Hamster Treat Recipe #2: The Hamster Pizza

Want to reward your hamster with an irresistible homemade treat?!
I have THE recipe for the best hamster pizza ever!!
YES you read that correctly – a pizza especially for your hamster! Or other small furry – everyone should try this!
(And I know its THE best because it is the first and only thing that has made Banjo sit still in the last 6 months!!)

What ingredients do you need:

  • BananaIngredients you need for a hamster pizza
  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Any additional ‘toppings’ your hammy may enjoy – sunflower seeds for example.

You don’t need LOADS of the above bits, just the end of the banana you wont eat yourself, and the end of the carrot you don’t want in your dinner etc.
Think hamster sized portions 🙂

You will need a chopping board, sharp knife and a fork.

Step 1

Take the apple and chop it in half. This is going to make your juicy sweet ‘pizza’ base.
Lay the apple half flat on your chopping board and slice off the top. You want a slice of apple to be left, as close to half a centimeter as you can safely get with the knife!
Once you have this slice, trim the edges to make a round appley-disc 🙂
Step 1 - The appley pizza base

Put this disc to one side.

Step 2

Take a 3cm chunk of banana (the end you don’t wanna eat so no banana is wasted).
Lay this on your chopping board as mash it with your fork.
Keep on mashing mashy mash until you have a banana-y puree.

step 2 - banana mashing time!!

Step 3

Take your apple pizza base and spread your banana mush over the top.
Your delicious hammy-treat is starting to take shape!
This is going to be irresistible for your furry as there is nothing quite as sweet and yummy as a banana – all small furries just LOVE it 🙂 And with the crunchy apple base, its already a treat winner!! 😀
Step 3 - Spread the mush!

Step 4

Next we want to start topping our pizza! Take a chunk of carrot, only one slice of carrot is needed.
Then you want to dice the carrot into teeny tiny pieces – hamster bite sized pieces!
Then sprinkle these pieces over your pizza. The gooey banana will hold these bits in place.
And of course dont forget to do your best chef impression when sprinkling these, make a mess in your kitchen – go on!

Step 4 - Dice that carrot! Dice it!

Step 5

Your next topping are those delicious ‘tree’ bits of the broccolli.
Chop them off and sprinkle these generously on top of your pizza. No need to waste the stalky bit, eat it for your dinner 🙂

Step 5 - De-Tree the Broccoli!

Step 6

The last step is adding on any of the additional toppings you have that I havent mentioned. I took the seeds out of a cherry tomato as I know Banjo loves these gooey blobs! If your hammy prefers sunflower seeds, cucumber chunks or even a little bit of cheese, sprinkle it all on! This is a special treat for them after all, and you know what they love!

Step 6 - De-Seed the Tomato

Step 7

Sit back and admire your masterpiece!!
Take a slice of your pizza (its a treat remember – you dont want to go giving them the whole thing at once, that’s too much spoiling!) Put the rest in the fridge and dish it out in sensible slithers until its all eaten up!
Just watch your hammy enjoy!! 😀


Ta-Dah! A treat any hamster would nibble his paws off for a bite of!

And like I said, you can personalise this pizza especially for your hammy. If they LOVE sunflower seeds then chuck them on the top. If you don’t have a banana, use a thin spread of peanut butter – the sweetness will drive them loopy! As long as it is served sparingly – you can go wild with the creations!

YUMMY YUMMY HOMEMADE HAMSTER TREAT!This is the FIRST and ONLY treat that has kept Banjo still, he absolutely LOVEEEEEED it! 😀

As you can see, Banjo isn’t blurry! It has finally happened!

What started as an inquisitive sniff, turned into a lick and then a bite and then another lick.

I don’t think he quite knew what to do with himself to be honest!! 😀 Fancy all them favourite things on one plate in front of you?! His eyes practically popped out his head!

I tottally recommend everyone with a small furry try out this recipe! You don’t have to be a hamster, you can be a guinea pig or a mouse or a rat or a chinchilla!
All the small furries need to enjoy this little treat!

If you do try this out, please send me a picture to hamsterdiaries@yahoo.co.uk or post it to the HamsterDiaries Facebook page, lets share the hamster pizza love!

There will be plenty more hamster recipes coming up so if this goes down a treat (hah see what I did there) then make sure you’re subscribed to the blog – there is a subscribe box near the top of the page on the left hand toolbar 🙂

Until tomorrow!! 😀


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  1. Awesome. Truly awesome.

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