Are You Getting Your SEVEN A Day?

I read in the news a few months ago that apparently getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg is no longer good enough (I am on about humans now just so you know). It has now been recommended that 7 portions is what you should be scoffing!
And all I’m thinking is SEVEN?!
Its difficult enough to get 5 in on one single day let alone 7?!

Anyways to try and help my fellow mankind, Dexter and Casper are here to inspire you to eat 7 portions of fruit and veg like good little hamsters humans.
Pleeeeease do not go feeding your hamsters 7 portions of fruit and veg in one day because that is just silly and actually very bad for them! This is for us humans only mkay!

1. Broccoli
You know what they say, always eat your greens! You show ’em Casper!
casper eating broccoli

2. Sweetcorn
Baby corn is just as good as the big stuff, isn’t that right Dex?dexter eating sweetcorn

3. Strawberries
They sure are scrumptious!!casper eating strawberry

4. Apples
An apple a day keeps the doctor away? So why risk not eating one?!dexter eating apple

5. Banana
Bananananananananananana! Say no more!
Casper and the Banana

6. Carrot
They help ya see in the dark dontcha know! 😎
dexter eating a carrot

7. Cucumber
Its yummy, winky face!
Casper eating cucumber

Do any furries out there have a favourite fruit or veg? Us humans need to be shown what we are missing 😉


P.s. Am I the only one who now feels a little peckish? 😛

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2 thoughts on “Are You Getting Your SEVEN A Day?

  1. Cutest pictures ever! And YES – I’m in the mood for something fresh and crispy and healthy. Mmmm…. Yay! Mom gave me half of a cherry!

    Love and licks,

  2. krishengineer

    Winston loves watermelon 🙂

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