Coats & Belts – The Hamster Fashion

I am constantly learning new things about hamsters. It pushes out all the useful information like pin numbers and birthdays but on the bright side I am a walking talking encyclopedia of weird and wonderful hamster facts.
And yes, I’m the life and soul of every party if you couldn’t already tell 😉

Anywho! I started to do a bit of research about hamster colouring and what I didn’t quite realise was the extent of the topic!Banded Syrian

After losing all my beautiful three syrians over the course of last year, I was hamsterless for the first time in what seemed like forever! I decided I wanted to try and get a hamster that looked a little different.

The gorgeous little black and white cutie pie that was to be my little Banjo, stood out to me.

Casper had been all white (also known as black-eyed ivory), Eve had been ginger and white banded (yellow-cinnamon) and Dexter had been brown and black (also known as golden rust). So a little black and white hamster seemed to be a different choice for me.

Which brings me onto the colouring of this little cutie!
Joey is a banded Syrian. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out WHY they’re called this. Its that telltale speckled strip across the belly.

GORGEOUS if you ask me..

What kind of markings and patterns do all my furry readers have? Any cute spots or dots on your coats?
Let me know in the comments below or even email me a snapshot of your wonderful coats – I will be sure to mention them in a post to come later this week 🙂

Happy Monday folks!


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3 thoughts on “Coats & Belts – The Hamster Fashion

  1. I’m not a hamster, but Mom calls my coloring a mish-mosh-mess of colors, spots, and patterns. From my 2 different ears to my multi-colored toenails I am a study in genetic confusion…. .in the most adorable way!

    Love and licks,

  2. Mummy’s friend had one that’s brown and white called Hazel but Mummy wants a black and white hammy to call Domino ^_^

    All the colours are cute though!

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