Anyone For Coffee?

What do I do when my hands are full of a sleepy Casper and the doorbell goes?
Well I put him in the nearest container and go answer the door of course. I trust Casper to behave for 30 seconds yasee.

O this particular occasipn, I had just emptied out some coffee sachets (*cough* lazy madam *cough*) into the coffee tin and so Cas was going to have to sit in there.

A normal coffee box you may suspect...

I wouldnt recommend putting all pets in boxes while you multitask. I just can judge Caspers mood and i could tell straight away there wasn’t going to be any fuss from him sitting in there for a minute.

And I wasn’t wrong ladies and gents.
I came back to check on him and as predictable as ever, Casper had curled up in the tight confines of the box and had dozed peacefully off.
SUCHA CUTIE! I am going to have to see if there is anywhere this hamster WONT sleep 😛

Hello in there! :D

The excitingness of a new home and new smells and sounds must be making him sleepier than usual ;P
Anyway, I hope this adorable little guy has made you awwww 🙂

Till tomorrow folks, lots of loveee xx

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5 thoughts on “Anyone For Coffee?

  1. krishengineer

    my Winston is quite the opposite. She is a fury, intelligent, devious and she is similar to the three penguins in the animated Movie Madagascar. She loves me and her home and all that, but her plans and attempts to escape and find the ‘divine place’ never seizes..

  2. Awwww…. Yup. It worked.

  3. Albums is another issue. I put him down for 2 seconds and it is the Great Escape all over again !!

  4. *albus not albums

  5. You are a very good writer. Engaging, creative and entertaining. I am a new follower and I wish you’d come back, soon! I’m a children’s writer, my next book is a rhyme about my hamster Lily C. Pancakes.

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