Gifts For Hamster Lovers

A longggg while ago, I posted a list of gift ideas for hamster lovers like me (click here to check that out for yourself).
Well I think its only right that I post an updated list with even more fabulous ideas for that hamster-crazy friend or family member!! 😀
And I have catered for all budgets too so if you’re looking for a little token or a main gift, look no further!

Click any of the pictures to go to the page you can buy them from, simple! 😀


Beware of the Hamster Sign
£1.69 + free delivery (UK)

Hamster-ific gift!

Adjustable Hamster Ring
£6.57 + very cheap worldwide delivery available

Need a hamstery gift idea?

Hamster Jacuzzi Mug
£8.50 + free UK delivery (ships worldwide)

hamster t-shirt

Hang-In-There-Hamster T-Shirt
£14.99 + £1.50 delivery (UK) Worldwide delivery available

Cutest hamster earrings!

Handmade Happy Hamster Earrings (OMG love these!)
£3.84 + £5.94 delivery to UK (US seller)

OMG tattoos + hamsters = AMAZING

Tattooed Hamster Teatowel 
£10.00 + £2.75 delivery (Worldwide delivery available)

Hamster money box

Hand Painted Money Box With Gift Tag
£19.95 + £2.95 delivery (UK only)

Not gunna lie, I want every single one of these things.. Especially the tattooed teatowel!! AMAZING!!
I hope I have inspired you all, make sure you check out the items you like the look of! The links are on all of the pictures so get clicking! 🙂
If you had to pick one of them out for yourself, what would you pick?!! 😀 


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One thought on “Gifts For Hamster Lovers

  1. That tattooed hamster teatowel is certainly very random! I like the t-shirt with the dangling Syrian and the sweet hamster earrings. I’d love to take a picture of my hamster, Leelah, inside that mug, and I also like the “Beware of Hamster” sign–though my girl is so sweet, it would just be funny. She’s not one of those ferocious biting hammies… which I have definitely had in the past. 😉

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