sure you subscribe – you don’t want to miss this!

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Moving House Is An Exhausting Business

It must seem like all hamsters do is sleep all the time.hushaby babyyyy
They do other things too I swear.
But usually them other things keep my hands full so taking pictures is tricky. Hence the majority of pics are of snoozes.

But I guess this is a good opportunity to explain why Casper is so tired.

We have been moving house. (That’s me Dexter and Casper of course) 🙂

Its been exhausting for me too, but all the packing and lifting and ikea-building has clearly taken it out of Cas too 😉

I have been sleeping like a baby, scheduling posts so that I don’t let you readers down for a single day on top of working 7 days a week and all the rest.

Me and sleepy Cas have a lot more in common because of this of course..
Must be why I have been obsessing over sleepy photos for the last few weeks, sorrrrrrrry! 😛

This is me trying to balance blogging with a life haha. So I appreciate all your support and patience too.

I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway. I know my rantings leave a lot to be desired in terms of writing ability and blah blah but I am just putting my brain onto paper. Well onto screen in this case but you know what I mean 🙂 Its how I have always enjoyed blogging and its how I intend to continue too.

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