HamsterDiaries On YouTube

Hands up who watches videos on YouTube! 
*slowly raises hand*
Hands up who loves cute little hamsters?!
*waves hand a little*
Hands up who has subscribed to the HamsterDiaries YouTube channel?!!
*waves hand a LOT*

Hahaha I sat down at the weekend tidying up some bloggy bits and pieces and I realised that all of you wonderful readers are missing a trick!
All of the videos that end up being posted on here are uploaded onto the YouTube channel a week or so in advance.
So if you wanted a sneak preview at what is to come on the blog and a sooner fix of all things cute and hamstery then you have just GOT to subscribe to the channel.

HamsterDiaries is on YouTube - are you there?!

And to make things even easier for you folks, you can just click on the YouTube logo below and it will take you straight to the channel page. Then all you have to do is make sure you’re logged into your account and hit the subscribe button. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

And to sweeten this deal EVENNNNNN more, at some point in the coming couple of weeks I shall put on a special EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK at HamsterDiaires for you wonderful YouTube subscribers!! Yes you heard that right – a never seen before view of my humble little blog and ONLY for those who have subscribed!
You know you’re curious.. Go onnnnn, don’t miss out!

Until tomorrow folks! Keep them eyes peeled 😉

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