What To Do When Your Hamster Dies

I get emailed a lot of questions, some I can answer privately and others I think hmmm other people might wanna read this to.
One of these emails was about what to do when you lose a pet hamster.
So to try and help, I have put together a little list of what I do when I lose a loved hammy.
I have lost lots of hamsters over my lifetime. Over the course of this blog alone, I lost my 3 hammy stars AND 13 beautiful baby hamsters.
If anyone can understand the grief of losing a pet, I can.


  1. Cry. Cry as much as you want to and feel the need to. Hamsters are little members of the family after all. They have been with you for years and when they pass away, it hurts! It is okay to cry and it helps to cry, so let it all out.
  2. Casper on my mousematPut all the pictures of your passed hammy up wherever you are. On your bedroom wall, on your school folders, on your work desk, anywhere!
    I have my favourite picture of Casper snuggled up asleep inside my blanket as my mousemat at work and pictures of all 3 of them on my electronic photo frame so every 30 minutes, I get to see a happy pic of my fur babies.
    Makes me smile every time. 🙂 ❤
  3. Make a memorial for them. Every hamster since I was a kid has been buried in my garden. There is a row of ceramic toadstools along the back fence in the garden so I can see where all of my pets have been laid to rest. Hamster Grave ToadstoolIts a lovely reminder 🙂 They are all different colours so I can recognise which hammy lays where.
    When the babies died, I planted an orchid for them in their memory.
    It was a beautiful plant and I thought it a fitting tribute for them.
    Plants and gravestones are a great way to distract you from the negative of losing a loved pet and a lasting tribute to their memory.
  4. Get a new hamster.
    It may seem drastic and the last thing you’d want to do but I promise you a new baby hamster is the perfect therapy. You get to have all the fur snuggles and a whole new personality to get to learn and love.
    Whenever you are ready and have grieved for your lost pet, I cant recommend enough the benefits of getting that cage all cleaned and sorted ready for a new furry-face. You can relive the great times of your lost pet, with a new one.Banjo the Hamster Offering a pet a new home is the most rewarding thing ever and it will keep you smiling, guaranteed!!
    You can tell your new fur baby all about their older brother/sister that has passed away. I found the whole experience of a new pet, the best remedy for a broken heart.
    Banjo is now my little rock – I couldn’t be without him.

Nothing and no one will replace your lost hamster and it really is the worst pain you can feel. But this doesn’t mean your world should crumble and end.
You just have to start a new chapter as difficult as it seems.

❤ Things WILL get better and your heart will mend, I promise you. ❤

Feel free to comment below on your fur babies that have passed over the rainbow bridge. We can have a little tribute xxxx

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HMRR: Cookie, The Ill Monster Munch

Helloooo people !

This will be quite a short blog, sorry peeps

Hope you have all had a great weekend and your little hamsters have been behaving themselves, no escaping, no stealing your remote control car and whizzing away?
No..ah..good, but now I’m worrying myself that hamsters may take over the world..
Oh jeez…the poop…it would be everywhere!
No….just…I’m stopping now……

Cookie the famous hamster!! :DSo recently I have been keeping a close eye on my little Cookie, as she has not been well.
On Friday evening I noticed some strange colouring on the area where she pees. I took a closer look as I was a bit worried, unfortunately it was blood.

So, my hamster was peeing blood! I called the vet and got her in that evening. He was holding her and looked at me and seriously said the most hilarious sentence you can say to a person who has a hamster “do you think you could hold her still for a minute or so“ ….I must admit…I laughed so hard.

I got told, it is either a UTI ( urinary tract infection ) or because she maybe older than we think, it could be a womb issue, so I was given the choice of either investigation or antibiotics. I chose antibiotics because if in the time of her having it, it got worse, she would go straight back.
But right now it seems to be clearing, each day the red colour is less and less – yaayyyyy!

