HMRR: Heat Wave Hammy

Now! Not too long ago in sunny ol’ England (bit of sarcasm there – wink) there was a heat wave!

The temperature where little Cookie lives, got up to 32 degrees celcius!.

Cookie keeping coolNow, my poor little Cookie was not very happy with this!
So I was searching up ways to help keep her cool..

Bit of a strange thing really, she comes from a Syrian desert, yet can’t take the heat!! You better stay out of the kitchen then little one.
(I know she would be living in tunnels underground where the temperature is that much cooler for her.)

 I found out that you can use a bottle of water, put this in the freezer and then when it is cold enough – not frozen – put it at the side of the cage (I put it next to her bedding) wrapped in a towel except for the side that is against the cage. This seemed to work pretty well until I thought I’d put a bottle in the freezer and hadn’t – whoops!

So, my plan ended up being, using her ceramic food bowl, putting that in the freezer for 10 mins and she loved it when it came out as it was lovely and cool for her.

 Super happy little hamster!
Remember to keep your hamster happy peeps!
Posting again soon!

Hayley & Cookie

Banjo too has been suffering a little in the heat. No-one likes melting in their beds and our little furry friends have permanent coats on too so keeping them cool is very important!
Check out How To Keep Your Furries Cool for even more tips and advice on keeping your hammys happy in the heat!

Lots of love!

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Throwback Fursday



I will keep this short and sweet today folks, I just wanted to show off Casper’s face in case you’d forgotten about him already.Sleeping Hamster

And it also describes my sleepy mood perfectly.. but shhhhhh don’t tell my boss! 😉


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Hamster Selfie :D

Hamster SelfieWith all the selfies going on it only seemed fair Banjo got a shot at selfie-fame!

I don’t think he did too badly if you ask me.
Posed very still for my camera and added that extra adorable touch with the whole paw falling off my hand thing.. SUPER CUTEEE! 😀

I have also noticed that Joey has little white socks on! Even more super cuteeee! 😀

Has anyone else got any pet selfies they want to show off? Email them to me at 

And if I get any good’uns, I will definitely make a post on them! So make sure you brush them whiskers up and put on your best pout! All furry species welcome in this! 😀

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PetSavers Photo Contest Winner 2015

I always try to keep up with the latest hamster-related news. It gives me lots to talk about, inspires more posts and discussions, brings a different hamster face to the blog AND means I get to brag about hamster greatness 🙂

1st Prize for Best Pet Photo 2015

A picture of a hamster ‘wearing’ spectacles has been named the winner in the junior section of a pet photography contest.

The picture, taken by Charlotte, who’s 14 and from Colchester in Essex, shows Pip the hamster on some books looking very studious!

Charlotte said: “She was originally the school hamster, but lives with me and my family in her retirement.

“To make my image I decided to gather some school textbooks and glasses to put Pip behind.

“I thought this was the best way to express her characteristics, as she is quite an intelligent hamster.”

The charity PetSavers who run the competition each year, say they’ve had more entries this time than ever before.

How fabulous is that?! A famous hammy face makes 1st place! I checked out the other entries and although they were brilliant too, I think its great that Pip the hamster won top position!
And who said all news is bad news 🙂
Some times little bits of news like this make things seem so much simpler!
Well done Charlotte and Pip the hamster! 😀


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National Broccoli Day

National Broccoli Day, YES that's a thing!

I have managed to lure the illusive Banjo into some pictures with the help of a little broccoli 😀
Turns out this green veg is actually incredibly good for you in so any more ways than I originally realised.
Did you know 1 cup of raw broccoli contains the same amount of vitamin C as an orange! Amazing right! 😀

Its also high in vitamin A which is all round fabulous for your body.
So basically no wonder Banjo loves the stuff!
We should all spread the broccoli love! ❤ Treat your little furries to a stem in the sake of good health yeah?!

OMG and as if by terrifyingly spooky coincidence.. the 22nd of March is OFFICIALLY National Broccoli Day!!
That is crazzzzzy spooky..
Even MORE reason to treat everyone to the green stuff!

Love love love! Oh and pretty please with broccoli on top can you guys follow via email, like and comment. Show me some support? 😀

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Mister Anti-Social Pants!

Nibble Nibble :DBanjo has been very quiet so and so recently. He hides in his bed until all the lights are out and then slowly crawls out to explore. Then he will run and run and run until the sun comes up and I draw back the curtains.
He is an all-night marathon runner!

I know hamsters are nocturnal but Banjo really does take the biscuit with it. I want cuddles little man!!! But I don’t want to wake you up ;(

I’m sure he does it to tease me. If I sneak out when he is already running he just sits and lets me pick him up. I think its more stunned silence rather than wanting snuggles too but I’ll take what I can get !

