My Hamster Has A Skateboard

When I need hamster-y inspiration where do I turn..
Why the internet of course!! I do love to discover how far and wide the spread of hamstery awe reaches. And I have discovered its reached poetry!
So here to cheer up your Wednesday evening, is the sweetest little poem by Kenn Nesbitt.
And of course Banjo gave his best illustrations in his exercise ball / figurative skateboard…. 😉

Banjo in his exercise ball :D

My hamster has a skateboard.
When he rides it, though, he falls.
He takes off like a maniac
and crashes into walls.

He screams, “Geronimo!”
and then goes crashing down the stairs.
He’s good at knocking tables down
and slamming into chairs.

He’ll slalom through the living room
and then you’ll hear a, “Splat!”
which means that he’s collided with
my mother or the cat.

He plows right into cabinets,
and smashes into doors,
I think he’s wrecked on every bed
and every chest of drawers.

It’s fun to watch him ride
because you’re sure to hear a smash.
He doesn’t skate so well but, boy,
he sure knows how to crash.

–Kenn Nesbitt

This poem sums up Banjo perfectly. I love it!
Anyone else got any hamster rhymes ?!
Comments pweaaaaase! 😀

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2 thoughts on “My Hamster Has A Skateboard

  1. alice

    This is so cute.and brings back great memories of my two hamsters: Buddy 1 & 2. Thank you!

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