So far I have not stopped laughing at her reactions to the anti b, she scrunches her nose up, sticks her tongue out, teeth together…. looks like a child sucking on a lemon!
It is such a hilarious face for such a little Cookie.
Even when she’s in her cage after the meds, she refused to come near me, as much as I find it so funny, I wish she knew it was all to help her 🙂

Have a good week peeps,

Cookie and Hayley

We love keeping up to date with Cookie and Hayley – Banjo loves sniffing the screen when I am typing too!
We just thought we would add a little note on the end of this post to say how quickly all you hammy-mummy and daddy’s need to react when you see blood in their pee or on their bums.
Hayley did the totally correct thing by going straight to the vets!
Eve suffered with a womb infection from having her babies (read about it here) and the antibiotics weren’t successful and I will always wonder if I had acted quicker if she would have made it!

If your hammy has a bloody bum click here to read all about what to look for and what to do!

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Hamsters In The Wild

I’ve always known hamsters are the result of decades of domestication but I’ve never paid much attention to our furry friends heritage. (Domesticated since 1939 to be precise… NERD FACT #1)
So I decided to do a bit of swatting up and share my nerdiness with you folks.

I mean who doesn’t want to know the history of hamsters eh?!

For example, did you know that wild hamsters live underground! A photo of a golden hamster
I mean it makes perfect sense as they’re close relatives of mice and rats who also burrow etc. But it just seems crazy to think my little Banjo could be out in the garden scampering around in the dirt!
He seems way too delicate and pampered now!

They live on a diet of seeds, fruit, vegetation and INSECTS! Again, the thought of Banjo with a face full of bugs makes me want to scoop him up and lock him away from the outside world!

Although the hamster was ‘discovered’ in the late 1700’s, they were actually classified and named until much later. The first hamster was collected by a zoologist in Syria and imported to the USA way back in 1930 – NERD FACT #2 – where they found a female and her 11 pups in a nest 2.5 metres underground!!
That’s impressive for a little thing like a hamster!

The entire pet and science population of Syrian hamsters appear to be descendants of brother-sister pairings – NERD FACT #3!
How insane is that! All hamsters are all very distant relatives of one and other… urgh!

Nowadays it is questioned as to whether there are any WILD hamsters left in Syria! But suspicions suggest they are still underground and just hiding 😀
As long as I have my Banjo safely tucked up in bed, I don’t mind where all his ancient ancestors are 😉

Hope you’ve been educated here! All of this will make you invaluable in a pub quiz….

And just incase all of that writing bored you to tears, here is a video of a wild hamster.. THEY’RE TOTALLY REAL THINGS!!! 😀
Anyways, enjoy your weekend folks!

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5 Reasons Hamsters The Perfect Pet For A Child

Internet kisses from Banjo!Everyone will associate hamsters as a childs pet.
Ask anyone – even the kids who don’t like animals either had a hamster or a goldfish as a young’un!

So why are these cute critters the perfect pet for a child?

  1. Having a pet is the best way to teach responsibility.
    This goes for any creature not just a hamster! If you give your kiddie something living and breathing, not to mention rather adorable, to care for and feed and clean up after, they learn valuable lessons from the start! I had my first hamster when i was like 5 or 6 or something – did me the world of good 😀
  2. Hamsters are really simple to look after – even for a child.
    They need water and food and an exercise wheel. Syrian hamsters dont need other hammy friends so its just a cage and the essentials. No fuss, minimal mess and all the cuteness!
  3. Syrian hamsters are hand-sized.
    You may think this is a weird point to make, but if you have a small kid you don’t want to give them a pet that is going to squash them or knock them over. Just like you wouldn’t want to give them something tiny and small that they’re going to lose! Syrian hamsters are the perfect size!
  4. They’re quite robust little pets.
    Kids are not the most gentle of admirers, yanking tails etc. Syrian hamsters can squeeze through holes the size of a 50 pence piece, so if your kid is a The perfect pet - Dexter flashback!little heavy handed, they’re not going to cause a huge amount of fuss! Granted the hammy might not like it, but a little nip from a hamster is a much lesser evil than a nip from an annoyed dog for example.
  5. They’re cheap!
    You can buy a hamster, all the food and the cage for a very reasonable price. So there is no need to break the bank with an expensive pedigree breed or getting pet insurance etc. What more could you want!

So if you are considering a little Syrian hamster for your child, I’d say DO IT! They are adorable and sweet and the perfect low maintenance pet. And once they are tame they are gorgeously fun!

