Product Review; Tesco Hamster Food

I think its fair to say that when it comes to hamster food, the choices are pretty limited as to what you can buy for your furry friend. Over the next few months, I am going to test and trial a number of products to see if there is a clear hammy favourite.
So what is on the menu tonight?!

I thought I would trial and review Tesco’s Hamster Food first.

Tesco Hamster Food Review

First impressions are always important and I can’t knock Tesco’s for their packaging in this case. Its simple and does what it says on the bag.  There’s no clutter and all the nutritional information is clearly displayed on the side – not that I’m sure many people care hugely about the ingredients in their hamsters dinner 😉

Well as you can read on the bag for yourself Tesco Hamster Food claims to contain the correct mix of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. All brilliant stuff when looking after a healthy hamster! In my opinion a dried hamster muesli will ever be the perfect diet in a bag. I will always recommend you add fresh fruit and veg to your hamsters diet and reading the small print essay on the side of the bag Tesco actually recommends this too! If I’m chopping a carrot or broccoli for my dinner, its perfect to just break off a chunk and treat Banjo You're supposed to EAT the food, not SIT in it!to something fresh!

This particular bag of food was £2.00 which is about right for a bag of this size. You can probably find cheaper and I think Tesco even do an ‘everyday value’ bag for eve less than this but for a couple of quid I don’t think you can go far wrong at all.

Tesco have prized this bag of food on its ‘peanuts and sunflower seed’ mixture which as any hammy owner will tell you is a WINNING combo! However I would be lying if I said the quantity of these ingredients was substantial. Don’t get me wrong you can’t give your furry friend a bowl of peanuts or seeds, they need a balanced diet of course but I was expecting more.
There was a variety of dried muesli too making up the bulk of the food. And I got no complaints from Banjo…
The little brown triangles within this are always left till last in Banjo’s bowl so I’m guessing these are like the brussel sprouts of a roast dinner to them..

To summarize then:
Looks 9/10
Price 9/10
Contents 7/10
Would I recommend: Yes 

Anyone else tried this hamster food? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below – I do love hearing your opinions 🙂


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