Moving House Is An Exhausting Business

It must seem like all hamsters do is sleep all the time.hushaby babyyyy
They do other things too I swear.
But usually them other things keep my hands full so taking pictures is tricky. Hence the majority of pics are of snoozes.

But I guess this is a good opportunity to explain why Casper is so tired.

We have been moving house. (That’s me Dexter and Casper of course) 🙂

Its been exhausting for me too, but all the packing and lifting and ikea-building has clearly taken it out of Cas too 😉

I have been sleeping like a baby, scheduling posts so that I don’t let you readers down for a single day on top of working 7 days a week and all the rest.

Me and sleepy Cas have a lot more in common because of this of course..
Must be why I have been obsessing over sleepy photos for the last few weeks, sorrrrrrrry! 😛

This is me trying to balance blogging with a life haha. So I appreciate all your support and patience too.

I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway. I know my rantings leave a lot to be desired in terms of writing ability and blah blah but I am just putting my brain onto paper. Well onto screen in this case but you know what I mean 🙂 Its how I have always enjoyed blogging and its how I intend to continue too.

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2 thoughts on “Moving House Is An Exhausting Business

  1. Anyway, what’s wrong with sleeping all the time? Mom says I’m the cutest when I’m sleeping. (She usually wakes me up to tell me this…)

    Love and licks and happy moving,

    • Cupcake,
      Albus sleeps all the time too! And he is so cute when he sleeps. Although if I would try to wake him, he would turn fr cute to upset before you could say hamster!

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