Subscribe to HamsterDiaries using the subscription box on the left hand toolbar. Once subscribed you’ll receive an email for every post made. Don’t miss out on your hamster fix!


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Blogs; When Do You Read?

Now I think its fair to say I am very much BACK in the blogging swing of things! 😀 
And as a very keen blogger, I have started thinking of a bunch of questions to try and improve the blog. BUT most of these questions, I cannot answer by myself. What time do people read blogs?
Don’t worry, I am not about to spring a survey of a 100 questions on you, I just have one particular question I am really curious about.

What time do you get yourself onto WordPress to read up on the blogs you like?

Is it a first thing in the morning routine to accompany your Weetabix and coffee? Or is it a lunch break thing where you have nothing much to do at your desk and need a bit of light entertainment? Or is it even a bit of bedtime reading for you??
Maybe I am reading into all this timing malarkey a little too much and you just read and catchup when you can, but I am dying to know for sure.

I have been scheduling my posts to go public at 8am GMT every day, not for any particular reason other than it was about the time I would get to work and figured people would maybe like to have something new to read from the morning onward really.

I even wanted to keep this post hamsterific so got Casper to pose with a clock.Casper and the Clock, he can tell the time HONEST! :p

‘HOW VERY RELEVANT’ I hear you scream 😉

HAHAH, I even tried to get Dexter to pose nicely with a clock but he really does have none of it. An unnatural celebrity.
But Casper posed away very nicely for me.

And I know it looks like he is even nibbling the cushion m iPad is sat on in the picture to the right, but he isn’t I swear.
Even Diva-Casper needs a little bit of encouragment to sit still sometimes. So a bit of broccoli may have appears in his paws…

Anyway back to the point..
I know it may seem trivial and it could be completely RANDOM but at least then I will know.
As for some reason this thought has been bothering me since I began blogging again…

So, I would be mighty grateful if you could answer the poll below, just to give me a rough idea of what time people are reading.
I understand there is a time difference and as this blog reaches every corner of the globe, my 8am is different to your 8am kinda thing, but going on your time of day wherever in the world you are, when do you check out the blogs you follow?

Thank you in advance for your participation. It makes setting up the hamsters with props that little bit more worth it 😉

Hamster-y cuddles! 

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Deafness In Hamsters

Deaf Hamster
You may recall, I have previously posted about Casper’s uniqueness and specialness. We originally came to the conclusion that Casper was just unusual and quirky. He is a bit of a special hamster with special habits (I am waiting to see the comment ‘pets take after their owners…’ HAHAH you’re so funny… 😐 …) but after all this time we have absolutely no doubts at all that Casper is 100% deaf.

I have googled the subject a lot in the past and things I found arent greatly helpful. People suggest a veterinary examination but in all honesty I dont need a vet to look at him to tell me that he has no hearing.

How to tell if your hamster is deaf?

Deaf Hamster Hiding Cos He's SHY!!! :)

“You talking bout me?”

I am not an expert I assure you, but having more hamsters than I have fingers to count them on, makes it easier to conduct little experiments on their hearing.
I have come up with one simple little question  to ask yourself in a way to determine if your hamster is really deaf? Or just hard of hearing?

  1. If you clap or click behind your hamsters head, does he/she respond? Flinch? React?

As long as youre not about to punch your hamster in the face any sign of a reaction means they have a sense of hearing. It might be poor but they have it.
You could sound an airhorn behind Casper and he wouldnt even blink at you – that is true deafness. None of this selective hearing I hear a lot about 😉

What does it mean if my hamster is deaf?
It means nothing spectacular, just means your hamster has a unique little trait. He or she just needs extra comfort maybe to ensure that they feel safe. A world without sound can be a nerve wracking place, no way of hearing danger or anything like that. So they just need extra cuddles and maybe go gentle if you need to wake them up. They cant hear you coming remember! 😀

Anyone else out there have a deaf pet?
Let me know in the comments below! Also dont forget to follow via email o get your daily fix of hamstery cuteness!! 😀 


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Down The Back Of The Sofa I Found Money, The TV Remote And My Hamster…

Sooooooooooo back on that first post in May you may briefly recall I promised you a story about Dexter’s adventures in Sofa Land.

And I shall not disappoint you good people. Dexter on the sofa, EVEN MORE CUTEEE!!

