Apples. Again.

The Hamster and the AppleI post a lot about the hamsters and apples. I have run out of all apple related puns over the course of these posts too so I thought I’d keep this one simple! ;D

Dexter sat sit for once, HAZAAHH! 😀
And the key to this sitting still malarkey was a juicy slice of apple. *Drool*

There are the odd occasions where he doesnt attempt to shove the food in.
Very rare occasions I might add!

Now over the last few months, I have noticed that Dexter is very much a little old man now. He is over 2 years old which is commendable in hamster years but you can definitely see that his age is catching up with him.

He is very wobbly on this feet sometimes and shakey to say the least! Don’t get me wrong he is in perfect health as far as I am concerned. Still has a appetite to rival any elephant on the planet and also has enough energy to run a marathon at night 😛
He is just a little old man now and takes him that little bit longer to get in the swing of things…

But still adorable none the less I hope yo agree! 😀


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One thought on “Apples. Again.

  1. Whee piggies love apple too but whee only eat certain types of apple because whee are fussy. Are hamsters the same?

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