Anyways because of mister antisocial pants over there, it means that getting pictures of him is getting more and more tricky.
So I am recycling some of the pics I managed to get of him from the pizza day. It was the only time he sat still for more than 2 seconds… Maybe that is a hint hint I should make him more delicious treats.. Maybe he is holding me to photography-ransom with the payment of homemade treats…. Hmmmmm you may have got me here little mister.

Sorry for the rant and rave. I needed it off my chest and I thought little Banjo needed some face time on the blog.
Facebook DOMINATION here we come ;D Hope you all have a fabulous weekend 😀

Oh and if you havent seen already – we made 1000 likes on Facebook. YAYAYA!
So I will reward all those likers with exclusive hammy updates and whatnot as a thank you for your support 😀


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Gifts For Hamster Lovers

A longggg while ago, I posted a list of gift ideas for hamster lovers like me (click here to check that out for yourself).
Well I think its only right that I post an updated list with even more fabulous ideas for that hamster-crazy friend or family member!! 😀
And I have catered for all budgets too so if you’re looking for a little token or a main gift, look no further!

Click any of the pictures to go to the page you can buy them from, simple! 😀


Beware of the Hamster Sign
£1.69 + free delivery (UK)

Hamster-ific gift!

Adjustable Hamster Ring
£6.57 + very cheap worldwide delivery available

Need a hamstery gift idea?

Hamster Jacuzzi Mug
£8.50 + free UK delivery (ships worldwide)

hamster t-shirt

Hang-In-There-Hamster T-Shirt
£14.99 + £1.50 delivery (UK) Worldwide delivery available

Cutest hamster earrings!

Handmade Happy Hamster Earrings (OMG love these!)
£3.84 + £5.94 delivery to UK (US seller)

OMG tattoos + hamsters = AMAZING

Tattooed Hamster Teatowel 
£10.00 + £2.75 delivery (Worldwide delivery available)

Hamster money box

Hand Painted Money Box With Gift Tag
£19.95 + £2.95 delivery (UK only)

Not gunna lie, I want every single one of these things.. Especially the tattooed teatowel!! AMAZING!!
I hope I have inspired you all, make sure you check out the items you like the look of! The links are on all of the pictures so get clicking! 🙂
If you had to pick one of them out for yourself, what would you pick?!! 😀 


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5 Fabulous Facts About Hamsters

  1. Hamsters can store almost half their body weight in their cheeks! That is a LOT of dinner to be stuck in your teeth.
    Remember Dexter stuffing his face with fresh apple ?!
  2. The oldest dwarf hamster lived to over 4 years old. (Thats over 100 human years old!!) I wish mine were little age record breakers 😛
    Old Man Hamster
  3. There are 25 different species of hamster! And yes I really want one of each.. muahah! 25 little Caspers pleaseee:)
    25 kinds of cuteness!!
  4. Hamsters are short-sighted AND colour blind! Unfortunately a hmaster-specsavers isnt on the horizon in any country yet..

The word hamster is an old German word hamstern which means ‘to hoard’. Them chubby cheeks make a lot of sense now 😀
You Hoarding that mr hamster
appy Wednesday folks 🙂 ❤

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7 Good Luck Superstitions

This particular date gets a LOT of stick. I mean its just another Friday right?!
Its Friday the 13th which makes it the UNLUCKIEST of all the dates.. if you’re superstitious like that…

So in honour of this unlucky date, I found some remedies to break that cursed spell!
Yes folks, I have trawled the interwebs to find 7 GOOD luck superstitions and my wonderful hammy assistants, past and present, have helped me out with the illustrations of course 😀
(And 7 is a lucky number too! So this post is all full of lucky stuff!)
Continue reading

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Flashback Fursday

Dexter the Syrian Hamster in all his glory!Its very rapidly coming up to 3 years since I started this blog. I thought it was only appropriate to show a flashback photo of the little Syrian that started it all.

Dexter was a very shy and nervous hamster.

It took him a LONG time to come out of his shell. But as soon as he was there, he really did become a cutie of a hamster.

Dexter was the little face that inspired me to start blogging. I wanted to start sharing his little adventures and it all snowballed from there.

I have taken several breaks from the blog but it has never been forgotten, I replied to emails and plotted comebacks and whatnot.

HamsterDiaries is my little hobby and I really enjoy taking pictures and writing and all the joys of blogging that come with it.
So keep on reading and commenting and showing me the love! I really do appreciate every word everyone has to say and I make a huge effort to reply to everything 🙂
Subscribe/Follow via email, like the facebook page and subscribe on YouTube too! The complete hamster-y fix.


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