As I may have mentioned, I let the hamsters run about on the sofa. I can see them clearly and they cant get very far. So its safe and sound as far as I was concerned..
Perfect for when I just want them to have a little bit of freedom. I think its only fair these domestic pets get to experience a little time for exploring. The sofa to me is the perfect area, contained and safe!

Well I maaaaaay not be 100% accurate with that thinking.

What I failed to notice was Dexters ability to burrow and hide…
I know what you’re thinking. “Just look at his face, he’s no trouble at all!”

Well do not let this innocent pout deceive you. He is a little monster that has caused me no end of panic attacks with his mischievous antics.

Let me try and explain a little better.
Let me introduce you to the wild and excited adventure play area that is SOFA LAND!


HAMSTER SOFA FUNLAND!!!(As you can see my photo editing skills are amazing… yeaaaah or not haha)

Anyways, I’m pretty sure that for hamsters looking at the sofa is the same  as us humans looking at Disney Land. Okay maybe not quite as exciting.. but the hamsters sure act like it is the same! 😀

Back to the point.

Inbetween Christmas and New Years of last year (2013), we were doing the usual chill out on the sofa. Dexter is absolutely loving the adventure time and I take my eyes off him for literally a second.

Now Casper, I could leave for whole minutes unattended and he wouldn’t get into any trouble.
Dexter however is not quite as trustworthy!!

I turn back and see his little furry backside sticking out of the corner where the cushions join together. I jump up and grab his back legs sbut its too late, Sofa Land had swallowed him whole.
Yes. The hamster was genuinely now inside the actual sofa.

…oh @#!$

Dexter trying to go back INSIDE the sofaNow at the time I obviously wasn’t getting my phone out to take any photos! So I reconstructed the event by putting Dexter back on the sofa and taking some pictures. I wanted some photos to illustrate what I meant.
And even having him out on the sofa for these few minutes, he immediately attempted to sneak down the edge again!

This time I managed to catch the cheeky bugger in the act and get this photo!

Basically this is an exact repeat of what happened on this particular night in December last year.

And you can see the size of the gap he needed to have fitted down in order to actually get inside the sofa! He had to suck his little belly in and everything!! 😀

As you can completely imagine, I panicked!
I literally freaked out! I couldn’t see my hamster, I couldn’t hear my hamsters and had absolutely no idea how i was supposed to get him out of the sofa!
My hand certainly didn’t fit down the back of the sofa so how on EARTH was I supposed to get him out!!

After getting in a tizz and even hearing little scratches and sneezes coming from inside the sofa Hamster Rescuing.(yes genuine little hamster sneezes cos I bet it was bloomin’ dusty in there!) we decided to tip the sofa back and CUT open the bottom of the sofa.

After making this little hole, I stuck a torch inside to see if I could spy him. All I could see was wood and material, and riiiiiight in the far corner a mischievous little hamster was squatting quite happily.

The cheeky little monster didn’t have a care in the world while I was rushing around like a crazy person trying to rescue him!!!

As he was in no hurry to come out, we had to use better tactics to retrieve him.

What is the best way to get a hamster out of a tight space?
Get fresh veg or their favourite treats, break them into smaller bits and leave a trail of them leading to an open space or box where you can definitely capture your little furry!

Sweetcorn was the winning treat!I used baby corn to lure out Dexter as I know he cannot resist it. I sat patiently by the edge of the sofa and after a few long minutes, I saw little whiskers twitching by the opening..
Without another hesitation, I grabbed him!!

Dexter = Rescued..
After strict words, a sheepish looking Dex was put back in bed, where he couldn’t cause any trouble!!!

The only silver lining to this story is I found a £1 coin in the bottom of the sofa. At least cutting open the bottom of the couch was somewhat worth it I suppose. 😉

Have your furries ever gotten stuck in unlikely places?! I want to hear about your mad and daring rescues!
Let me know in the comments section below!

Follow, like, share and comment! Show your support lovely people! 😀

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Help! My Hamster Has A Bloody Bum!

One of the things I pride myself on most for this blog is all the various information you could possibly need about hamsters is in the one place, right here! Poorly hamster
Now as we know Eve sadly past away in Feb of this year (2014) but I felt it only right to document and report her symptoms and treatment and what was actually wrong as someone else somewhere might have the same problem with their pet and want the know-how..


