Furry Fan Submission; Sweep & Tarzan

I get a lot of emails on the blog; questions, comments and whatnot. But my all time FAVOURITE kind of email, is the furry fans I get snapshots off!
I love love love seeing and hearing about all your gorgeous little hammys!

And my latest email, just had to be shared! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have 2 beautiful little hamsters to introduce you to!

Sweep the HamsterSweep:

She’s 9 months old now and such a poser.

She’s caramel coloured in pictures, but under natural light she’s a lovely soft grey colour (like Sweep from Sooty and Sweep) with two dark stripes over her front legs, and around her eyes.

Plus she’s super fluffy!

Super cuddly too and prefers free running in her ball.

How GORGEOUS are those eyes! Beautiful colourings there! I haven’t actually seen so many hamsters with this kind of fur so its really lovely to be sent this picture!

And the second furry friend I am pleased to show off to you all is little Tarzan, who looks like a long-lost twin of my Banjo!

Tarzan the Hamster


We rehomed Tarzan last summer and he is a year old this month (we guess).

He looks just like your Banjo, black with a band across his middle.

Tarzan is super tame but prefers running about at super speeds in his ball to being held, it has only been since Christmas that he’s allowed us to hold him more.

This, of course, makes it much harder to get a picture of him … he’s never still!

So not only is this beaut of a Syrian a Banjo look-a-like but also he ACTS like Banjo too with the inability to sit still!

Cuties the both of them!
Thank you so much to Tanya to sending in these snaps! Your fur-babies are gorgeous! And are now hamster-celebrities too! Give them a treat from us! 😀

If you have a pet hamster that you are just itching to show off – send me an email at hamsterdiaries@yahoo.co.uk 
I love hearing and seeing the furry faces I write for!
I will reply to every submission and may even share some more of them with the world wide blogosphere!
So put your best whiskers on as you could be gawped at and ‘awww’-ed over by hundreds of people every day too!! 😀


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One thought on “Furry Fan Submission; Sweep & Tarzan

  1. Tanya

    I think they’re the cutest … but I’m just a teensy bit biased 🙂

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