5 Reasons Hamsters The Perfect Pet For A Child

Internet kisses from Banjo!Everyone will associate hamsters as a childs pet.
Ask anyone – even the kids who don’t like animals either had a hamster or a goldfish as a young’un!

So why are these cute critters the perfect pet for a child?

  1. Having a pet is the best way to teach responsibility.
    This goes for any creature not just a hamster! If you give your kiddie something living and breathing, not to mention rather adorable, to care for and feed and clean up after, they learn valuable lessons from the start! I had my first hamster when i was like 5 or 6 or something – did me the world of good 😀
  2. Hamsters are really simple to look after – even for a child.
    They need water and food and an exercise wheel. Syrian hamsters dont need other hammy friends so its just a cage and the essentials. No fuss, minimal mess and all the cuteness!
  3. Syrian hamsters are hand-sized.
    You may think this is a weird point to make, but if you have a small kid you don’t want to give them a pet that is going to squash them or knock them over. Just like you wouldn’t want to give them something tiny and small that they’re going to lose! Syrian hamsters are the perfect size!
  4. They’re quite robust little pets.
    Kids are not the most gentle of admirers, yanking tails etc. Syrian hamsters can squeeze through holes the size of a 50 pence piece, so if your kid is a The perfect pet - Dexter flashback!little heavy handed, they’re not going to cause a huge amount of fuss! Granted the hammy might not like it, but a little nip from a hamster is a much lesser evil than a nip from an annoyed dog for example.
  5. They’re cheap!
    You can buy a hamster, all the food and the cage for a very reasonable price. So there is no need to break the bank with an expensive pedigree breed or getting pet insurance etc. What more could you want!

So if you are considering a little Syrian hamster for your child, I’d say DO IT! They are adorable and sweet and the perfect low maintenance pet. And once they are tame they are gorgeously fun!

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