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HMRR: FlyStrike – Keeping Your Hamster Safe

Hello again peeps and hamsters and…well…all other creatures!

My little Cookie says hello and wishes you all well!

I know I have touched upon the subject before of my hamster in the heat, but this is a little bit different today, getting a little bit more serious peeps!!

I love the little furry creatures that run around in their cages unaware of the big wide world they are a part of and keeping them safe is important, especially since this issue I am going to tell you about isn’t well highlighted when you have a hamster. Personally I found out when there was a small sign in my local pet shop!


Now, at this time of year, when things are getting hotter ( unless you’re in Australia ) flies will start to drive you absolutely mad! Unfortunately they are also pests of hamsters, dogs, well any animal really!

Flystrike is when flies lay their eggs, in this case, on a hamsters behind or even mouth. The eggs then start to hatch into maggots,( gross…yeah, I know) these maggots will start eating your hamsters skin, inside and out, wherever they can get to!!

Basically, they will eat your hamster alive!!!!

This can kill very quickly, but can be treated if found early enough!!

The best way you can combat this is by keeping your little friends and their cage clean. I use small pet wipes each week on Cookie. If you keep them clean their chance of flystrike is greatly decreased.

Keep an eye on the little monsters during the hotter weather especially, if you even suspect they make have eggs laid on them anywhere call your vet as soon as possible, being eaten alive must be a horrid experience for the little hammys, so keep them happy by cleaning their bum 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week peeps!

Cookie and Hayley

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