7 Good Luck Superstitions

This particular date gets a LOT of stick. I mean its just another Friday right?!
Its Friday the 13th which makes it the UNLUCKIEST of all the dates.. if you’re superstitious like that…

So in honour of this unlucky date, I found some remedies to break that cursed spell!
Yes folks, I have trawled the interwebs to find 7 GOOD luck superstitions and my wonderful hammy assistants, past and present, have helped me out with the illustrations of course 😀
(And 7 is a lucky number too! So this post is all full of lucky stuff!)

1. If you see 3 butterflies together, you will have good luck!
3 butterflies together will bring you good luck, hamster stylee! :D

2. A rabbits foot brings good luck – I like to think the rabbits foot is luckier on the rabbit 🙂 (Toffee the bunny models for this point)
a RABBITS foot will bring you good luck

3.An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.
That’s lucky as I love apples and hate being ill!
Dexter eating an apple, keeps the mean VET away :)

4. An item of clothing worn inside out brings good luck.
So all them times I’ve accidentally put my socks on inside out, has brought me some fortune!
An inside out sock or top or jeans... Its alllllll good luck :)

5. Getting out of bed the same side as you got in, is very good luck.
Banjo demonstrates this 😀
Good luck - getting out of bed the same side as you got in :D

6. Picking up a penny, head side up! This is very much good luck!
Blast from the past Casper is trying this one out… good ol’ photoshop :’)
Picking a penny up HEAD SIDE UP is good fortune

7. A cricket in the house will bring you good luck. (Sorry not so cute and fluffy – maybe a hamster in the house would bring better luck)

I also like to think that following this blog will bring you muchos good luck but thats not widely published 😉
Enjoy your Friday folks 🙂

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