As Silent As A Hamster

A cheeky cleanYou may recall a post a week or so ago about the noise this little fella would make!

He was a very nervous little hamster, sqwacking and squealing at the top of his little lungs.
Well this is a little update for you, to reassure all those hamster mummys and daddys that your little hamster is absolutely fine!

Joey has settled into the routine of being a furry-celebrity and is now as silent as a mouse hamster!

We haven’t quite got the knack of sitting still yet but we can work on that!
Makes me think back to all them times I’d sit with Casper on my lap and he’d just curl up and sleep! I really do miss having sucha soppy little ham!

But just like any animal, they have their own personalities – each and every one!
Banjo is getting there. And if you remember the commotion this one caused on day one, you’ll appreciate the distance we have come!

Any one else think that Banjo looks like hes whispering a little prayer to himself!?

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2 thoughts on “As Silent As A Hamster

  1. I think he’s telling the secret, “I am still full of surprises!” So cute!

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