Black Was Sooooo 2 Months Ago Darling!

My hamster is changing colour!

So its a bit difficult to explain this in pictures as the little tinker won’t sit still for 2 minutes! But I can just about do it.
Here is a picture of day 2 of Banjo coming home. Hiding under his saucer you can see his very BLACK bum fur poking out.
Black fur turning brown you say?!

So more recently, the photos I have just about captured of Joey show a much more chocolatey coat!
The black fur is fading and a rich brown coat is emerging.

Much more chocolatey!Now this sparked me into trawling through Google to find an explanation. There are some wacky theories out there I tell ya!

One reason for a hamsters fur changing colour is age.
As a hamster gets older the fur thins out and lightens,much like a human’s! This lightening of a rich back coat would certainly lighten to a rusty brown tone.
Banjo is only 6 months old so it certainly couldnt be an age related change surely?!

Another reason for this change in fur colour is the change of seasons.
If hamsters werent domesticated they’d be out in the wild fending for themselves. And like all small and tasty critters, they have to help themselves stay protected from the predators out there using camouflage. So in winter their coats brighten to match with colder surroundingsand then as the temperature increases, their coats darken. What colour coat do we want today Joey!!
Makes sense I guess, but Joey is in the constant warmth of a centrally heated apartment, so that can’t be right either?

A more likely explanation is simply genetics.
Like humans have highlights in there hair, hamsters can have a similar thing going on with their pigments.

The main thing is that this isnt a bad sign for your hamster! Its perfectly natural and nothing to worry about.
Your hammy just wants to change his fur coat a little.
I always knew brown was more Banjo’s colour anyway!

If you could change your hair or fur colour to anything in the world, what would it be?
Comment in the box below 😀

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Until tomorrow folks

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5 thoughts on “Black Was Sooooo 2 Months Ago Darling!

  1. Both fur colors are shiny and pretty. I would not change my colors or my spots. I think they bring out the blank look in my eyes….

    Love and licks,

  2. Saige

    My hamster is doing the same thing he is the same exact breed of your hamster and he is changing color also black to brown and I’ve been wondering how and if something was going on i began to get worried so i searched and read that blog it really helped thx and I would change my hair color to blond thx!!

  3. Ffion

    My little baby Harry is doing exactly the same! He looks just like your hammy!

  4. Casi

    I have the exact same hamster, his name is Oreo! And he is starting to change into that rusty brown too!!

  5. Anonymous

    This was actually really helpful 🙂 thanks!!

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