5 Fabulous Facts About Hamsters

  1. Hamsters can store almost half their body weight in their cheeks! That is a LOT of dinner to be stuck in your teeth.
    Remember Dexter stuffing his face with fresh apple ?!
  2. The oldest dwarf hamster lived to over 4 years old. (Thats over 100 human years old!!) I wish mine were little age record breakers 😛
    Old Man Hamster
  3. There are 25 different species of hamster! And yes I really want one of each.. muahah! 25 little Caspers pleaseee:)
    25 kinds of cuteness!!
  4. Hamsters are short-sighted AND colour blind! Unfortunately a hmaster-specsavers isnt on the horizon in any country yet..

The word hamster is an old German word hamstern which means ‘to hoard’. Them chubby cheeks make a lot of sense now 😀
You Hoarding that mr hamster
appy Wednesday folks 🙂 ❤

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One thought on “5 Fabulous Facts About Hamsters

  1. I sure wish I could hide half my body weight in food in my cheeks. ….or behind the big chair.

    Love and licks,

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