The Ice-Cream Man in February?!

I live in the UK and its pretty common knowledge that British weather is weird and wonderful (but usually naff).
I was rather amused that I had the ice cream man driving down my road last week, in a crisp 4 degree chill! Good ol’ Brits – well its above freezing therefore its time to get the ice creams out!

In tribute to the wonderfully brave ice cream man (and perhaps even wonderfully braver customers in this February Hamster in a Hat “warmth”) I have just about managed to picture Joey in his winter wear.. .Sorry SUMMER hat 😉

I think he looks rather adorable and ready to brave the frost for an ice cream! I mean who wouldn’t want a frozen treat in the midst of winter!

I didn’t knit this myself before someone asks about my side business of hamster-knitwear.
They are selling smoothies in the supermarkets at the moment with little knitted woolly hats. Every drink sold with one of these little hats on raises another 25 pence for a charity!
So not only did I do my little bit for charity AND enjoy a yummy smoothie but I also acquired a rather splendid hat for the hamster. FABULOUS if you ask me.

Now he didn’t quite wear it like a good hamster model, but it was close enough okay! I know its blurry, but this is the only standard of image I seem to get at the moment!
And personally, I think purple is SOOOOO his colour anyway. Brings out the colour of his eyes….

Anyone else had a visit from the ice cream man in this chilly weather?!
Please tell me its not JUST me :p

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One thought on “The Ice-Cream Man in February?!

  1. I’m pretty sure our ice cream man is home under the covers. No covers needed with that stylin’ purple hat, though….

    Love and licks,

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