After holding my female Syrian Eve, I noticed a little dried blood around her tail.
Please note I am including pictures of her poorly bum in this post so other worried pet owners can compare. If you don’t wanna see a poorly hammy bum then feel free to not read the rest… Continue reading

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What Makes A Successful Pet Blog?

So you are starting a blog – 
Hello and welcome to the blogosphere – its a big ol’ world out there punk! I hope you are ready!
and you have decided to set up a PET blog!
(if you are setting up a cookery or photography blog you can still take note from this post just I will be aiming it mainly at them quirky animal lovers! 😛)

Now in my opinion, there is a HUGE difference between a pet blog and any other kind of blog you can make (emphasis on the ‘in my opinion’ bit). Blogs are a persons way of sharing passions, thoughts and opinions on all sorts of topics from talking types of beer to reviewing the latest porn movie. Yes, it really is out there folks!
When it comes to sitting down and deciding you want to start a blog, a logical beginning would be a ‘constant’. What do I mean by constant? Well, blogs are more successful the more often you post, FACT, so you want to post about something you have an interest in and something you can easily discuss every day/week. There really isn’t much worth in blogging about your week holiday to Cairo when its over and done with after 7 days. What happens to your blog after that? Where would it go?!

So it is easy to land on the idea of a pet blog! Its perfect! Your pet is there every day so you can take pictures and have stories pretty regularly. But this is where that pesky problem arrives.

I love cruising WordPress for pet blogs. I like reading about animals, looking at other peoples pets, reading about their mischievous adventures and even admiring exotic creatures I would never dream of owning (lizards for example… I will look but not touch! Noooo touchy!) and when I find a new pet blog – say with one or two posts already – I check it out, give the blogger a little support with a comment or a like, and I check back to see if that particular blog is successful.

I can tell you now, out of ALL them new pet blogs I have discovered, there is not one still going today. Not one.
So why do pet blogs in particular have such a high failure rate?

I think its unfair to say the bloggers themselves are lazy or “just not that into it” because I genuinely think that blogging about a pet is harder than it looks – I think any kind of blogging is harder than it looks! When you are writing about your pet everyday, that once exciting new thing your animal did becomes the normal. Daily life as a pet-owner becomes slightly un-blogable; its tedious and routine and seriously who actually wants to read about the same thing day in and day out?! This is where so many pet blogs are going wrong! They close their subject down so much that when they run out of things to say, the blog dries up and dies. RIP yet another pet blog.

Now like I said before, I love reading about pets. Without the support and comments from other bloggers I doubt I would have had the patience and motivation to continue this blog and make it the success it is today. I learnt very quickly where I was going wrong whilst blogging and how to try to fix that. Here are some tips to make that quickly dying blog spring back into life;

  1. Don’t post more than once a day.
    If you post 2 or 3 times a day while you are starting out, you will burn out. And fast! You will run out of things to say, your posts will get shorter and that routine people crave just wont be there. Everyone loves a reliable blog – if you want followers to come back day after day to check out your site, you have to post day after day to keep your audience entertained! Blogging is a creative discipline – you have to set a mental schedule for yourself!
    Do you want to post every day? Will you have enough to say if posting daily? Would it be better to post every other day? Even when you have several ideas for posts, which is generally the case when you are getting started, write them up and SAVE THEM. Post them the next day, line up a few posts for the next few days if you have the ideas! That way even if you have an off-day and dont fancy writing much, you can simply pluck that draft you wrote up yesterday and post it. Job done and you still have that regime.
  2. Widen your blogging topic.
    There is only so much you can say about one particular thing – I have a blog about hamsters, I know this fact all too well! If you stick to writing solely about that one topic you will just run out of things to say. You, as a writer, will get bored and there again – the blog dies a slow and painful death. And imagine your readers! They don’t want to read about the exact same thing every day do they?! Think outside the box a little.
    Take HamsterDiaries for example: I knew I couldnt blog about JUST hamsters for longer than a week so I added some features to the blog. I have a weekly feature, The Sunday Riddle (which is not even hamster related anymore) just to break up a weeks worth of hamster-themed posts. I also review toys and pet products – still on my blog’s theme but different to the every day post. I include videos to break up the thousands of words I post. I have started using photography techniques on my hamster photos which has opened up a whole new world of talk-points and ideas. I have blog awards and ‘competitions’ to involve my readers as well as tackle frequently asked questions and answer genuine hamster-related problems that other bloggers have. By exploring photography, art, technology, social media and all sorts of other topics I am broadening my reading audience as well as giving me something new and exciting to write about (believe it or not, I have more things on my mind than just hamsters 😛 who knew eh!)
  3. Go comment CRAZY!

    This is just a picture of the comment box – want the real thing, scroll to the bottom of the post 😀

    When you have a new blog, dont be afraid to comment on other blogs to get your name out there in the blogosphere! If you sit there at your computer and wait for hundreds of readers to flock to your site you are going to be bitterly disappointed. It takes patience and a little bit of selflessness to get your blog going. Hey for the first 3 days of HamsterDiaries I didnt get more than 15 views a day! It was slow and discouraging but just give it a little time and voila! If you find other blogs with a shared interest or topic you will gain a reader and perhaps a following. There are lots of pet blogs out there, just take your pick and introduce yourself! Read these other blogs, get to know the blogger behind the posts and comment your thoughts and opinions. Knowing someone is paying attention to your writing is rewarding and more often than not the favour is returned.

  4. Include pictures. Lots of pictures.
    People who read pet blogs don’t want to read millions of words everyday; they want to see who the fuss is all about. Including a picture in every post you publish is a MUST. As shallow as it may seem, over half of the blogs I check out from the WordPress Reader are because of the pictures! If I see a super cute kitten or a dog doing a handstand, I am checking that blog out! If I see lots of words and no pretty pic, I’m not all that enticed to read it. With pet blogs especially, you cant have a pet blog without pictures of your pet!
  5. Dont try too hard.
    If you spend hours and hour slaving over each post, tweaking them jokes and changing the words around so it sounds better – you are going to suck the fun riiiiiight out of blogging. Not every line needs to be a joke, not every line needs to be philosophically meaningful and not every line needs to be grammatically perfect. Your blog is for you to express yourself; if you’re going to perfect every detail you are going to lose all that enjoyment of blogging. Writing this now I can see about 7 red squiggly lines underneath my terrible spellings but I dont really mind because I write as I think and when I am on a roll typing, not a thing in the world can stop me! I would say don’t write ‘lyk dis. No1 wnts 2 read blogs whn da writing iz just bad!’ I promise I will never try to type like a chav again, I made my point. 😛

This post turned out lots longer than I planned but I thought I would give my advice and share a few tips as I have yet witnessed another blog death this week.
If you think your motivation could fall prey to the blog-plague then just make your blog a bit more open, dont specify it as a pet blog so you can write about anything that pops into your head! I would recommend a theme to any blog, best way to get interested targeted readers is to have a theme, but if you think you could just give up on a new blog start out big and focus it down as you settle into a routine.

Some of the greatest blogs I read are pet blogs, they are the success stories here! They have made it through blog-death and I salute them!

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Its not OK to have favourites… is it?

I imagine when it comes to pets its a little bit like children. If you have more than one, you can’t have a favourite.
Saying that, doesn’t everyone have a favourite even if they don’t speak of it out loud?

I love my three hamsters very dearly. They are cuddly, cute and make me laugh even if I am having a bad day. They are certainly nowhere near as much work as an infant would be, and I personally am not even close to mature enough to have my own children any-time soon. So hamsters seem like the logical stepping stone.

I have an older sister. There has been no end of sibling rivalry between us over the years. My point? My parents dont have favourites between us (despite all the typical conspiracies). Thats law number one with children isnt it? You cant favour one over the other, its just not the done thing. I may be considering my pet hamsters way too closely with offspring here but you get my point. You can’t put one loved ones priorities and needs over the other loved one.

Now I am prepared very much so for the backlash of my next statement.
Okay, I lied. I’m not ready.
But here it goes….
I have a favourite.

I’ve tried not to love this particular furry more so than the other two. But I just can’t help it!
Can you guess who I am talking about???
Continue reading

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